Soul State - Sarutobi Hinata:

"Jiraiya, is that you?"

The shocked ape Fei Richo hurriedly asked

, but Ji Laiye, who had been quickly silenced by Lu Chuan,

could only watch the teacher's comments that slipped in the video now!

After a long time

, Ape Fei Ri,

who still didn't wait for a reply, breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, it is an eye-catcher,

otherwise it would have been brewing feelings in vain!

Soul State - Sarutobi Hinata:

"Sure enough, it's because I miss myself too much!" There was actually a hallucination!

"Almost almost! The tears that have just condensed are about to fall, and they actually made this one for me! Looking

at his

teacher's comment, he couldn't do anything in hell and couldn't

do anything in his inept rage:

"Bastard teacher! Aren't you all soul states?!

"You've all spoken! I actually think I'm fake! "


Soul State-Senjukuma:

"Nikka, don't be sad, your disciple should have died a long time ago!"

"Sure enough, you still miss him too much! It's actually dazzled! "

Soul State - Sarutobi Sun Slash:

"That's right, I should have missed him too much."

"If he is there, then the emotions I brewed will be wasted!"

At this time,

Zilai in the corner of hell also silently drew a circle on the ground.

"Bastard teacher!"


In the virtual screen that was still playing,

Jiraiya, who survived by luck and

received the title of Three Shinobi, found a cave to shelter from the rain.

Eating the cookies he carried

with him, Jiraiya muttered,

"Does it end with Konoha's victory?!"

"Just like that guy said!"

Tsunade didn't say much

about Konoha's final victory

, but from Jiraiya's tone,

she seemed to hear the meaning of parting.

So Tsunade asked,

"What are you going to do next?" Starting a new journey again?

After pondering,

Jiraiya replied:

"It should be!" Start a new journey again and write a new book again!

Tsunade was puzzled:

"Why not stay in the village?"

"There is a premonition that you will also meet the person of fate!"


, in a moment of silence

, Orochimaru,

who had been silent, suddenly leaned over and

interrupted the conversation between the two.

Orochimaru's eyebrows furrowed,

alerting Jiraiya and Tsunade that there were people around!

"Still a child."

But Orochimaru, who has always been cautious, does not think so.

"Don't take it lightly!"

"Even the little mouse is part of Yuyin Village!"

Tsunade, on the other hand, scolded, "

Don't hide!" Come out quickly! Then

, in the dark cave,

an orange-haired sea urchin boy walked out!

I saw him come forward straightforward.

"Divide us a little food!"

Jirai also felt strange,

so he said:

"What about your parents?"

"Killed by a ninja in this war!"

Zilai, who got the answer, was also a little surprised,

but still gave him some cookies.

"Konan, Nagato! Come out! It doesn't seem to be a bad person! Yahiko

, who got the food, summoned the two companions out.


two fearful children ran out and took the food!

Maybe they were hungry

, Nagato and Konan,

and you weren't welcome!

Tsunade, who had been snatched from the biscuits, froze in place, apparently,

she didn't expect these two children to be so straightforward.


After a short rest,

the three of them also planned to return to the village.

But the three Yahiko, who ate the biscuits,

followed closely as they moved.

"If you have all the food, I have just given you all the food!"

"Why are you following us?"

Tsunade didn't have much affection for the three who inexplicably took her cookies,

so what he said was a little aggressive.

But just after these aggressive words,

Xiaoran took the lead in walking in front of Tsunade.

The girl's cheeks were covered by sewage

, but under the faint willow eyebrows,

a pair of smart and godly eyes shone slightly.

After hesitating for a moment,

Xiao Nan took out an origami flower from behind him and


For her this move!

Tsunade, who had been wandering in the life and death of the sword for a long time, instantly tensed his nerves!

But thankfully!

Jiraiya on the side reacted quickly and

patted Tsunade before she moved!

"Thank you, it's a return gift!"

While they were stunned,

Xiao Nan spoke.

It turns out that Konan, they want to thank Tsunade for them!

"It's origami!"

"Fold it with wrapping paper for dry bread!"

Jiraiya smiled lightly

, for Konan's behavior,

Tsunade obviously did not expect it!

In disbelief, she even asked rhetorically:

"Do you want to give this to us?!"


Tsunade was relieved to receive the girl's timid answer


After all, in Yuyin Village,

they killed and injured too many ninja companions of Konoha Village!

Yahiko, who had been waiting on the side for a long time, took

a deep breath and stepped forward boldly.

"Teach us ninjutsu!"

"You are the ninjas of Konoha Village, right?"

The members of the Xiao organization who watched the video were stunned for a moment,

but they didn't expect that "leader" Yahiko had done this kind of operation when he was a child!


Premeditated for a long time!

It turns out that the "chief" Yahiko has been so calculating since he was a child!

No wonder the Xiao organization was created later!

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