Daomu Biji

Chapter 56: Furusha Risa-Untitled

I touched it back and found out that it was the place where the arrow was in the lotus arrow. The four iron hooks were embedded in my flesh. Although I did n’t take my life, I still scraped off a few pieces of skin. Now the sweat dripped down. , Itchy itch.

Not only that, the other few arrows in my body started to feel a little itchy, but the itching was still tolerable. I did n’t have time to take care of these subtle changes in my body. After rubbing a few times, I continued to study this strange Tomb.

I do n’t know the structure of the common burial grounds in the Ming Dynasty. I only know a little bit about the tombs of the nobles. I do n’t know the difference between the two.

According to my thoughts, I'm staying in the left side hall, and the right side hall is opposite to me. The left and right side halls should be symmetrical to each other. According to the principle, there should be a coffin bed made of white marble, and the plane of the coffin bed is made of gold bricks. (Cemented brick) Tiled, there will be a rectangular hole in the center, filled with loess, called "Golden Well". Now there are none of them, only a large pool.

This is just one of the strange places. The other is the door between the two garrisons. It should lead to the apse. That's where the coffin is placed. Why is there a casket in the garret now, and it's still in the shape of a footbath To know that this kind of pot coffin was something during the Warring States period, there would be no such thing in the Ming Dynasty.

Speaking of the Warring States period, I remembered the snake eyebrow copper fish taken out of the Lu palace. Both of these places found this thing, and there is another coffin that was only available during the Warring States period. Is it a coincidence?

For a time, I was so confused that I couldn't think of going in again.

At this time, I had walked around the pool and returned to the door. The large porcelain pot that I used as a weapon was poured there. As soon as I moved my heart, I picked it up and looked at the porcelain painting.

This should be something in the other ear room, but the single pattern does not convey any information. I only saw a person wearing Ming Dynasty clothing standing on a mountain, looking at a construction site below, there are several wearing The man in the official uniform looks like a picture of the site inspection.

I can guess from the patterns on these porcelains that the owner of this tomb must not be a noble prince, it is likely to be a craftsman or an architect, only this kind of talent will have the ability and knowledge to use such weird in the ancient tomb Design, even if other people have this idea, they cannot build it.

And there were not many skillful craftsmen in the early Ming Dynasty. Looking at the scale of this tomb, it must be a prominent person who can be worthy of the name. This person must not only have the qualification to build a huge project like the Ming Palace, but also must understand feng shui and **** tricks. Such a person is not difficult to guess.

I only thought for a few seconds, a name jumped into my brain-Wang Zanghai.

This man can be said to be a strange person, and his attainment on Feng Shui can be said to be the pinnacle of the peak. Because of this, he was appointed to directly participate in the design of the entire Ming Palace, and also designed several large cities in China. At that time, his In a word, several cities even disappeared completely in China. I also learned in ancient books that he has a book about Feng Shui, the content of which is esoteric to the extreme, it can be said to be a glimpse of heaven, but unfortunately his descendants only copied a few books, and they have all been lost.

Moreover, it is said that Shen Wansan's underwater tomb under Zhouzhuang Yinzi was also designed by this person. Such a person would be more than enough to build such a tomb for himself.

I think my guess is very reasonable. Now as long as I can find a little bit of text data, I can know whether I think it is right or wrong. Unfortunately, the owner of the tomb seems to be an illiterate, and there is no inscription left.

At this time, suddenly a few rumbling sounds came from the pool, and my thoughts were suddenly frightened, and I took a flashlight to take photos. I only saw a corner of the pool, and there began to be blisters. Big and small, one after another, there is no pattern, it seems that something is moving in the bottomless water.

I panicked, and immediately took the gun and stared nervously at the bubble. Suddenly, a white flower rushed to the shore, and one rolled over the wall, gasping for gasps. I was overjoyed. , Turned out to be a fat man, his jacket has been taken off, showing a big belly there and straight drums, he saw me while panting, shook his hand, said: "He-mother, I-almost-suffocated-suffocated died."

I just wanted to ask him what was going on. Suddenly someone was pouring water at his feet. At first glance, it turned out that the oil bottle had turned up and was naked. But the black unicorn on his body didn't know where to go, he obviously didn't. The fat man was so struggling, just raised his head and took a big sip, saw me, and said, "Is this the left or the right?"

I said on the left, he was relieved, and he sat down at once, covering his wrist. I saw a black paw print on his wrist, and suddenly I had a bad hunch.

The fat man gasped for a long time before slowing down, covering his stomach and sighing. I asked them how to get here. He spit out a few saliva and said, "Don't mention it. Fortunately, you didn't see it, scared me to death. Mother, thanks to the coffin There is a hole under the flagstone here, or we will die there. "

I wondered, "What is so terrible?"

The fat man said to me: "Fuck, I can't even describe it. In a word, there is one more thing in his six-body serial corpse belly."

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