During this time, Luo Yuan fought on the battlefield, because of the smell of blood and the stimulation of killing, Luo Yuan naturally did not resist sucking human blood.

Of course, it’s all the blood of foreign races, and Luo Yuan gradually likes the taste in addition to the discomfort at the beginning, but after all, it is still a zombie’s can’t.

However, because he was only stationed on the city wall, and there were too many people around, Luo Yuan did not eat much, resulting in limited progress in strength.

But even so, it’s scary enough.

Since ancient martial arts, he is known to lift thousands of pounds.

But Luo Yuan’s power can completely reach the power of 10,000 catties! Coupled with his invulnerable body, Luo Yuan is a big killing weapon on the battlefield, but he just has no chance to use it.

“Hahaha! Are there really fish? But just such a little person? In vain thousands of my light horse grass. ”

A Tuyuhun general said with a loud laugh.

However, mosquito legs are also meat, and this little food and grass is enough for thousands of them to eat and drink for a few days.

Licking his lips, this Tuyuhun sneered.

“Kill them all!”

Suddenly, these three thousand soldiers and horses directly attacked Luo Yuan and hundreds of others.

“Ward off the enemy!”

Luo Yuan roared, and then one turned over and jumped directly off the war horse.

Being on a war horse will limit his strength.

“Protect yourself.”

Luo Yuan said to the people behind him, and then his eyes flashed red, and his strength converged on his legs.


Suddenly, Luo Yuan’s bent legs suddenly straightened, and a terrifying force erupted, and the ground was directly exploded.

Luo Yuan rushed in front of thousands of troops in an instant.


Tuyuhun’s army was shocked.

Then, under their shocked expressions, Luo Yuan made a move.

The iron gun in his hand suddenly swept out.


With Luo Yuan’s roar, the iron gun in his hand swept across the thousand troops in one move.


The terrifying force erupted! In an instant, in front of Luo Yuan, more than a dozen enemy troops, together with their war horses, were all crushed by Luo Yuan’s powerful power and wind pressure!

Shocked, the general of Tuyuhun was directly shocked.

Obviously frightened by this scene in front of him, is this the power that people should have? It is their first warrior of Tuyuhun, who is to cut off a war horse lazily.

And this person, just the aftermath of the power cutting through the air, can crush people, how terrifying is this?

“Drop the arrow! Drop the arrows! ”

General Tuyuhun roared, unable to give this monster close.

And the soldiers behind him all took out the bows and arrows hanging on their war horses, and ten thousand arrows were fired in unison!

“Brush brush brush!”

Sharp arrows instantly rained down from the sky.

Luo Yuan in the battlefield suddenly looked at the sky.

“Not good!”

His face changed drastically, although he was very powerful at this time, all he had was terrifying power, an invulnerable body, and the speed of a ghost.

There was no other means, and in the face of this indiscriminate attack of the rain of arrows, Luo Yuan could not resist!

It’s not that he can’t resist himself, it’s that he can’t resist for others.


Sure enough, under the 10,000 arrows firing in unison, the soldiers behind Luo Yuan all screamed, and the 10,000 arrows pierced their hearts and died.

And Luo Yuan watched this scene sluggishly, letting the rain of arrows fall on his body, Luo Yuan was unmoved, unharmed.

“Monster, he’s a monster!”

And the Tuyuhun army was frightened, what the hell is this person? How is it that arrows are useless at all? It seems that even the skin cannot be cut.

Finally, under a rain of arrows, the hundreds of young people Luo Yuan brought out of Hecun were all killed.

Luo Yuan looked at the corpses everywhere and their dead appearance, and his eyes slowly began to turn scarlet.

At the same time, sharp fangs in the mouth began to gradually emerge.


In an instant, Luo Yuan raised his head to the sky and roared, and a roar that was even more terrifying than a beast came out of his mouth.

Luo Yuan turned around suddenly, his scarlet eyes and sharp fangs directly scared these thousands of people.


Finally, Luo Yuan made a move.

His figure instantly disappeared in place, and at this time, he turned on the zombie form, and in this state, he was killing gods.

Not to mention thousands of troops, it is tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, Luo Yuan is not afraid.


Sharp nails slashed through, and the neck of a Tuyuhun soldier was suddenly broken, and the blood like a torrent was sucked by Luo Yuan and swallowed all into his abdomen.

The intake of blood allowed Luo Yuan to be more than tired, and the more he fought, the stronger he became.

“Ah! Yes! Yes! ”

The screams resounded throughout the audience.

In less than half an hour, the entire avenue fell silent, and the corpses everywhere were all cut off their necks.

And there was only one person left in the field, Luo Yuan, who was wearing armor, standing in it covered in blood, standing proudly.


Luo Yuan walked to the dead comrades step by step, looked at their corpses, and said softly.

“I’m sorry.”

Although it is to save them, from now on, they are not people, but monsters and zombies that are not ghosts or ghosts.


A corpse roar, a blaze of incense, shattered corpses everywhere in the battlefield.

One by one, the figures knelt on one knee in front of Luo Yuan, and they were the young people of Hecun who had died in battle before.

Their eyes looked at Luo Yuan, all of them were completely respectful, and surrendered, this was absolute obedience, because Luo Yuan was the corpse king, and the people who were turned into zombies by him absolutely obeyed him.

At the same time, at the same time, they all have two round holes that are slowly healing.

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