Dimensional Invasion of the Real Earth

Chapter 1895: Kuchiki Rukia

  Chapter 1895 Rukia Kuchiki

  1911, Rukia Kuchiki

   Isn’t this the most essential difference between the first generation and the second generation?

  However, Kuchiki Rukia's approach is not what Liu Hao also hopes to see. He is not in a hurry, without so much pressure, and can make people calm enough.

  This is almost what all masters expect from their disciples.

  If Kuchiki Rukia is put on top of Unozhihuarei's choice now, then Baihu Liu Hao still has to devote part of his energy to pay attention to it all the time?

  Na Mao Zhihua Lie is looking for opponents to pk in the sea of ​​blood almost every day. Any pk is accompanied by risks. If you are not careful, it is very likely to ruin your life.

   Shura fights, even if they spar, no one will choose to hold back, and their character will not allow them to make such a choice.

  All parents and masters may wish in their hearts that their children and disciples will have the hard work to make them come back, but it really happened. Which one of them will not have headaches and heartaches?

  This is also the real reason why a guy like Baihu Liu Hao never urged Kuchiki Rukia to work harder.

  People are a little slack, but from another perspective, isn't it a degree of relaxation?

   Take it easy, what's wrong?

   Really something is going on, isn't there a master who is carrying it?

   Didn’t reach such a dangerous situation, did it?

  Compared to higher cultivation, stronger combat power, more solid foundation, and more magnificent knowledge, both Baihu Liu Hao and Liu Hao himself want to see it.

   Her cultivation base is a little bit worse, who in the entire Netherland would dare to underestimate her?

   Not to mention Netherland, but the whole prehistoric world, who wouldn't want to show some face after knowing that she is Liu Hao's disciple?

   Besides, Kuchiki Rukia is not a troublesome guy, when she really practiced, she worked very hard.

   Such a disciple is already very good, and he doesn't want Kuchiki Rukia to take over his mantle in the future, why bother to whip him behind him with a whip?

  In addition, Aizen's two-in-one collapse jade can now be found on Kuchiki Rukia.

   With the white tiger Liu Hao making a move, there is no need to absorb and integrate indiscriminately like Aizen in the death plot.

  Bengyu, but a good thing, its level is difficult to define, say it is low, it seems to be true, it is not so much a magic weapon, it is better to say it is a treasure, like a genius.

   It can be said that its level is high, and it seems to be reasonable.

  Because of Bengyu, to a certain extent, it is also the 'world treasure' of the Death God world, the treasure of a world.

  Lan Ran had a better choice, and as an external force that Ai Ran considered, she looked down on her a little bit, and after going around for a while, it still fell into Liu Hao's hands.

  After researching the essence of Bengyu, he was also given to Kuchiki Rukia by the white tiger Liu Hao.

  Anyway, Kuchiki Rukia is still the heroine of the Shinigami world. In terms of compatibility, except for a few guards, it really can only be her.

With the help of Baihu Liu Hao, the so-called "alienation" is naturally impossible, but it also becomes very slow. Among them, it is also the problem of Kuchiki Rukia's endurance, which gradually merges and gradually digests in the process of fusion , but is the best choice.

  The reality is also the same. Under the situation of gradually merging with the treasure of the world of the **** of death, Bengyu, Kuchiki Rukia's talent is almost visible to the naked eye.

   This is not the kind of forced catalysis in the death plot, but a real improvement in all aspects.

  Even if the aura of the protagonist is excluded, Kuchiki Rukia's spiritual talent is almost on the same level as Aizen and old man Yamamoto.

  The sword technique that required countless times to learn in the past, Kuchiki Rukia has become very easy to do now, as if the shackles of the body have been completely broken through in a certain way, and she has directly stepped into twice the result with half the effort.

   In other words, now Rukia is also qualified to read a lot of books.

  Bengyu's gradual integration has another benefit for Rukia, that is, his Zanpakutō has finally begun to keep up with the pace of its evolution.

  The heavens are no different than the soul world, which only occupies one domain. Even the Zanpakuto must follow the level of the treasures of the heavens.

   It’s not impossible to fight everything, but at least it’s not suitable for the gods of death and broken faces from the world of souls.

  Even Aizen and Unohana know that they must add other materials to their Zanpakuto to make it absorb more and higher-level energy and promote its evolution to keep up with the pace of their own cultivation.

