In the evening, under the cold dew mountain, at the mouth of Xixia Village.

A young man in a white short-sleeved shirt, leaning against a locust tree, looks into the distance.

His name is Xiao Zhi and he is a crosser.

Today is the third day of his journey to another world.

Unlike those lucky ones who wear souls, he is a real one.

People wear souls, either through the prince and nobles, or through the son of the family, even if it is not good, at least they can inherit the memory.

Xiao Zhi crossed over in confusion, there was no family, no sect, not to mention the fiancée who came to him to withdraw from marriage, not even the people who scolded him for their waste.

He was hungry for two days and two nights in the vast mountains, and if it weren't for the kind acceptance of the village chief of Xixia Village, Xiao Zhi would have starved to death.

The crosser who starved to death is a strange news in the world.

Suddenly, an emotionless voice sounded in Xiao Zhi's mind.

【System loading progress 99%.】

This voice has been ringing in Xiao Zhi's head since Xiao Zhi crossed into this world.

It took less than three minutes to go from one percent to ninety-nine percent.

But by 99 percent, this thing is stuck.

Just like when loading a small movie, at first the progress bar is fast, and when it comes to the critical time, hey, it's stuck.

This card stuck for three whole days.

"Ninety-nine percent, ninety-nine percent, I'm nine your uncle, I'm three days, still ninety-nine percent, I just finished all the works of Sister Muto and Sister Hata, and it won't take so long." Xiao Zhi became angry when he heard this voice and smashed his fist on the locust tree.

The sound of smashing the tree alarmed an old dog lying under the tree, and when Xiao Zhi first entered the village, it was Xiao Zhi who first found it, and almost bit Xiao Zhi's butt.

The old dog gave Xiao Zhi a humane look, it used to be a stray dog, and like Xiao Zhi, it was also taken in by the kind village chief.

"Yes, our brothers are difficult brothers and brothers, you are a stray dog, I am a homeless man." Xiao Zhi laughed at himself, with some bitterness in his smile.

The old dog suddenly got up and jumped out with a bang, and the back that resolutely left seemed to say to Xiao Zhi, who is the brother with you.

Xiao Zhi smiled helplessly, seeing that the meal was approaching, Xiao Zhi was about to return to the village when the mechanical voice sounded again.

【System loading progress is 100%.】 】

Xiao Zhi was stunned, 100%?

Without waiting for him to have questions, the sound of the system sounded one after another like a bombardment of text messages.

[The Divine Beast Cultivation System has been successfully bound. 【

You have become the host of the sacred beast cultivation system. 【

The Divine Beast Space has been activated.】 【

You have obtained three culture slots.】 【

Your system assistant Xiaoxia has been activated successfully. 】


A series of sounds made Xiao Zhi dizzy.

Before he had time to rejoice, Xiao Zhi's eyes turned black, and he briefly lost

consciousness, and in an instant, a bright light flashed, awakening Xiao Zhi's consciousness again.

Consciousness awakened, and what came into view was blank.

The sky is white, the earth is white, everything is white, this is like the chaos before the opening of the heavens and the earth.

"Where is this?" Xiao Zhi subconsciously said this sentence.

"This is your divine beast space, master." A soft and weak voice came from behind Xiao Zhi.

As soon as Xiao Zhi turned his head, he saw a fist-sized yellow Yingying light mass, and a pair of transparent small wings grew on both sides of the light group.

"Is that what you said?" Xiao Zhi looked at the light group curiously, this light group has no facial features, no limbs, except for a pair of small wings, it is a small ball of light.

"I am your system assistant, my name is Xiaoxia, I am the companion of the system, responsible for helping you maintain the space of the sacred beast and the care of the sacred beast. Next, I will explain to you roughly the function of the sacred beast cultivation system. The ball of light spat out words and called herself Xiaoxia.

Xiao Xia explained the function of the divine beast cultivation system unhurriedly, and Xiao Zhi listened very carefully.

After Xiao Xia's explanation, Xiao Zhi finally understood this system.

The divine beast cultivation system, as the name suggests, is able to cultivate the divine beast system.

With this system, Xiao Zhi was able to capture any creature and cultivate it into a divine beast with the ability to destroy the heavens and the earth.

Whether it is pigs, sheep, cows and horses, or fish, insects, birds and beasts, or mosquitoes, flies, maggots, roundworms, as long as they are alive, they can be cultivated and have the potential to become mythical beasts.

There are three types of cultivation, namely: combat, functional, and mutated.

Cultivating a divine beast, Xiao Zhi was able to share the ability and realm of the divine beast.

There are various ways to cultivate, some need to accumulate resources, some need combat experience, and some only need to be touched with love.

At present, Xiao Zhi has three cultivation positions, which means that Xiao Zhi can now capture three animals for cultivation.

Xiao Zhi needs to capture animals, establish contact with them, and determine cultivation routes.

Xiao Zhi understood, and just when he was full of questions and was about to ask Xiao Xia, Xiao Xia said to him: "The master can first capture an animal for a novice trial, and the first three captures must be out of the S level or above cultivation goal."

As soon as Xiao Xia's words fell, Xiao Zhi's consciousness was in a trance, and he withdrew from the divine beast space and returned to his body.

In his hand, a sphere-shaped object appeared.

"This is the sacred beast ball, after the owner subdues the animal, he throws this object to the animal, and the animal can be absorbed into the sacred beast space." Xiao Xia's voice sounded in Xiao Zhi's head.

"This thing... Well...... It's a bit like a poké ball..." As Xiao Zhi was speaking, the old dog ran over, with a half-dead mouse in his mouth.

"Animals ... Hey, isn't this dog the best animal? As the saying goes, a dog starts with a whole district walking sideways, which is a good meaning. Xiao Zhi rolled his eyes and started the idea of the old dog.

The old dog seemed to sense Xiao Zhi's impure purpose, dropped the mouse in his mouth, twisted his butt and flicked his tail and ran, the back of the soul was enough to charm thousands of little bitches.

"Hmph, I want to escape!" Xiao Zhi threw out the Divine Beast Ball.

The poor mouse had just gotten up and was lamenting that the dog took the rat, and when the world was impermanent, a white light shone on its body.

Before the mouse could figure out what was going on, it was taken away by the white light and disappeared.

[Capture an ordinary mouse, and the culture type will be selected.]

"Wait, I have to catch that dog first." Xiao Zhi said.

As soon as the words fell, Xiao Zhi's consciousness was chaotic again and entered the space of the divine beast.

At this time, the space of the divine beast was no longer blank, and three options appeared in front of Xiao Zhi.

The three options are combat, functional, and mutated.

However, the combat and functional types are lit, while the variant option is gray.

This is because combat and functional types can be selected autonomously, while variants are random and uncontrollable.

"Master, you can choose the type of cultivation and determine the cultivation route." Xiao Xia waved her wings and said to Xiao Zhi.

Xiao Zhi did not hesitate and chose the combat type.

【The culture type has been selected, please select the subsequent cultivation target.】

Immediately, the three options disappeared, replaced by five more cumbersome options.

Red Flame Burning Mountain Rat.

Bloodthirsty drill rat.

Steel armor-breaking rat.

King Rat.

White-browed flying squirrel.

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