Fruit-Little Fruit Ding:

"How much did this yellow-haired guy drink!'

"This guy, if you have a peanut rice, you can't drink like this!"

Fruit-pineapple blowing snow:

"Whoever has a yellow urine, hurry up and wake him up!"

"Diabetic friends don't use it! Can't let him taste the sweetness! "

Fruit-orange lingering:

"Let me come!" I have uremia! Let me wake up this bastard!


"Don't come, fruits!"

"Can't let him taste the fermented juice! Isn't that just inviting him to natural cider? Luffy


"It's disgusting! Who would want to drink pee!

"Even if it is juice, it is disgusting to think about it when it is excreted as urine!"

The captive of food, Ah Yu:

"It's okay, we have eight kings standing in the earth's food chain here!"

"The eggs of Baleno, one of the Eight Kings, store the best drink in the world!"

Looking at his remarks,

the monkey king was shocked!

Baleno, the monkey king:

"You humans, you are actually spying on my eggs!"

"Fancy egg soup? Dream away! "

People are at the egg!"


The video continues

, and Jiraiya has mixed feelings

, a few years ago

, when he was separated from Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan,

he never thought that he

would become an enemy the next time they met!

And at that time, on the battlefield

, when he heard the news of his death for three years,

he did not think that he would see each other one day!

But who knows that fate will make people!

When we meet again, we will have a life-and-death battle!

Zilaiye, who has a complicated mood,

can only be described as a mixture of tragedy and joy now!

Looking at his former apprentices

, he asked bitterly

, "Yahiko,

Nagato and Konan!" What exactly have you been through?

"Why did you create Xiao, and why did you wreak havoc in the ninja world?"

One question

after another is cutting Jiraiya's heart.

Xiao Nan asked without changing his face:

"What is the purpose of appearing in front of us now?"


Xiao Nan still has some feelings for Zilai!

But for Xiao Nan's question,

Zi Lai didn't know what to answer.

"I didn't plan to do anything, if you weren't members of Xiao..."

"I heard that you were all dead, but I didn't expect it to become like this!"

Xiao Nan resented the previous tragic fate in her heart,

so she blamed Jiraiya for the fault!

"At that time, if only he did what Orochimaru said! That's what you think!

"However, you helped us. It's already too late! We have already begun to act according to his thoughts! "

I don't know what they're talking about!

But it doesn't prevent him from answering the question!

"I never thought so!"

"I just feel sad! I taught you how to survive in troubled times!

"There is no doubt that you are my disciples!"

Saying that,

I may also be a little hurt.

His tone was a little sad.

"Even if the world is hard! But don't say hello and do it to me!

"It's really chilling!"

Looking at the "filial piety" in front of him

, Zi Lai also recalled that when he was on the battlefield

and learned the news of the death of Yahiko and the three

, his brows locked,



headache seemed to explode!


didn't even feel the mood to continue fighting!

He sat withered

, for a long time,


could only let out a deep sigh!


, looking at the disciples alive in front of him

, they had also become the Xiao Organization that endangered the ninja world

, and Zi Lai also said deeply:

"After leaving you for a few years,

I occasionally hear your name!"

"You guys are famous in several disputes! But then I heard about your death!

Faced with the answer given by the teacher,

Xiao Nan complained bitterly:

"The teacher doesn't understand us after that!"

Hearing this, I didn't know how to answer!

In those years,

wars broke out between Konoha Village and the great powers!

As a personal disciple of the three generations of Hokage,

he is one of the prestigious Three Shinobi of Konoha Village!

Jiraiya simply did not have time to go back and look for them.

After the war,

he was completely convinced of Nagato's death


So in the end he didn't look for them either!

It all really has to do with him!

After hesitating

, Zi Lai could only say bitterly again:

"I really don't understand,

but everything Xiao did was wrong!"


Beast Dao Payne replied coldly:

"Jiraiya-sensei! Talking too much is useless! Looking

at the man in front of him

, those eyes,

he also felt that there was no one else in the world except Nagato!

Although he had already guessed it

, out of caution,

he still asked:

"Are you really Payne?"

"Nagato, it seems that you are not moving in the right direction! What the hell is going on? And

Nagato's beast Dao Payne behaved very plainly, not

flustered at all because he was recognized by Jiraiya!

"You don't need to know, after all, you're just an outsider!"

The apprentice, who was once intimate

, now said such cold words,

which made Ji Lai extremely disappointed.

"You've changed, Nagato!"


Master-apprentice battle.

This is a favorite of the melon-eating masses!

Yujiro Vanma:

"It's finally here!" Here it is!

"The most anticipated life and death battle between the master and the apprentice!"

Mapo Tofu - Yan Feng Qili:

"No matter who dies, it is a performance worth watching!"

"Pleasure! Pleasure! It's a delight! His

Majesty Seven Warrior Sea - Klockdar:

"If what you want to protect is not guarded, the result can only be painful!"

Lighthouse - Charles:

"Obviously just a human being, but with such great power, it is simply a humanoid polar eater!"

"May the Lord of Light and Shadow shelter you, I think, therefore, I am!"


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