[Harvesting Expectations Points...] [Harvesting Excitement Points...] [Harvesting

Pleasure Points...]


Lu Chuan, who was peeping at the screen, listened to the points that suddenly accelerated to rise,

which was really confusing!

In the picture

, he said goodbye to Konoha Village,


Jiraiya began his journey to the ninja world again.

During his journey

, he continued to write his own novels,

constantly searching for the legendary child of prophecy!

Even people who have never experienced this drifting life can't help but

marvel at Jiraiya's tenacity!

However, as Lu Chuan described in the previous introduction,

Zi Laiye's fate is

destined to be bumpy and difficult!

He lost more

than just "Nagato waiting for children".

In the subsequent unexpected Nine-Tailed Demon Fox Rebellion,

his proud disciple Watergate also died!

And Jiraiya, who experienced two failures,

became a little frustrated!

At this time,

new films and television appeared.


In the picture,

the child who is about to change his life meets him!

The young Naruto and Ebisu take a bath in the bathhouse,

and they are famous satyrs in Konoha Village!

Ebisu spotted the clue in the bathhouse at a glance, and

there was an old color batch peeping on the roof!

In line with the principle that one mountain does not allow two color batches,

how can Ebisu tolerate this kind of thing!

But he can also be the Konoha Sanshinobi who became famous at a young age!

As a top ninja in the ninja world,

little Ebisu was

defeated before he couldn't even hold his move!

As the successor to the standard "Will of Fire",

Naruto will not let it go!

What's more,

it was his own teacher who was knocked down!

In line with the aura of the protagonist of the kingly way,

Naruto will step forward to challenge his opponent no matter what!

In the end,

Naruto actually used the "color seduction technique" by chance to seduce Jiraiya!

By mistake,

Jiraiya actually agreed to teach Naruto ninjutsu!



"I want to complain! Jiraiya's image has collapsed! First


"Originally, I thought His Excellency Jiraiya was a gentleman!"

"I didn't expect that I, Qiao Qiao, also had a time to look away!"


"Hehe, Jiraiya's glorious image has collapsed."

"I often hear in various countries that the name of the lecherous immortal of Konoha Village is originally used to describe you, Jiraiya."


"Stinky rascal! I watched the previous video, and I thought you were a hero!

"Unexpectedly, you, like Sanji, are also a big rogue!"



"Nami! You slandered me! I just love admiring beautiful women!

"What's wrong with men liking to look at beautiful women?!"


As the protagonist in the controversy

, Zi Laiye, whose image collapsed,

could only silently watch the messages floating in the video.

"Who! Suddenly and inexplicably banned me!

"My Toad Immortal Jiraiya's reputation is completely ruined!"


the self in the soul state also lay flat.

"Sanji is right! Obviously I just like to watch beautiful women!

"What's wrong with men looking at beautiful women?!"


Time flies in the video!

Young Naruto showed

a different kind of ninjutsu talent!

Under the careful guidance of Jiraiya,

he actually learned psychic!

How awesome is psychic, you ask?!

This is the best way to distinguish between strong and weak ninjas in the late ninja


Anyone who has something to do with psychic arts is

a powerful ninja!

Konoha Sanshinu,

Jiraiya's toad!

Tsunade's slug!

The big snake of the big snake pill!

With the ninja

of psychic,

it can be regarded as a top-level strength in the late ninja world war!

Although the psychic beast summoned by Naruto

is just a frog boy that is

too small to be small!

But this is the original psychic beast of his father's Feng Shuimen!

The video circulates again

, and Jiraiya leans on the stake that has been bundled and trained by three generations,

recalling that he used to exercise with his companions and

work together for each other's goals!

There was a hint of sadness on his face.


the two elders of Konoha Village approached him and

wanted him to take over as Hokage and

lead Konoha Village forward!

Face the highest honor in the village!

Jiraiya refused!

Because he bears the responsibility of teaching the child of destiny prophecy by the toad fairy!

Looking at the firm words, Zilai also refused the right!


who watched the video

finally felt a burst of relief.


"Jiraiya, you bastard! I didn't expect you to be a noble knight like me!

"Don't pretend! I had a showdown! I am a prince!

"But I just yearned for freedom, so I chose to follow my own ideas!"

King Djerma:

". . ."

Yamaji's sister:

"Don't think I don't know your details."


"Haojie Jiraiya! Another one more win!

"Go ahead! Let them see the great shore of Jiraiya-sama, one of the three Shinobi! Kakashi


"Although I am not very interested, since I am a senior of Konoha Village, I should still support it!"


"Look! Master Zilaiye's next performance will definitely make us proud!

"Master Jiraiya is a man with the Will of Fire!"


"Although it sounds right, it feels like Naruto you seem to be more suitable for the title of Will of Fire."


At this moment

, Jirai,

who was in hell, also burst into tears.

"Naruto! Or do you believe me! Worthy of being my good apprentice!

"Those other bastards! Your remarks do not seem sincere! Later


he began to complain about banning him.

"What the hell is going on! It is clear that both the master and the first adult can speak in the soul state!

"Why can't I! I really want to chat with Naruto and them quickly!

"What bastard is making me miserable!"



Lu Chuan, who was in his own world, suddenly sneezed.

"What's the situation? Do I still sneeze in this body now? "

You know

, after Lu Chuan added lifespan

, his own cells have already been strengthened by the system in order to be able to withstand his 10,000

years of life!

The cells of ordinary people divide at most 56 times

, and Lu Chuan's current cells in his body,

he himself does not know how strong they are!

Even if he received a strong impact

, after just a microsecond,

the damage in his body would heal!

According to Lu Chuan's own estimates,

the strength

of his current physical performance is probably comparable to Poros in the one-punch superhuman world!

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