Chapter 9

Butterfly Shinobu: "Crossing function, this function needs to be exchanged for the World Shuttle Card to be able to use." "

"World Shuttle" disposables.

After use, after the consent of the designated world group members, you can shuttle to the world where the group members are located, stay for seven days, return immediately after the time is exhausted, or freely choose the time to return within seven days.

Three thousand points are required to redeem.

Of course.

If you want to stay longer, you can also use your points to renew your World Shuttle Card before time runs out.

To renew for one day, 300 points are required.

For seven days of renewal, 1,500 points are required.

Rhodes: "Can only be disposables?" "

Erina: "Uh-uh... This is really a pitfall, as if it were a membership card for the game. "

Lei Dian Zhen: "At present, there are really only one-off ones. "

Amilia: "But the shuttle card is really expensive, seven days need three thousand points, usually check-in, luck is best a hundred points, even so, it takes thirty days of continuous check-in to redeem a world shuttle card." "

Erina: "But compared to crossing, basically use points to strengthen themselves, no one has spare money to exchange such an expensive thing." "

Rhode nodded thoughtfully.

Isn't this the same as VIP membership?

But thinking of members, Rhodes suddenly thought, maybe the chat group does have a more discounted world shuttle card?

More even, permanent?

And the reason why it didn't appear may be because a certain precondition is required to unlock it.

For example, after redeeming the seven-day World Shuttle Card, a new one will be unlocked.

However, at present, Rhodes cannot verify his guess.

After all, he had just joined the group.

The only points were also used up by the enhancement just now.

Just when Rhodes wanted to see if there were any other functions in the chat group, everyone suddenly received a tone of alerts.

【Ding! Detecting that the chat group has reached five people, the activity has increased, and the three functions of the group mall, group space, and group live broadcast function are now unlocked. 】

Erina: "Oh?! "

Raiden Zhen: "New features again?" Let me see .jpg. "

Amilia: "It turns out that this group still has hidden functions, but it requires the number of people and activity to unlock, no wonder we don't know." "

Seeing this, Rhode also nodded.

The chat group has an upgrade function, which is right.

He then took a closer look at the new features.

The group space is like the penguin space and the circle of friends, you can post whatever you want.

As the name suggests, the group live broadcast function is to enable the live broadcast function.

This made Rhode can't help but think of those live broadcasts he watched in his previous life.

"Lao Tie 666", "Who understands the family?" Internet buzzwords such as "family gives benefits, the whole scene is nine out of nine" come to mind.

Thinking about the future performance of these two-dimensional characters, Rhode couldn't help but smile.

If that's the case.

Don't care about OOC, but it's quite interesting.

The most important thing is the store function.

However, at present, there is only one World Shuttle Card that can be redeemed in the current mall list.

Beyond that, there's the group lottery feature.

There is only one resident prize pool.

It takes 648 points for one draw, and 6480 points for ten consecutive draws.

There is also a 20% discount for newcomers.

It only takes 5,000 points to get a ten-in-a-row draw.

Of course, if there are enough points, there is also the option of a hundred consecutive draws.

It costs a full 60,000 points.

Seeing this, Rhode frowned slightly.

The function of a hundred consecutive draws means that this prize pool is likely to be a poison pool.

And not to mention ten consecutive draws, even if it is a hundred consecutive draws, it may not be able to draw anything good.

This is the experience of Rhodes' past life lottery.

Of course, complaining is complaining, and he continues to look down.

There are a lot of props in the prize pool, which makes Rhode look a little dazzled.

The level of props also has a strict hierarchy.

There are five types of N, R, SR, SSR, UR.

The chat group also specially noted that even if the level between props and props is the same, it will lead to different rarities and strength due to the difference in the source world.

That's easy to understand.

After all, the UR of the ordinary world is definitely different from the UR of the extraordinary world.


Items drawn to the world of the chat group member will have a higher probability than other items.

Items from the draw will be stored in the inventory of the chat group and can be accessed at any time.

After reading the whole article, Rhode gave an evaluation of a poison pool.

The group lottery reveals a pit word everywhere!

Then there's the group redemption feature.

Here, you can trade the props, abilities, and even live things that do not have the ability to resist and have their own ownership to the chat group to exchange them for points.

The value of the traded item will be judged by the chat group itself and traded to the corresponding group member.

After trading, the items will not disappear, but will flow into the prize pool.

Rhode guessed that with the urine nature of the chat group, the probability of extracting the group members to exchange items would definitely increase significantly.

If the group members exchange unwanted garbage and abilities for points, they will definitely harm the group friends in the next lottery.

Then, there's the final function of the group mall.

Group consignment.

It is similar to the operation process of group exchange, but it is sold in the mall in the form of consignment.

The chat group will give a range of points, and then the group members will freely adjust the sales value.

Whether it is exchanged or consigned, once the transaction is out, it will disappear from itself forever.

Stand to reason.

Although the function is not perfect, it is also a way to earn points.

Rhode tried it and found that there was something to redeem or consign.

But the sad thing is that there is no way to choose small ability trading.

For example, his Hypajeton power has a variety of skills.

He couldn't trade the skill of a trillion-degree fireball alone, and he could only trade the power of Hypajeton entirely.

And the lost ability cannot be cultivated on its own, and can only be regained by the outside world.

In addition, the value of goods that are repeatedly traded to chat groups will decrease.

This successfully avoided the possibility of fleece in the group.

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