In the ridicule of the anime world

, in the virtual projection screen,

Zi Lai is also fighting with Payne fiercely!

When the battle situation is incomprehensible,

the beast Dao Payne summons a psychic beast chameleon!

He stepped on the top of the chameleon dragon and

looked down at Jiraiya.

Seeing this, Zi

Lai no longer retained his strength.


Then, after an explosion,

a toad with a back hundreds of times larger appeared on the battlefield!

"Toad Immortal of Myoku Mountain! Jiraiya-sama is here! Listening

to Jiraiya's boastful talk,

the toad

under him shook in dissatisfaction!

Toad Jian complained:

"You still haven't grown at all, Ji Laiye."

Perhaps he was complained a lot by Toad Jian, and

he did not refute him.

"It's time to go all out at the beginning!"

"I'm going to prepare to use Immortal Mode, and I'll leave it to you in the meantime!!"

Before the words fell, before

giving Toad Jian a chance to refute

, he joined his hands together,


the remaining two Miaomu Mountain Toads were also channeled!

Looking at the battle situation in front of him,

Toad Jian also sensed that the battle situation was dangerous!

He broke out in a cold sweat, and

although he did not have the confidence in his heart to complete the task entrusted to him

, he still replied:

"I know, although I am very useless,

I will try to do it!"

While they were talking,

Animal Road Payne was already moving!


he actually got into the chameleon's mouth!

Everyone was puzzled,

and the chameleon took advantage of this to slowly start stealth!

However, he is one of the three ninjas!

He kicked the ground hard with both feet

, and the ninjutsu he cast sensed the enchantment, and

after burning for a while,

the location of the

beast Dao Payne was found by him!

The strategy was cracked, and

Payne did not panic.

Facing toads who are good at fighting,

he channeled a strange-looking three-headed hellhound!

What people didn't expect was that

this hideous-looking three-headed hellhound

could be separated!

With the advantage of being able to fly

, Toad Jian, who originally held a harpoon shield with the upper hand,

gradually lost!

Toad Jian was difficult to resist the attack of the three-headed dog of hell, and

was accidentally gnawed on his leg!

Although Ji Lai was also worried about it

, in the face of a strong enemy

, he could only comfort:

"It's okay,

Toad Jian!"

"If you can, make it pretty!"

Toad Jian replied,

"Because I'm useless!" These guys are fighting more and more. Let's change to a narrow place first! During

the conversation,

Toad Jian kept changing places with himself!

But the three-headed dog of hell is in hot pursuit, and

it chases Toad Jian with several doppelgangers!

After some chase

, Toad Jian

, who injured his leg,

could only hide with Jiraiya!

"It's going on like this!"

Toad Jian said:

"I have tried my best!"

"No matter how you attack, it will be divided endlessly!"

This level of psychic beast,

this is the first time I have seen it!

But while they were breathing and resting,

the hiding pipe was once again chased by the Cerberus doppelganger!

Seeing that there was no chance to escape, Zi

Lai had to take the lead in attacking.

But his teammate Toad Jian

is not so strong!

Under the group beating

, Toad Jian was tightly torn and bitten by the three-headed dogs,


there was not even a chance to resist!

Seeing that the situation is not good!

Since Lai Ye, he directly used psychic techniques to

channel hell into the body of another toad!

In the shadows of the steel forest

, Jiraiya's figure could not be found,


the animal Dao Payne regretted:


At this time, Jiraiya's voice sounded above his head!

"I didn't run away! Nagato! "

You are still not mature enough, you will be caught by me in the gap behind you!"

Before the words fell

, Toad Jian, who had disappeared just now,

suddenly fell from the sky!

They had wanted to sneak up on Payne.

But it turned out that the

chameleon hit was just a doppelganger!

And Payne used this free time to

channel a bird psychic beast again!

Toad Jian, who was caught

off guard,

was caught off guard by this blow!

Finding that the battle situation was not good, Zi

Lai had to flee temporarily.

Subsequently, he used his shadow avatar to trick the giant


and lurked behind the bird psychic beast and

successfully killed it!

The enemy was killed, and

he couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

However, unexpectedly,

a giant rhinoceros psychic beast appeared behind him!

When he was shocked,

he didn't expect that Toad Jian actually killed

the rhinoceros psychic beast with his last breath!

However, he also lost the strength to fight again!

"Toad Jian is enough, then leave it to me, you go back!"

"Got it, sorry!"

After that, Toad Jian disappeared!

But the vision burst out!

A black cow-like psychic beast has reappeared!

It broke through the wall and

brought Jiraiya

, who had not yet had time to react, to the dense pipes of Yuyin Village!



"Why is this Payne so many powerful psychic beasts?!"

"You're right! Kakashi-sensei! Kakashi


"How did I know there were so many hang-ups!"

"I have a large number of psychic beasts, but they are all scouting! Outrageous!



"But the toad in the video is still quite good!" Obviously said that he is not useful!

"But it turned out to help Jiraiya so much!"


"You guys are in trouble!"

"Running around, I almost can't figure out which person in the video is the real person!"


As for the scene in the video where he was also hit,

no one even discussed it!

Because they all know that they

have obviously died in the sea.

When they refocused their attention on the screen

, inside the pipe that had been broken by the bull-shaped psychic beast

, after a moment of silence,

a raging fire erupted from the mouth of the cave!

Along with the flames,

the body of that psychic beast also flew out!

Payne's face was slightly surprised!

Unexpectedly, there are still hidden tricks!

At this time

, a reproachful voice came from the pipe:


why do you always summon us in such a noisy place!" In this way, Wen Tai will certainly be angry!

Then an

old male voice rang out:

"Don't say that! Mommy of the child!

"Xiao Zilai is also because there is a reason for it!" Right! People

watching this video were instantly attracted by these two sounds!

Is there a big move again?!

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