But they just watched quietly, not daring to say or ask.

Although Luo Yuan has always regarded them as brothers, after all, they are from the same village.

However, because of their bloodline, they all regard Luo Yuan as the master and have a natural awe.

Finally, after a song, the entire Hanyuan Hall suddenly fell silent.

Li Shimin also reacted for a long time, to be honest, Li Li’s quality jumped generally, and her temperament was also average.

Compared with the peerless Princess Xiangcheng next to her, Li Liqin is much worse in temperament and style.

I have heard Li Liqin say many times, Princess Xiangcheng is proficient in Qinqi books and paintings, and she is the best at dancing.

Recently, she has been learning to dance with Princess Xiangcheng, which was not a thing before, but now it seems that this daughter she has not paid attention to is really extraordinary.

It’s just a pity that it is imperative to make peace with Tubo, and after all, you still have to marry away, and you can’t even return to the Great Tang for the rest of your life.


Cheng Yanjin shouted and directly began to applaud.

The same was true of other civil and military courtiers.

At this time, Princess Xiangcheng, whose cherry lips were slightly open, had sweat on her forehead slightly, and her hair was stained on it, which was a special charm.

The corners of her mouth hooked, and this was the first time she showed her dance in front of outsiders.

But at this time, compared to others, she was more like looking at Luo Yuan’s reflection.

After all, this dance is dedicated to Luo Yuan, and it is also danced for Luo Yuan, whether it is good or not, Luo Yuan has the final say.

It’s just a pity that when she looked at Luo Yuan, all she got was an indifferent smile.

Although it looks as kind as the wind, I always feel that this smile is a little fake and a little far-fetched.

Yes, since he sucked more and more human blood, Luo Yuan seemed to be the instinct of zombies, and it became heavier and heavier.

The blood became colder and colder, and the feelings became more and more indifferent.

After all, in the war that destroyed Tuyuhun, the zombie army he led slaughtered at least more than 5.6 million people.

Among them, Luo Yuan himself has devoured the essence blood of hundreds of thousands of people, and with such a big killing, ordinary people will become extremely cold existences, let alone a zombie king.

Therefore, even if Luo Yuan has always been smiling, warm as the wind, but there is a little official, fake smile meaning.

Li Shimin and others, Bai Guan and others naturally don’t mind, after all, if they fake a smile, the minister of the DPRK is too proficient.

But at this time, Princess Xiangcheng worked so hard just to gain Luo Yuan’s approval.

And when she saw Luo Yuan’s smile, her heart hurt slightly, full of loss.

Luo Yuan looked at her frowning and lost look, and her heart, which had never beaten, twitched suddenly.

He opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say, and the cold feelings made him unable to express his true thoughts at this time.

Obviously, he will pretend, he will pretend to say some words of praise.

But at this time, the more I wanted to praise sincerely, but I couldn’t say anything.

“How about Wuhou, Xuan’s daughter, how about dancing for you?”

Li Shimin touched his beard, looked at Luo Yuan and said with a smile.

Even if he is well-informed, he can’t help but marvel at the dance of Princess Xiangcheng, how can Luo Yuan, who is just an ordinary person, not be shocked?

Listening to Li Shimin’s words, Luo Yuan stood up with a smile on his face.

“Your Majesty, it’s beautiful and amazing.”

Li Shimin listened to Luo Yuan’s praise and laughed at the moment.

But in the eyes of the careful Princess Xiangcheng, when Luo Yuan said this, there was a trace of indifference, which was obviously superficial.

Her heart was full of loss and sadness.

As soon as Luo Yuan turned around, he saw her posture like this, and suddenly the cold zombie heart twitched again.

Involuntarily, at this moment, Luo Yuan felt that his blood was actually warmer a little.

Looking at Princess Xiangcheng said.

“This woman should only be heard in heaven, and it is rare to hear it on earth.”

At this moment, Luo Yuan was following the praise that he instinctively said, not his own disguise.

Luo Yuan is a zombie, and his instinct is only to kill and suck blood! But at this moment, in the face of Princess Xiangcheng, he would actually follow his instinct and say such a word of praise.

At that moment, Luo Yuan actually found the feeling of being a human in his previous life.

Although that period was very short, that is, when he was a child in his previous life, his terminal illness was not serious at that time, and it was the most beautiful time in his life.

At this moment, this sentence is spoken, Luo Yuan feels that he has returned to the time of being a healthy person in an instant, and the excitement in his heart is incomprehensible to ordinary people.

Princess Xiangcheng was sluggish, and the Manchu dynasty was sluggish.

Princess Xiangcheng was sluggish, originally in her eyes, Luo Yuan, who was very hypocritical, how could Luo Yuan, who was indifferent, suddenly say such a sincere praise?

And so beautiful and beautiful.

And the Manchu Dynasty’s literary and martial arts are sluggish, Luo Yuan, as a martial general, a powerful martial general, actually has this kind of literary brilliance?

Could it be said that he is both civil and martial? That’s a shame! Because this poem is definitely a good sentence!

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