“But Marshal, our soldiers have not yet retired.”

A general said hesitantly.

The marshal glanced at him indifferently and said in a deep voice.

“For Tuyuhun.”

In the end, the general had no choice but to nod and order.

Suddenly, tens of thousands of archer troops came out. Then draw your bow and load your arrows, ready to attack indiscriminately.

“Drop the arrow!”

With an order, ten thousand arrows suddenly fired in unison, and a dense rain of arrows fell directly from the sky.

Luo Yuan’s eyes narrowed, and he had already prepared in his heart.

When out of town, he ordered each soldier and wrote a shield.

Then groups of three or four are ready to support.


As Luo Yuan’s voice resounded throughout the audience, the Great Tang soldiers suddenly took out the shields around their waist, and then three or four people gathered together and combined the shields to block the rain of arrows.


A crisp sound sounded, and the rain of arrows was blocked by the shield.

On the other hand, Luo Yuan and the Drought Ray Army did not resist, but directly turned over and dismounted, rushing towards the front.

Riding a war horse, naturally can not stop the rain of arrows, and the terrifying power and speed of zombies, riding a war horse has not run fast.

“Pass on the order of the general, rush straight to the Chinese army, and capture Marshal Tuyuhun alive.”

Luo Yuan’s order, the soldiers of the Drought Army behind him were all spears hanging down.


With Luo Yuan’s roar, hundreds of people were like bombs, and they burst out with a bang.

The terrifying force exploded the ground, and the surrounding corpses were directly shaken away.

This is the strength of zombies, and I feel that the power of crushing, and the physical strength of more than exhaustion, is very terrifying.


Everywhere they passed, Luo Yuan and the others danced the spears in their hands like a windmill, and the oncoming rain of arrows was all blocked.

In fact, it doesn’t matter if you don’t block it, it’s just that it’s not so amazing.

In fact, even if it is, it is amazing.

Because it’s a rain of arrows falling from the sky! I actually blocked them all with weapons in hand, which is like filming a TV series.

Luo Yuan and the others were unharmed, but where they passed, Tuyuhun’s army was accidentally injured by their own arrow rain.

The army that stubble after stubble fell like a sea of mountains.

On the other hand, Luo Yuan and the others burst out at the speed of a few pieces, but these few breaths of time rushed to the Chinese army array.

At this time, there was only less than a kilometer left from Marshal Tuyuhun and the others.

And this distance, for Luo Yuan, who is a zombie, is actually just a distance that can be reached in the blink of an eye.

“Stop him! Stop him! ”

Marshal Tuyuhun was shocked, and seemed to have guessed Luo Yuan’s thoughts.

Suddenly, the elite army of the Chinese army began to slowly surround Luo Yuan and his hundreds of troops.

“General, we make a way for you.”

A general of the Drought Army said in a deep voice.

Luo Yuan nodded, and suddenly hundreds of drought troops directly surrounded Luo Yuan.

A sharp arrow-like formation was formed, and then at the same time, it burst out at an extremely fast speed, rushing towards the Tuyuhun Central Army Array as fast as thunder.

Everywhere they passed, the soldiers who blocked, whether they were heavy horses or heavy armored pawns, were all torn apart by the soldiers of the Drought Army.

The entire army, at a speed no less than that of a war horse, advanced towards the Tuyuhun Chinese army array.

At the same time, above the north city gate, Duan Zhixuan came here with his generals.

His expression was anxious, because Luo Yuan took the initiative to attack, if something happened to these tens of thousands of troops, it would be easy to wipe them out.

If these tens of thousands of troops are all destroyed, it will only be a matter of time before the Jade Gate Pass is breached.

So he came to see if there was still a chance to save.

But when Duan Zhixuan looked at the battlefield outside the city, he was stunned, and even exclaimed involuntarily.

“How is this possible?”

What did he see? I saw tens of thousands of troops, holding shields, advancing forward under the rain of arrows in unison.

It seems that what is in front of you is not an army of 100,000, but a bunch of rabble.

Even outsiders can clearly see the gap in morale between the two armies.

100,000 people, actually being picked up by tens of thousands of people in the Great Tang with a hammer?

Then Duan Zhixuan looked at the enemy’s Chinese army array, and suddenly realized.

He couldn’t help but be horrified in his heart, because he saw that Luo Yuan was leading hundreds of drought troops to rush into the enemy’s central army array, surrounded by tens of thousands of enemy troops, and directly plunged into the enemy’s point general.

“Incredible! It’s incredible! ”

Duan Zhixuan was shocked, how could he have ever seen such a shocking scene after fighting all his life?

But the facts in front of him told him that this was all true, not fake.

At the same time, Luo Yuan, escorted by the Drought Ray Army, finally rushed to a hundred meters away from the enemy general.

At this time, his keen eyes could already lock on the marshal of the enemy army.

Looking at the enemy marshal surrounded by many generals, Luo Yuan’s eyes flashed.

“You’re waiting!”

Then Luo Yuan waved his hand.

Suddenly, the Drought Dragon Army all dispersed, and then Luo Yuan also slowly bowed his head, his legs bent, and he showed a bent posture.


Luo Yuan, who lowered his head, flashed red in his eyes slightly.

Then in an instant, the powerful aura around Luo Yuan directly burst out.


The bent legs suddenly straightened, and terrifying force erupted from the legs.


The arc of electricity flashes around the body, which is caused by the rapid movement of the body and rubbing the air.


Marshal Tuyuhun was shocked, and almost in the blink of his eyes, an extra volley figure appeared in front of him.

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