Payne's emotion made Xiao Nan a little hesitant

, Xiao Nan was a little puzzled,

could it be that Payne still had a trace of warmth for Teacher Zilaiye?

If so,

there may be a little hope of détente!

After all, Zilai also used to be the same family as them, and

she still had some unbearable hearts to kill Zilaiye!

So Xiao Nan took the opportunity to ask

, "What do you do,


But Xiao Nan got the answer she was most afraid of, but

it was expected!

"He won't be our companion anyway!!"

Hearing Payne's indifferent answer,

Xiao Nan's face was a little frustrated.

Oh, yes!

The former Xiao Organization,

under the leadership of Yahiko, wants to change the country and

build a bridge of hope to world peace through people-to-people exchanges!

But since Yahiko's death,

the Xiao organization

in the Payne period only wanted to collect nine tailed beasts and make tailed beast weapons.

Build a mercenary organization that does not belong to any country, and

provoke a war to break the world ruled by ninjas of great powers!

Zi Laiye's education of them

is completely opposite to what Xiao Organization is doing now!


Xiao Nan could only silently answer:



Payne said in a firm tone:

"Then kill him!" There's nothing to linger on to now!

"It was precisely because I wanted to kill the intruder that I dispatched this body!" Lead the way! Thinking

of the former master-apprentice relationship

, Xiao Nan's face was a little tangled,

but in the end she still compromised.

"I know, I'll deal with him before you arrive!"

"If you can kill him, do it!"



Jirai, who is in hell, also feels filial to death!



"Jiraiya is about to be killed by his own apprentice."

"Dying at the hands of my 'dead apprentice' is a sadness."


"Good! Good! Good! Heroic demeanor!

"King Ben likes to see this!"


"Ungrateful and ungrateful?"

"The apprentices that Haojie has also taught are ungrateful people, and they are getting more and more interesting!"

"Jojo, I killed your daddy! Aha! "

The original JOJO:

"Dior! Aaaah! I'll kill you! Luffy


"These bastards! Including the Dior above, why did he kill his own relatives! "

Gintama-Sakata Gintoki:

"It's so weak! If only you could transform into Super Saiyans too. Monkey


"Huh? Are you also a Saiyan? Sakata


"No, isn't this kind of thing something that can be done by cultivation?!"

"I ate the Devil Fruit, learned the Super Saiyan transformation, and defeated Vick!"

"It's normal, okay! That's the power of copyright!

As soon as these words came out,

the Monkey King of the

Dragon Ball world was stunned.

Can you transform into a Super Saiyan if you are not a Saiyan?!

The power of copyright,



The picture flashed, Ben

was still pretending to want to lurk Jiraiya,

and was easily found by Xiaonan!

At this time, Xiao Nan

looked like when he

was a child, his hair color was light blue-purple

, his hair was hairstyle,


he wore a light blue paper flower on the right side of his head.

But now

, she is wearing a black trench coat embroidered with a white edge and red cloud pattern,

and her body will

turn into countless pieces of paper flying around in the


The two met for the first time

, although they had not seen her for many years

, but with Xiaonan's appearance

, wearing this dress,

they could recognize her at a glance!

It's just that he still has time to reminisce, and

Xiao Nan's sharp paper knife

will kill him first!

Between the electric flints

, Jiraiya quickly cast ninjutsu

, spewing huge flames from his mouth,


burning the pieces of paper shot by Xiao Nan!

Since he is also worthy of being a three-ninja

, he has been in the battlefield for a long time, and

after blocking the attack,

he began to fight back!

One turned around and roared, ending the cast before shaking.

"Toad oil bomb!"

A cloud of Chakra-transformed oil attacked Xiaonan,

temporarily slowing down Xiaonan's movement speed!

Immediately afterwards,

Zi Laiye's long gray hair mopping the floor instantly

grew longer and controlled Xiao Nan!

Then he used his long white hair to become longer and wrapped her in a ball.

But after Xiao Nan performed the ninjutsu-style paper dance,

she successfully escaped,

who originally seemed to be trapped.


, under Xiao Nan's repeated attacks,

Zi Lai actually had the momentum of being captured!

But Zilai would not be caught by her so easily,

and he directly shouted:

"Huodun Yan Bomb!"

A terrifying fire flew out, and

Xiao Nan was forced to retreat.

After breathing a breath

, Zi Lai also re-examined Xiao Nan

, and he said with a smile:

"The bait I originally planted to lure Payne,

but I didn't expect that you took the bait!"

"Your means of unleashing ninjutsu are sharper! Xiaonan!

"I thought you were dead..." The

fact that Xiao Nan was still alive really

surprised Ji Lai.

But after the surprise,

Zi Lai also began to solemnly examine the Xiao Organization costume on Xiao Nan's body!

"You're God's spokesperson, aren't you? Where the hell is Payne?

"It has nothing to do with the teacher!"

Xiao Nan, who was expressionless, interrupted Jiraiya's question.

In the next second

, the dance of Shiki paper was launched again,

and countless pieces

of paper converged and

turned into blades to attack Jiraiya.

And Jiraiya took advantage of the situation to use the fire escape to burn the piece of paper

, and then he used the ninjutsu toad oil bomb again

, with his long hair,

and once again imprisoned Xiaonan.

After confirming the situation

, Jiraiya said:

"If you get oiled,

you can't disperse!"

After that

, Zi Lai also said with some nostalgia:

"You who like origami,

you are the gentlest one among those children!"

"What about the other two? How are Nagato and Yahiko? The rumors of death are also false!

Looking at Xiao Nan who did not reply to himself

, he could only throw out the doubt in his heart:

"Sure enough,

Payne is one of the two of them!"

Zi Lai kept asking Xiao Nan:

"Although I don't know you later, can this be the reason why you became known?"

"Everything Xiao did was wrong!"

At this time, Payne's

voice came from afar!

"That's the answer we came up with ourselves, Jiraiya-sensei!"

As the echo disappeared,

Payne, who had long orange hair, appeared in front of Jiraiya!

Payne's black iron rod and

a pair of eye-catching purple pupils caused

Jiraiya to frown as soon as he appeared!

Seeing the eye of reincarnation,

he also suspected that the person

in front of him was his former disciple Nagato!

Because Nagato is also a person with the eye of reincarnation.

The three disciples he had received were Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan.

Only Nagato has this legendary pupil!

But the man said he was Payne.

Jiraiya kept asking,

but Payne didn't listen.

I saw that he directly performed psychic magic

, a huge crab was summoned, and

the psychic beast sprayed a mouthful of white foam towards Zilaiye,


off all the toad oil he had just had.

"I really deserve to be my student and know my weaknesses."

Jiraiya sighed.

But he didn't give up on dissuading Payne!

During this period

, Payne constantly called himself a god, and

said wildly

, since he is also a mortal,

it is normal not to understand some things!

Seeing that no important information can be asked, it

can only reduce the problem.

"Why are you collecting tailed beasts?"

For the matter of the tailed beast,

Payne was generous and did not reserve.

"You're going to die anyway, so tell you my true purpose!"

"We will use the sealed tailed beast to create a new forbidden technique.

"As long as you use that technique, even the earth can be destroyed in an instant!"

"When hundreds of millions of people will die, people and nations will learn the pain, the fear will suppress the war, and the war will disappear with it!"

"Pain makes the world grow!"

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