“This, this feeling?”

Xiangcheng’s heart was full of trance at this time, because this sense of security of being protected was something she had never experienced in her life.

At this time, on Luo Yuan’s body, she really felt a sense of security.

It seems that at this moment, even if the sky collapses and the world is destroyed, she will be safe.

At this time, all the people who were shocked by Luo Yuan reacted. Looking at the eldest lady of the Wang family, who was red-faced and about to lose her breath, they all exclaimed.

“Yes, you want to die!”

“This is Miss Wang, if something happens here today, then Chang’an City will shake.”

Cui Ruxuan also reacted, she never expected that Luo Yuan was actually angry for Princess Xiangcheng.

But in her intelligence, Luo Yuan doesn’t seem to have any intersection with Princess Xiangcheng, right?

“Hou, Hou Ye, this is the eldest lady of the Wang family!”

Cui Ruxuan said that as one of the five surnames and seven hopes, the Taiyuan Wang Clan is powerful, and it can even be said that to some extent, it can completely ignore the imperial power.

This is the authority of the five surnames and seven hopes, and even the later Tang emperors also stipulated that the five surnames and seven hopes could not intermarry each other.

The purpose of this is to limit the power and status of the five surnames and seven hopes.

Luo Yuan ignored them, but pinched Miss Wang’s neck and held it up in front of him.

His face was expressionless, but his eyes were full of Sen Han’s killing intent.

Those present were only the pampered Miss Qianjin, as well as Brother Gongzi, and in the face of Luo Yuan’s killing intent, they couldn’t resist at all.

“Eh! Forehead! Forehead! ”

Miss Wang’s whole body began to twitch, obviously she had reached her limit.

Her eyes began to turn white, and her eyes were full of fear in the face of death, but Luo Yuan in front of her did not have any softness of heart, and was slowly increasing her strength.

Seeing that Miss Wang was about to lose her breath, Cui Ruxuan was anxious.

After all, today’s poetry meeting was hosted by the Cui family, and if the eldest lady of the Wang family died here, it would cause a huge sensation and affect the relationship between the Wang family and the Cui family.

She found that her words had no effect on Luo Yuan, and this person was not afraid of the five surnames and seven hopes at all.

Cui Ruxuan couldn’t help but look at Luo Yuan for help, she was a smart woman, knowing that since Luo Yuan was angry because of Princess Xiangcheng, if she wanted to persuade Luo Yuan, no one could do it except Princess Xiangcheng.

Seeing Cui Ruxuan’s pleading eyes, and the figure of the eldest lady of the Wang family whose legs gradually stopped jumping, Princess Xiangcheng finally spoke.

“Let go, let her go.”

Listening to Xiangcheng’s words, Luo Yuan’s hand suddenly loosened.

Surprisingly, Luo Yuan actually nodded dryly.


Then just let go of your hand.

Luo Yuan, as a zombie king, is ruthless, and his blood is cold, is it really that good to talk?

Obviously not, but Luo Yuan didn’t want to kill in front of Xiangcheng.

The moment she put down Miss Wang, Luo Yuan injected corpse poison into her body.

There is no Ninth Uncle in this world, so the corpse poison will break out in three days, and at that time, this eldest miss of the Wang family will die miserably.

It can be said that when Luo Yuan decided to make a move, this eldest miss of the Wang family could not be alive.


At this time, the maids of the eldest lady of the Wang family also reacted.

Luo Yuan looked at Princess Xiangcheng and said.

“Let’s go.”

After speaking, he directly took Princess Xiangcheng’s hand and walked forward.

Princess Xiangcheng lost her opinion for a while and could not resist Luo Yuan, after all, men and women are not related, she is still a married princess who is already married.

It’s just that at this time, her head is dizzy, and she doesn’t care about these details.

Or maybe deep down in her own heart, she didn’t have any resistance to Luo Yuan, so she let it be.

“Go, where to go?”

Princess Xiangcheng looked at Luo Yuan’s side face and asked curiously.

At this time, the flower boat had already sailed to the central area of the Weishui River and had not yet docked.

Luo Yuan smiled slightly, and directly grabbed Princess Xiangcheng’s small man’s waist.


Then, after she exclaimed, she suddenly rose up and jumped directly towards the lake with her.

The people on the deck of the flower boat all exclaimed, is this going to jump into the lake to commit suicide?

Then a scene that shocked everyone happened, directly Luo Yuan held Princess Xiangcheng, and actually fell directly on the surface of the lake as light as a feather.


Step by step, Luo Yuan actually tapped his toes and tread water.

In the eyes of everyone, what they saw was a pair of immortal couples who tread water.

At this moment, on the flower boat, I don’t know how many young ladies are envious of Princess Xiangcheng.

Looking at Luo Yuan’s back holding Xiangcheng and leaving, Luo Yuan’s maid Xiao Wen and Xiao Lan both looked at each other and smiled bitterly, and the master actually forgot them.

Shaking their heads, the two slowly turned around and looked at the Gongzi brothers in the audience, and the young ladies said.

“Gentlemen, my master has said that from now on, who dares to bully Princess Xiangcheng.”

“Then my master, I will not be spared.”

After a pause, looking at some people who were not doing something wrong, the maid Xiaowen continued to laugh.

“In the battle of Tuyuhun to destroy the country, the master killed more than 600,000 people! If everyone doesn’t believe it, they can fight for it and become one of the more than 600,000 lonely souls of the master. ”

The cold wind was gloomy, and the audience was silent.

After Fang Cai almost killed Miss Wang, they were frightened by the maid’s words for a while.

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