Chapter 0098: On the Day of the Big Wedding, Two Wedding Dresses!!!

Luo Yuan nodded, in fact, it was not just that because of their assassination commission, this led to the exposure of Li Shimin and Luo Yuan’s identities.

Just the fact that they bought murder had already violated the laws of the Great Tang Kingdom

This may not be anything in normal times, but it happened to be met by Luo Yuan and Li Shimin, then these two people will have to pay the price.

“It seems that this marriage can be canceled.”

“I didn’t expect that this heavenly girl was such a vicious person, and she would even kill her own sister.”

“I don’t know how this Xiao Yun’er provoked this mother and son.”

Empress Changsun said.

Ye Guifei also nodded, such a ruthless person, it is better not to become a side concubine, because if this kind of woman becomes a side concubine of the royal palace, her own daughter, then she may not be able to fight.

Listening to their words, Luo Yuan suddenly said.

“Actually, Xiao Lier is not a real heavenly daughter. Everyone was stunned and looked at Luo Yuan curiously. I saw Luo Yuan continue. ”

“The real heavenly daughter is Xiao Yun’er, but I don’t know why, after the end of the time, Xiao Yun’er returned to the camp and came out again, and became Xiao Li’er.”

“Therefore, that Xiao Lier completely replaced her sister and became a heavenly daughter.”

Listening to Luo Yuan’s words, Li Shimin and the others suddenly realized, although they didn’t know how Luo Yuan knew.

But Luo Yuan never says nonsense, so since Luo Yuan said so, 02 should be true.

“In this way, this mother and daughter even have the crime of cheating.”

Suddenly, Li Shimin knew how to do it.

Xiao Yun’er’s appearance is overwhelming, and even she is still a heavenly daughter, no matter how you look at this, she is fully qualified to be Luo Yuan’s side concubine.

At that moment, Li Shimin shouted Li Junxian, and then explained something to Li Junxian in a low voice.

That night, a message reached the Xiao family.

“What, tomorrow’s royal mansion’s welcoming team will come, let us Xiao family, are you ready?”

The eldest lady looked at the official in front of her, listening to her words, her eyes were full of excitement.

Is it actually so fast? She still had to wait for an auspicious day, waiting for a while, but she didn’t expect that the welcoming team of the royal palace would come tomorrow.

After the official errand, Xiao Lier looked at her mother and said excitedly.

“Great, mother, tomorrow, tomorrow I can become a side concubine of the Wuling Royal Mansion!”

Xiao Lier was very excited, that was the side concubine of the royal palace! Even she is not willing to do this, if she has the opportunity in the future, she will become a concubine.

What about the two princesses? She believes that under her own service, Wang Ye will definitely fall under the hem of her skirt, and then she will be the most noble woman in the royal palace and the second most noble woman in the world.

It seems that this Xiao Lier is not only vicious, but even likes to think cranky, she doesn’t look at what she is, and actually thinks of squeezing out the status of Xiangcheng and Li Liqian.

You know, if Li Liqin and Xiangcheng are concerned, they are princesses! One is the daughter of the empress, and the other is the daughter of a noble concubine.

How can she be compared with these two, a young lady from a merchant family? It can only be said that this person with a bad brain is prone to arrogance and has no self-awareness at all.

“It’s not good madam, it’s back, Xiao Yun’er is back!”

At this moment, a maid rushed in and shouted excitedly to the eldest lady and Xiao Lier.


Both were flabbergasted!

“Damn, this gang of waste, gave so much money in vain, and couldn’t even kill a weak woman.”

The eldest lady was angry, after this assassination, although I don’t know how Xiao Yun’er escaped, it is certain that it will definitely cause Xiao Yun’er’s vigilance.

Perhaps, Xiao Yuner will expose the truth in the next few days, and at that time, everything that arrives at this time will be gone!

“Mother, how is this good?”

“I want to be a princess, I don’t want to lose this opportunity!”

Listening to her daughter’s words, the eldest lady groaned.

“Tomorrow, you will get married, and if you kill her tonight, it will definitely cause a sensation, after all, it is your big day.”

“In this way, find someone to go to her yard and keep her grounded, and after you are picked up by the people of the royal palace, Niang will naturally start and let her disappear.”

The eldest lady’s heart was crossed, because it was already the last moment, if she was still soft at this time, then if there was any accident at that time, it would not be good

Listening to her mother’s words, Xiao Lier nodded suddenly, and now it can only be like this.

That night, under the order of the eldest lady, a group of house slaves, maids, etc., surrounded the small courtyard where Xiao Yun’er was.