  They all have to be like this, and Rukia is no exception.

   Didn't you see that Baihu Liu Hao's original Zanpakuto has been absorbed by him in reverse?

  There is no one who does not need to be perfect in one body to prove the Hunyuan.

  Now the 'Zanpakuto' left by Baihu Liu Hao is already a simple 'knife'.

   It is also for this reason that when Baihu Liu Hao got the Cicada Wing Saber in the Baihu Dazun Dojo, he would show joy on his face, because he really needed a precious sword and was used to using this weapon.

  The same is true for those people in the soul world. Once they are used to this kind of thing, it is too difficult to change it. If there is no way, who would spend a lot of time to change it?

   Besides, once you get used to it, isn't the power that can be displayed much greater?

   It is also because of this that they try every means to improve their "Zanpakuto", which makes the entire Netherland aware of this situation, and gradually spreads, gradually becoming the method that everyone in the Netherland emulates today.

   To a certain extent, why isn't it refining a "body spirit treasure" that belongs to itself?

  This level of compatibility, if you want to achieve it in other ways of refining, I don’t know how long it will take to get through it?

   Luckily for Kuchiki Rukia, Bengyu is the ultimate treasure in the world of Death God, and it is even more suitable than any other material for improving Zanpakuto.

  Almost at the moment of fusion, her Zanpakuto was completely materialized.

  But this time, it is impossible for the so-called Zanpakuto rebellion in the plot of the world of death to occur.

  This is the Netherland, the Netherland suppressed by Baihu Liu Hao's "sage". If he does not allow such rules, it is impossible for him to appear.

  The existing Zanpakuto "Sode Shirayuki" can only be the "spirit" of Zanpakuto.

  Its appearance is beneficial to Rukia, and it can also help Rukia improve the essence of Zanpakutō, and promote it internally and externally, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

  After it appeared, Rukia seemed to be happy that it had been manifesting all the time, and it even helped to promote the spiritualization of 'Sode Shirayuki'.

  Switching to other people, such an approach must be accompanied by greater risks while obtaining greater benefits.

   But Rukia, who has a "sage" master, never needs to worry about these things.

   When meeting the white tiger Liu Hao with Rukia, how could "Shou Baixue" still have the so-called "ambition"?

  For it, the biggest advantage is following the right master, and it is not impossible to evolve into the top treasure with the help of the master master in the future.

  It also doesn't have to worry about being found out about its wisdom in the future, because people have such a master, there is no need to worry at all.

  In this way, on the contrary, 'Sode Shirayuki' and Rukia get along like sisters, and indirectly help Rukia integrate into Bengyu faster.

   Baihu Liu Hao naturally welcomes this, and it is impossible for him to tell the other party about the deeper secrets.

  For example, "Sode Shirayuki" is actually a part between Qi Ling and Kuchiki Rukia.

  Telling them, it will only add to their troubles, so why bother?

  In the future, if Rukia has the skills to cut three corpses, relying on Zanpakuto, it is not impossible to cut a real incarnation of Sode Shirayuki.

   As for the future Rukia really has a cultivation level, how to choose depends on her own decision. As a master, she can only give advice, but will not help students make choices.

   In his heart, Baihu Liu Hao is quite satisfied with Rukia.

  If it is Cao Pi who is following him now, Liu Hao, the white tiger, will have a headache instead. Will that guy be able to hold his breath? Seeing the countless underworlds fighting for hegemony outside, why not recruit talents to join them?

   At that time, Baihu Liu Hao will not be forced to make a high profile?

  My disciples go out to compete with other powers of Netherland, what will they think?

   Surely he would have thought that Emperor Fengdu's "sage" probably also wanted to dominate the Netherland, so he released his disciples, right?

   Will he also follow the example of Daozu Hongjun in releasing Haotian?

   They would be happy that such an immediate boss appeared in Netherland?

  Compared to unification, Baihu Liu Hao likes the forces of the underworld where all parties are entangled.

   Not only because he has the ability to suppress everything, but also because of such entanglement and disputes, in order to better promote the progress of the entire Netherland.

  Calm is a good thing, but it seems that everyone has more time to practice, and the fruit they bear will really become the biggest one?

  How is that possible?

