“Your Majesty can wait, and immediately after the harvest is completed, you can weigh it.”

Luo Yuan said so, Li Shimin nodded immediately, his eyes full of excitement.

In the end, he was anxious, and even directly called the Yulin Army, and then let these battle-hardened Yulin Army go directly to the field to work.

In a short time, the strength of the people is great, and the grain of one acre of land is harvested.

Looking at the grain in front of him, Li Shimin’s eyes were full of expectation.

Not long after, under Li Shimin’s nervous and expectant expression, the Ministry of Works officials directly completed the weighing.

“Your Majesty, the mu yield totals thirteen hundred catties!”

Li Shimin trembled, is it really 1,300 catties? Incredible, it’s just incredible.

“Is that right? Is that really right? Is it thirteen hundred catties? ”

Li Shimin asked excitedly.

The officer bowed in reply.

“Yes, Your Majesty, I have repeated the calculation many times, and it is really 1,300 catties per acre!”

Suddenly, the audience fell silent.

Li Shimin froze for a while, and only after a long time did he react and shout excitedly.

“Good! Good! All right! ”

No wonder he was so excited, because what this mu of grain produced thousands of catties meant to the Great Tang, only he knew best.

After all, when the Sui Dynasty was in turmoil, the damage to this world was too serious.

After the founding of the Great Tang Dynasty, there was no calm, and wars were fought almost every year.

Even if it was the original Sui Dynasty, it left some foundation, but it couldn’t withstand such consumption! Therefore, even if Li Shimin is ambitious in his heart, he also has to rest and recuperate.

At this time, if the harvest of this grain is completely real, it will have a big impact.

In a year of concentration, the Great Tang can have plenty of food and clothing, and when there is enough food, there will naturally be no shortage of soldiers and horses.

At that time, if there is no worries about the Great Tang, won’t it fight wherever it wants?

Next, in addition to rice, Luo Yuan also took Li Shimin to look at the harvest of vegetables, melons and fruits.

The more he looked at Li Shimin, the more excited he was, especially knowing that these grains could be fully ripe within three months, and Li Shimin was even more excited and excited.

“Luo Yuan, you have made a great contribution to the Great Tang!”

Li Shimin looked at Luo Yuan and said with a sigh.

It is really the merit of pouring the sky, it can be said that this credit is far more than Luo Yuan’s credit for destroying Tuyuhun.

Because the words of destroying Tuyuhun only made the Great Tang Frontier one less enemy and solved the urgent need.

But this mu of grain that produces thousands of catties is a great achievement for the Great Tang! Even relying on this, as long as you give the Great Tang two years, you can gain the strength to sweep the world.

This is no joke, because since ancient times, successive dynasties have been stumbled by resources such as food.

Let me ask, if the people have enough food and clothing, other industries and so on will be well developed.

In this case, why worry about the development of national strength?

“Say, whatever reward you want, as long as it is available, it can be given to you.”

Li Shimin said in a deep voice.

Luo Yuan suddenly looked at Li Shimin and said.

“I want Xiangcheng.”

Listening to Luo Yuan’s words, Li Shimin immediately rubbed his eyebrows helplessly, and he knew that Luo Yuan would definitely say so.

To be honest, as long as any princess is Luo Yuan’s mouth, Li Shimin is willing to give marriage.

After all, Luo Yuan’s credit is too great.

It’s just that Xiangcheng is different! Xiangcheng is a married princess with Tubo, if Xiangcheng is promised to Luo Yuan, how will Tubo explain it?

“You really just want Xiangcheng?”

Li Shimin asked tentatively again.

Sure enough, Luo Yuan nodded unswervingly, and suddenly Li Shimin was helpless, and began to think in his heart how to do this matter.

“Yes, it seems that this is the only way to do this.”

Li Shimin suddenly thought of a way, looked at Luo Yuan and continued.

“In this way, find a clan woman, and then canonize her as a princess, and bear the name of Xiangcheng to replace Xiangcheng and his relatives.”

“In this case, it should be able to solve the urgent need, as for the future Tubo discovery, then do it directly.”

“When the time comes, the Great Tang will be fearless.”

Li Shimin’s eyes flashed coldly, even if there is these grains, but a year and a half of buffer time, is it still needed?

So this delaying measure is the only way.

In a short period of time, Tubo will not find out about this matter, and even if it does, then the Great Tang can deal with it casually and delay for a while.

After the grain is sown and harvested throughout the country, the Great Tang will have the capital to go to war abroad, so in this way, don’t say whether Tubo will ask for guilt at that time.

Even if he didn’t ask about the crime, the Great Tang might take the initiative to make a move against Tubo, after all, Li Shimin was not an emperor who was in peace.

Listening to Li Shimin’s words, Luo Yuan nodded immediately.

This is the best, and it is undoubtedly best to be able to use a gentle method to let Li Shimin give Xiangcheng to himself.

After all, Luo Yuan didn’t want to use force, and he still wanted to take Xiangcheng and continue to live in Chang’an City.

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