At the same time

, in the main world, Lu Chuan's eyes were like torches

, watching the video he had recently edited and distributed to other worlds,

he couldn't

help but feel a little excited in his heart!

Lu Chuan got this editing system not long ago!

From the explanation of the system, he learned that

by editing various videos to project different worlds

, he can get sentiment points from them,


he can use these sentiment points to redeem various rewards!

After Lu Chuan understood the role of the editing system,

he couldn't wait to start making videos!

For all kinds of inventory, he also chose left and right,

and finally chose the famous scene of tears!

And the No.10 he chose is Ji Dabao in Assassin 567!

Although in the chapter of the overlord of chicken Dabao

, there is no domineering at the moment of five,

six or seven, and

it is not as indignant as in the short story of Plum Blossom Thirteen!

But when it comes

to tears,

the chicken Dabao among the overlords of chickens is enough to bring tears to people's eyes!

In the face of his dead friend's dying wishes,

he fought to the death to win the battle against the Chicken King!

In the end, because Xiaofei awakened the kindness in

his heart,

Daibao stuck to the beauty in his heart and did not kill people!

Doesn't that look like a lot of positive energy?!


With the originally almost transparent virtual screen shining,

this also indicates that the projection released by Lu Chuan has begun to play!

The video begins:

"The Bully of the Chicken!"

After a burst of conspicuous subtitles,

a white-cut chicken menu appeared on the thin screen

like cicada wings!

Comment area

: Luffy:

"Wow! This delicacy called white-cut chicken looks delicious! Navy

Hero Karp:

"Bastard boy! Let you go to the navy, you actually ran to be a pirate!


"It's a bit informative! There is actually a white-cut chicken method in the famous scene of the tearful eyes of the overlord in the chicken! Looking

at the messages that kept rolling in the comment area

, Lu Chuan also decided to leave one,

Lu Chuan:

"Opening lightning strike!" Opening Lightning Strike!

"The overlord of the chicken actually turned into a white-cut chicken!"


The video was still playing

, and as the practice of cutting the white chicken was released,

a young and vigorous male voice began to explain:

"Good! Today I will teach you to make a famous Cantonese dish! White cut chicken! Then Ji

Dabao was lined up in a group of white-feathered chickens,

"First pick a fat and juicy walking chicken!"

"Then stun him!"

After the commentary

, Ji Dabao, who was supposed to be the protagonist of the inventory video,

was knocked unconscious by one hand!

Then the chicken Dabao was thrown into the boiling water

, and after plucking the feathers,

a bare and juicy chicken appeared!

Later, the clean chicken Dabao

was randomly spread with ginger and shallots

, and baked in a rice cooker for 10 minutes,

accompanied by tempting dipping sauce!

A delicious white cut chicken was presented to everyone!


On a tall virtual screen,


a burst of awesome hype

, people from all over the world are deeply interested in the overlord of chickens!

But this sudden white-cut chicken method

really shocked them!

In the comment area, they are complaining about everything!

A hundred thousand cold jokes about the unknown demon of the earth:

"Is there a mistake!"

"The tearful scene, the protagonist of the matter was made into a white-cut chicken!"

One-punch man Saitama:

"Although it feels a little wrong! But the white-cut chicken on the screen looks delicious! Luffy


"Right! Right! Big brother, I also think this white-cut chicken looks delicious!


"There is only one truth!"

"That's, this is just the beginning!"


Lu Chuan, who was peeping at the screen, smiled at the message sent

by Conan, but

he didn't expect that his clip

with ulterior motives was actually discovered by Conan, a primary school student of the Grim Reaper!

That's right!

Lu Chuan just wants to brush the heat!

The protagonist dies at the beginning!

Those dragon sets, supporting characters, villains will definitely like to watch!

While everyone was stunned,

the video that was still showing the finished white cut chicken ended here!


In a burst of rooster crows

, a blue-feathered chicken in an anthropomorphic state

, which looked beautiful in meat and seafood,

suddenly sat up!

"Fortunately, it's a nightmare!"

Hearing Ji Dabao's words

, Conan,

who was far away in the world of detectives, couldn't help but raise the corners of his mouth!

Sure enough,

it was the same as he guessed!

As Chicken Dabao gets up,

the official content of the video begins!

On the screen after the jump

, the protagonist of this story, Chicken Dabao,

is flying alongside a well-proportioned blue-feathered chicken.

In the silence of the two chickens

, Chicken Dafei was the first to speak:


I have signed up for the cockfighting competition!"

Hearing this, Ji Dabao dropped a drop of cold sweat

, "Dafei,

have you really thought clearly?!"

"Chickens are killed every day in cockfights!"

Faced with his friend's doubts,

Chicken Dafei calmly said:

"Xiaofei's mother was eaten last night!"

"Soon, I'll be next!"

After that, Da Fei and Da Bao stopped, and

after a few seconds,

a round blue chicken ran up!


this chick is a flutter!

And in the face of the dialogue on the screen,

the comment area is noisy at the moment!

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