   Heaven, is it calm enough?

  But how many of them are making great strides?

  When the risk dissipates and the crisis does not exist, carrying has always followed.

  The underworld never dies, and the dead spirit body, its true spirit will never dissipate, it is nothing more than being sucked into the six realms and reincarnated immediately.

  Every moment, the underworld is also accepting the dead souls from the prehistoric world. After the trial, there are also countless souls sent into the underworld.

   Such disputes are also needed to reincarnate those who have no 'future'. Isn't there a creature born every moment in the prehistoric world?

  Truth never needs a real ruler, and its most essential need has always been circulation.

  Controlling such a Netherland, even if its controller has an 'unrestrained' personality at the beginning, over time, he will definitely become indifferent.

  What Baihu Liu Hao needs to do is to stay out of the matter, look down on them from above, and let them quarrel. If there is no quarrel, he will probably play tricks secretly and provoke it again.

  This is his duty, otherwise, he would be unqualified. After that time, Empress Tu really needs to consider changing to another person in charge.

  Naturally, his disciples can't participate in it either. To join any party, Emperor Fengdu's lineage can only appear in the Netherland as referees in the future.

  Lukia's cultivation and character are really not enough to take on the responsibility of the referee. She is completely out of the way and watching from the sidelines is already in line with Baihu Liu Hao's wishes.

  Even if she goes out limitedly, she either goes to the Houtu Palace to find Li Mingda to play, or goes to chat with Uzhihualie in the sea of ​​blood.

  Her situation is well known to almost all high-level officials of all the forces in the Netherland, and they are also happy to see the disciples of Emperor Fengdu like this.

  Because of this, she is the existence that no one wants to provoke in the entire Great Desolate Netherland, and she can go out almost any way without hindrance.

   Such Rukia is somewhat lonely.

   This point, Baihu Liu Hao is naturally clear, but before Bengyu has not fully fused, it is impossible for him to let Lukia leave the underworld.

  The conditions given are the same.

   Fortunately, Rukia is more or less used to it, and the appearance of Sode Shirayuki has offset this loneliness to a certain extent.

   "Lukia, it's still not suitable for the prehistoric Netherland!"

   "I thought about letting him go to the underworld to work as an errand, but the system has already been established, and it would be a bit unsightly to join rashly."

   "After a while, let her go, practice in the prehistoric world, and it will not be too late to send her back to Earth!"


   "Where's Uno Hana Lie?"

   "Do you think it will be easier for her to prove Daluo Daoguo when she returns to Earth?"

  Baihu Liu Hao instantly understood what Liu Hao was thinking. He saw Liu Hao nodding slightly, and glanced at the sea of ​​blood. After the clouds of luck swept over the heads of many high-ranking Asuras, he had a little thought.

  Liu Hao himself said:

   "Even if Mao Zhihualie is certified by the prehistoric world and shared some of the Shura clan's luck, the true luck can only be a branch after all, and its backbone will always be those Shura kings;

  Instead of this, it is better to let it return to the earth. The mirror image of the six paths of reincarnation has been completely stabilized and formed on our earth, and it can operate more freely. Doesn’t it need a person who sits in the Shura way?

  Is there anyone more suitable than Uno Hananagi? "

   "Your words are also in line with the reality, other ways, who can choose?"

   "Let's see who has this opportunity, it is Unozhihuali, but she is only given the opportunity. Does it depend on herself to seize it?"

  Liu Hao shook his head slightly. He didn't think about interfering with the rotation of the six realms of his own earth, and he didn't have the slightest need.

  Any subjective is inferior to objective, because any subjective must carry the will of the subjective provider, and deviations are bound to occur, and he does not want to be enlightened by him.

What he said is also reminding Baihu Liu Hao that the movement of popularity may be better than interfering in person. Besides, the mirror image of the six reincarnations in the future will not only be established on Liu Hao's earth. Do you all interfere?

  If you really do that, how much energy do you need to expend?

   There will definitely be better results?

  Following your intention, is it really following the will of all beings in that world?

   But don’t get ‘disgusted’ when you do something, and it’s hard work but it’s not pleasing at all.

  Before you, without the prehistoric and desolate reincarnation that you suppressed, wouldn’t it be working well?

  Have you seen Empress Dowager appear once?

  (end of this chapter)

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