In this Xiao Mansion, the eldest lady has the final say, so if she doesn’t allow Xiao Yun’er to go out now, no one really dares to let Xiao Yun’er out.

“Miss, this is too much!”

Xiao Yun’er’s maid said emotionally.

Xiao Yun’er frowned.

“They should be worried, at the last minute, I will tell the truth, right?”

Xiao Yun’er said so, after all, the news that the welcoming team of the royal palace tomorrow was coming was now spread throughout the Xiao family.

Xiao Li’s mother and daughter should be worried that they will find out the truth, so that their dreams will be shattered.

“No, even if it’s not to be a side concubine, I should tell Wang Ye the truth.”

“A woman like Xiao Lier, if she marries Wang Ye, it will only bring trouble.”

It is inevitable that she is also a little unwilling in her heart, she was a princess before, and she had no idea.

But at this time, after knowing that Wang Ye was Luo Yuan, she would inevitably have ideas.

Thinking that Xiao Li’er was replacing her identity and about to marry Luo Yuan, Xiao Yun’er couldn’t accept it.

“But Miss, we are grounded now, we can’t get out at all, how is this good?”

The maid said helplessly, and Xiao Yun’er was also speechless at this time.

Because she couldn’t see a way to break the situation, after all, in this Xiao Mansion, she had no one to trust except for the substitute maid and her brother who was far away in Chang’an City.

The younger brother was studying in Chang’an City at this time.

Now in addition to being anxious, Xiao Yun’er can’t think of a way to solve the current problem at this time.

Early the next morning, the Xiao family was full of lights, obviously since late last night, they had been busy.

At the same time, everyone in the entire Qinhuai City knew that today’s welcoming team from the royal palace would come to greet the eldest lady of the Xiao family, enter the Wuling Royal Mansion in Chang’an City, and become the side concubine of the King of Wuling!

This is a great honor! I don’t know how many families envy the Xiao family in this Qin Huaifu, if the daughter of their family can join the Wuling Royal Mansion, it will simply be a supreme honor.

“Over here, clean up here!”

“Also, there’s one less red lantern over there!”

“You you you! It’s you, hurry up and change your clothes, today is a big day, change me to a big red, otherwise, if you rush to joy, how is it good? ”

In front of the Xiao family’s mansion, it was very lively.

At the same time, Xiao Lier in the backyard was dressing up, and the clothes sent by Qin Huai’s mansion were very luxurious.

“Is this the clothes of the royal concubine? Inadequate! I’m going to wear the clothes of a concubine in the future!” ”

Xiao Lier said.

The eldest lady smiled slightly.

“Naturally, in the future, our mother and son will have their backs to the Wuling Royal Mansion, and the Xiao family will not take our horse head as the leader?”

Different from the joy here, Xiao Yuner’s courtyard was bleak at this time.

The little maid wanted to go out, but the 937 people arranged by the eldest lady did not allow her to go out at all.

“Miss, they are too much, that is your identity!”

“That Xiao Li’er, actually taking your place and wanting to marry Wang Ye, it’s really too much.”

Listening to the maid’s words, Xiao Yun’er was silent, everything is fate!

In order to fulfill her mother’s last wish, she could only promise her eldest lady that when the time came, she would give up her identity as a heavenly daughter to her sister Xiao Lier.

But now she regretted it, because the person Xiao Lier was going to marry was also the person she loved!

But what can be done? Because if she didn’t agree to the eldest lady’s words, she could make a marriage contract for herself as the eldest mother.

As long as you are married, you cannot participate in the Heavenly Lady’s Day.

“Is it destined to be for nothing?”

Xiao Yun’er looked out the window and lost her mind for a moment.

It was also at this moment that suddenly a figure flashed in from the window.

“What people?”

The little maid was shocked.

The person who appeared was a woman, and if she looked dressed, she seemed to be a maid and maid or something.

I saw the maid who appeared, bowing to Xiao Xian’er.

“Miss Xiao, this is for you, change it.”

The person who came was Xiao Wen, and what she held in her hand was the same wedding dress as Xiao Lier’s got.

“This, this is a wedding dress?”

Xiao Yun’er was very puzzled, what was going on? Xiao Wen did not explain, just said.

“Miss, just change it, you’ll know in a while.”

After speaking, Xiao Wen directly turned out of the window, and then a few jumps, and the person disappeared.

Looking at Xiao Wen’s departing back, and then at the wedding dress in her hand, Xiao Yuner was silent and didn’t know what she was thinking.

“Did you send it?” Still…”

At this moment, Xiao Yun’er’s heart was a little nervous, and she was also a little looking forward to it…

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