Chapter 88

Poison Island Tsuko: "There is trouble, the riot has spread to the school. "

Poison Island Tsuko sat by the window.

Because of the height, if you look out, you can see the location of the school gate and playground.

Just now.

There is a social youth at the entrance of the school, constantly banging his forehead against the school gate.

At that time, the teacher in charge of teaching physical education in the second year of high school ran over to understand the situation, but the expulsion was fruitless, and because a beautiful teacher was watching, he opened a small door in anger, ready to teach this young man a lesson.

It's just that the opponent seems to have great strength, and he immediately knocked down the physical education teacher and tore and bit it like a mad dog.

Soon, the bitten physical education teacher did not move, and the social youth stood up shakily, pounced on the beautiful teacher who was stunned, and concocted it as the law did, and bit down.

The screams drew other teachers and students who were playing sports.

They surrounded it.

The intention was to stop it, but they had no idea how infectious the dead virus was.


It's like Huluwa saving grandpa.

The virus spreads one to two, two to four...

Some students escaped and were helped 603 to the infirmary by other students.

As everyone knows, this will only speed up the rate of infection.

It didn't take long for Poison Island Tsuko, who was staying in the classroom, to hear an evacuation notice from the broadcasting room, but soon... The evacuation notice turned into a shrill scream and chewing sound.

It sounds numb.

For a while, teachers and students were collectively confused.

The first to suffer were the students on the first floor.

After the dead bodies of the playground rushed into the class, they caught one person and violently tore at the flesh and blood.

The bloody picture of blood splashing everywhere and even the organs being bitten to pieces instantly stunned students who had not even set foot in society.

It wasn't until the creature's instinct was activated that he remembered to run away.

But the first floor is full of infected dead bodies.

The panicked survivors had to run upstairs.

And the students upstairs subconsciously ran downstairs because they did not know the specific situation.

So the two groups of evacuees collided together, and before they could stand up, the students fleeing upstairs were thrown down by the dead bodies that chased them.

And more, the students running down the stairs continue to expand the degree and scope of the chaos.

People who have lost their minds because of the violence are like lambs in the mouth of a tiger, screaming and running around.

Little did he notice that the culprit of the riot was his former fellow human beings.


The number of infected people is increasing every minute.

In less than ten minutes, the entire Fujimei Academy became a paradise for dead bodies.

Everywhere were the screams of students before dying and the low roar of dead bodies.

Fast, too fast!

There is simply no time to react.

Even if Poison Island Tsuko had the idea of suppressing the riot at the beginning, it was too late.

Rhodes: "It seems that the death crisis has still broken out. "

Although the plot may change.

But you can't go wrong with the general direction.

Even if Rhodes was present, it could not stop the virus outbreak, at most it only delayed the speed of infection.

After all.

Judging from the animation setting, the dead body virus has already broken out around the world, and the bed main city where the poison island is located is only the last batch of cities that have been spread by the virus.

Behind this, there must be other masterminds behind the scenes.

It's just a pity that the author died suddenly, and the original book is rotten.

Poison Island Junzi: "Those thugs... Is it originally called a dead body? "

Erina: "What is a dead body?" Sounds so unlucky. "

Rhodes: "Just imagine being a zombie." "

Spider: "Zombie crisis? In this group, is there anyone staying in such a dangerous world?! The spider .jpg shocked. "

As an otaku girl, Spider certainly knows how terrifying Resident Evil really is.

Although it is a crisis on the scientific side, it can eventually lead to a huge (bibb) disaster at the end of the world.

Amelia: "It's terrifying! Is the trouble in the mouth of Miss Poison Island Rinko like that? "

Butterfly Shinobu: "Can anyone tell me, what are zombies and dead bodies?" "

Spider: "Leave the explanation to me!" "

Subsequently, the spider's eight legs quickly typed, and soon let the butterfly Shinobu, who did not know what species of zombie was, understand what it meant.

Butterfly Shinobu: "The toxicity of the dead body virus is so strong, even... Is there no antidote at all? This is simply more terrifying than the world that is still alive without misery. "

After all, those evil spirits only come out and hurt people at night.

But the dead body is as tireless as a perpetual motion machine, eager to eat only a bite of the flesh and blood of a living person.

Although the individual is weaker than the ghost, it cannot stand the infectiousness.

One pass ten, ten pass hundred. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

In less than a year, it will infect the whole world!

Amelia: "Wait! What to pay attention to now is Miss Poison Island Rinko, her current situation is not good at all! "

Poison Island Junko: "Because I recommend blocking the door without making a sound, it is safe for the time being." "

In fact, when the dead body virus breaks out, the poison island can get out.

Even now, he has the ability to kill a bloody road and rush out.

But in that case, the classmates will suffer.

Poison Island Tsuko thinks that he is not a good person, and he is a cold-blooded murderer at heart, but he can't stand by and watch what is within his reach.

Because of her reminder, a class of fifty students, including the teacher, survived.

But the roar outside the door constantly pricked people's heartstrings.

Some girls who were psychologically fragile finally couldn't help but collapse and cry.

And the crying also attracted the attention of the dead bodies outside, and they all gathered around and banged on the doors and windows.

"Stinky woman, don't cry for Lao Tzu!"

"Crying again will kill you!"

At the moment of life and death, the ugliness of human nature is all exposed.

But this will only lead to more dead bodies.

And right at this moment.

Poison Island Tsuko suddenly received a group message.

"I just received a group message saying that I would be rewarded with a few points for every dead body I killed, but there was a seven-day time limit, and the upper limit was 10,000 points. "

Spider: "There is actually a main quest?" Isn't this done quickly? Resident Evil World is a great place for beginners to brush up on points! "

Erina: "It's easy to say, that's 10,000 dead bodies, not to mention that they were still human beings when they were alive, and ordinary people can't get their hands on it." "

Poison Island Junzi: "Killing 10,000 in seven days, I most likely can't finish it." "

Although I have used points to strengthen, I am currently just an ordinary person.

If you are scratched and bitten, you will become a dead body.

Rhode: "It's okay, I just have time, it's okay to do a favor in the past." "。

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