Along the way, Li Jing told Luo Yuan a lot about Chang’an.

“Speaking of which, I don’t know how to negotiate with Tubo after this battle.”

“Previously, in order to deal with Tuyuhun, the Great Tang chose to ally with Tubo in exchange for Tubo’s military assistance.”

“The two sides have signed an agreement, and Tubo has also sent troops, but at this time Tuyuhun was destroyed by you, and I don’t know, this alliance still counts.”

Li Jing said.

“Alliance, is it a peace?”

Luo Yuan said with a smile.

Li Jing was a little embarrassed, after all, as a military general, it was really a shame to let his country solve state affairs with peace and relatives.

Luo Yuan remembered that history recorded that Zhenguan had indeed courted for a kiss in the eighth year of Tubo.

Then he was rejected by the Great Tang, after all, it was Tuyuhun who obstructed it.

In the end, when Zhenguan was twelve years old, Tubo used this as an excuse to attack Tuyuhun, and even used this to attack the Great Tang.

Then she was defeated by the army of the Great Tang Dynasty, reached peace talks, and made a daughter of the clan a princess and married Tubo Songtseng Gampo.

Of course, this is a historical record, how many of the history books are true, who knows?

Now it seems that the princess who is going to marry has been chosen, and even if nothing else, the princess may soon have to marry, instead of the twelve years of Zhenguan in history.

I just don’t know, is this princess or not Princess Wencheng?

After all, the original history was the defeat of Tubo, so what was obtained was just a princess of the daughter of the sect.

But now it is not Tubo who is defeated, but the Great Tang takes the initiative to ask Tubo to send troops and attack Tuyuhun with his back in his abdomen.

Since an agreement has been reached, the princess who married may really be Li Shimin’s daughter.

However, these have nothing to do with Luo Yuan for the time being, after all, he is not a person from this world and has never been to Chang’an City.

At the same time, Chang’an City.

“Your Majesty, Tubo sent envoys to ask when Princess Xiangcheng would be married.”

An official of the Hongluo Temple stood up and said.

Li Shimin’s face suddenly changed, slightly gloomy.

Before, there was something to ask Tubo, so they agreed to their request and married an imperial daughter to them Tubo.

After all, Tuyuhun was menacing at that time, and the Great Tang was in danger, and in the end, he could only agree.

However, at this time, Luo Yuan’s birth directly destroyed Tuyuhun, and there was no need for Tubo at all, and Li Shimin inevitably had the intention of repenting in his heart.

“This Tuyuhun has been destroyed, and it seems that there is no need to be with a relative, right?”

Cheng Yanjin grinned and said, he looked very rough, but in fact, his heart was as delicate as hair, otherwise he would not have lived to the Wuzhou period.

Li Shimin nodded secretly, which was exactly what he wanted to say.

After all, you Tubo did not contribute, Tuyuhun was destroyed by the god of war born in my Great Tang, why should I make peace with you?

But it was at this time that an official came forward.

“Your Majesty, but this matter has been announced to the world in advance.”

“People all over the world, people from all countries, know that the marriage of the two countries is good and the formation of brothers-in-law.”

“At this time, if the Great Tang and His Majesty repent, it will definitely cause an uproar in the world.”

“Even the vassal states of the Great Tang will no longer believe the words of the imperial court.”

Listening to the words of this official, the entire courtiers were silent, this is a fact.

Li Shimin suddenly began to regret it, why did he summon the world at that time? At that time, the idea was that it was at stake, and in order to increase the self-confidence of the people, he announced to the world that he would form an alliance with Tubo and deal with Tuyuhun together.

Unexpectedly, now he is lifting a rock and shooting himself in the foot.

Although Princess Xiangcheng is not her eldest daughter, she was born to a maid in the Tang Kingdom’s mansion, but after all, she is the princess of the Li family’s royal family!

Just marrying Tubo like this, I am really unwilling.

The Manchu Dynasty Wen Wu argued about this for many days.

However, there are many corrupt people in the DPRK and China, and they firmly believe that the war has just ended, and in order not to cause trouble, they should continue to maintain a policy of peace.

Moreover, it is necessary to maintain the image of His Majesty’s golden mouth and jade, otherwise, wouldn’t it be a loss of trust in the world?

Finally, after a few days of verbal battles, everything settled.

Princess Xiangcheng set off to marry Tubo on the day of spring next year to contribute to the alliance between the two countries.

The fact was set, and the Manchu Dynasty forgot about it when he turned his head.

After all, to be honest, Li Shimin, as an emperor, has many princesses and princes, and is just a maid’s remaining imperial daughter, and will not be remembered by Li Shimin all the time.

What he loves the most is the children he gave birth to Empress Changsun.

There is no doubt about this, after all, in ancient times, the distinction between concubines and concubines could be described as very strict, and the royal family could not avoid it.

The inner courtyard of the palace, an elegant courtyard.

“After all, did you still not escape?”

A woman wearing a pale yellow palace dress looked up at the sky, with bitter corners of her mouth.

I thought that Wuhou Luoyuan was born and destroyed Tuyuhun, and he could escape the fate of his relatives.

But unexpectedly, it was still difficult to escape after all.

For the sake of the so-called one word and nine dings, the face of the country, the father and the emperor and the Manchu dynasty, still want to make themselves and the pro-Tubo.

“Perhaps, this is the sorrow of the royal children.”

Princess Xiangcheng sighed softly, especially herself, this unfavored princess, although she is the eldest princess, but she is born of a maid, where does the status come from?

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