After everyone discussed it,

Daibao in the video spoke.

"Tell them to open all the chicken cages!"

"Otherwise I'll slit your throat!"

Saying that,

Daibo ran his sharp nails across the cowboy's skin.

Faced with the threat of death,

the cowboy boy really chose to admit it!

"You guys go and release all the chickens!"

"You idiots aren't going soon!"

"I'm dead, who pays you a salary!"

In the roar of the cowboy man,

his subordinates opened the chicken cage!

Looking at the flock of chickens running wildly under his feet,

the cowboy man said sarcastically:

"It's useless for you to escape!" There are many people out there waiting to eat your lower animals!

"Wherever you go!"

"It's not the same to be eaten!"

Daiho, who had been silent for a long time, retorted.

"I am not rare in the kindness of your human beings!"

"One day, I will be strong enough to make you all fearful!"


The world of blades.

"Aha! Aha! A chicken actually dares to speak wildly! Yujiro

, who had changed his seat again, covered

his stomach,

apparently his stomach hurt from laughing!

Chickens scare humans?!

Do you feel scared of the ingredients you eat all the time?!

"Less get carried away! Chicken!

After the mockery,

I saw Yujiro Fan Ma touching the pillar beside him.


he punched forward!

The load-bearing column, which could have borne hundreds of tons of weight,

suddenly collapsed!

Yujiro Vanma:

"Got carried away chicken! Think that if you defeat a group of waste, you dare to challenge us humans?! Luffy


"Hey! Uncle! Why are you like this?

"Daibao didn't mean it! It was you yourself who misunderstood! Naruto


"Although there is something wrong with what Daiho said, it is aimed at those bad people!"

Fan Ma Blade Teeth:

"Sorry, add a word."

"My father, nicknamed an ogre, is a wife-killing crumb!"

"According to your division, he should belong to the villain's side."

Naruto, who was staring at the screen, was stunned

, seeing Fan Ma Blade Teeth say this,

it seemed that Ji Daiho was provocative and there seemed to be Fan Ma Yujiro.


"The chickens are all gone! Can you let me go?

The cowboy man in a cold sweat asked.

But how could Ji Dabao, who has a deep hatred, end up like this?

So it tightened its sharp nails.

"I learned a lesson from you humans."

"It's just that the world is unreasonable!"

After speaking,

Da Bao raised his hand and was about to kill the cowboy man!

"Tweet Tweet!"


Hearing the familiar voice

, Daiho stopped the movement in his hand,


it turned to look.

Sure enough,

Xiaofei also came out.

In an instant

, Da Bao's mind sounded Da Fei's instruction:

"Da Bao,

Xiao Fei will ask you!"

After struggling for a while,

in the end, Daibao still chose to keep the cowboy man's life.

It walked up to Xiaofei and

touched Xiaofei's head.

"You can't leave a psychological shadow on children."

"The world is still beautiful!"


"I heard that there is a chicken island in the south, which is very suitable for chicks to survive!"

"Gone! Take you to meet the world! Then

, Xiaofei flew up and

left with Dabao.

And the video, too, came to an abrupt end here!

[The "Chicken Overlord" chapter is over! ] 】



"Finish scattering flowers!" Finish scattering flowers!

"Daiho! Dumbo! I wish you all a happy future! Luffy


"That's nice! The ending of Daiho and Xiaofei is good! Ash


"Two chicks who depend on each other!" Happy life to you all! "

Ten generations of the city:

"That's nice! In the end, Daiho and Xiaofei became each other's partners!

"Although Da Fei is gone, I still hope that you will be happy in the future!"


World of Assassins.

Wu Liuqi was wiping the tears from his face with his sleeve.

"Daiho! Dumbo! I'm so impressed! The people in the comments are blessing you!

And the protagonist of the video, Dabao,

just gently patted Wu Liuqi's shoulder.

"Six seven! It's up to you to tell them that I'm alive and well! "


Wu Liuqi nodded emphatically.


Wu Liuqi, senior barber of Chicken Island:

"Thank you for your blessings! Daibao was very impressed!

"It let me tell you! It's doing well now! Lu

Chuan, who was peeping on the screen, looked at Wu Liuqi's updated message and

decisively put him on the top!

"Since Wu Liuqi came forward, let's give an explanation to all the viewers!"

After doing all this,

Lu Chuan breathed a sigh of relief!


The happy ending is what he likes to see the most!

He then

called up the system backstage.

"System, check my number of universal points! How many points does it take to resurrect the chicken fly?!

At that time,

a mysterious and cold voice entered Lu Chuan's mind.

"Host, you now have 100,000 universal points!"

"Since Chicken Dafei lives in the distant anime world, resurrecting it will cost you half your points!"

Hearing this,

Lu Chuan touched his chin!

Only 100,000 universal points....

However, considering that when watching the video

, many of the people who left messages were villains,


is indeed difficult to make their ruthless characters emotional


"Then use it!"

After thinking about it,

Lu Chuan still used points.


Assassin Wu Six Seven World.

The screen suspended in the air suddenly

made a sound after Lu Chuan gave instructions to the system.

【"Chicken Overlord" chapter reward distribution:]

[Resurrection Chicken Big Fly! ]

Immediately afterwards

, under the stunned eyes of Ji Dabao and Wu Liuqi,

Chicken Dafei,

who was intact all over, was resurrected!


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