In the midst of everyone's anticipation

, an apologetic voice sounded:

"It's been a long time since I saw you,

so I bother you like this!" I'm so sorry, big sister! Jiraiya

, who was in the dark pipe,

didn't talk much about the voice that suddenly appeared.

After briefly explaining the current situation,

he jumped out of the pipe!

I saw that Zi Lai Ye suddenly jumped up, and

when he stepped on the floor firmly,


big hole was also smashed under his feet!

At this time,

Payne saw clearly who Zi Lai Ye was chatting with just now!

On the shoulders of Zi Laiye, who turned on the immortal mode

, at this moment,

there were two short Miaomu Mountain two great immortals!

With the blessing of natural energy,

today's self-driving momentum is also like a rainbow!

Just when Payne was stunned,

Granny Shima took advantage of his unpreparedness and

took the lead in attacking!

Granny Shima stretched out her long tongue, and

the electric flint firmly grasped the chameleon in the stealth!

The immobile chameleon still tried to break free of control,

but the Fukasaku Immortal didn't give it a chance!

With Granny Shima's move,

it made another column of water!

The fast-flowing torrent is like a sharp blade,

killing the chameleon psychic beast!

The beast hidden in the belly of the chameleon psychic beast, Dao Payne, then appeared!

After confirming with his own eyes that his psychic beast could not continue to fight, the

beast Dao Payne shouted: "

Psychic art!"


something unexpected happened!

Hungry Ghost Dao, Human Dao and other Payne,

actually summoned by him!

Zi Lai also looked at the six people who were as powerful as the beast Dao Payne in front of him

, and although he was shocked in his heart,


also made up his mind!

"You are the one who brings destruction, then it is the mission of the teacher to defeat you again!"


Seeing that the immortal mode is also about

to fight to

the death with his former apprentice!

The villains in the anime world are comfortable!

A hundred thousand cold jokes - birds do not king:

"Fight, fight!"

"Payne is going to kill him! Such a weak chicken dares to be called a hero! Refreshing!


"It's terrible! Birds don't king!

"To the blessing of this thing, I didn't expect to meet a group of people who do the same thing as me!"

"I'm really 'High!' Can't do it! Star

Express courier and moral vacuum - Bander:

"Bitch! If you succeed in killing all humans!

"How else does the great robot leader Bender lead the robots?!"

"How do I rule the world? How to make stupid humans my slaves! "

Star Express courier-Fry:

"Come on, Bender, we're good buddies, you're not going to do anything to me, are you?!"

Interstellar Express courier Bender:

"Idiot! Bite into my shiny metal!

"Otherwise I'll kill all humans!" gobender!gobender!"


If there is any reason why these villain-minded characters are so excited

, it is probably that they think that what Payne (Nagato) wants to do,


it turns out to be the same as theirs!

By using a strange ninjutsu,

inflict a huge range of damage and kill the life of the world!

Even if Nagato is for the so-called "justice"!

But it turned out exactly what the villains wanted to do!

Rule the world or change the world!

Such paranoid and crazy ideas,

they don't even need to think much to think that Nagato is also a villain!

In the video

, after the two great immortals killed the chameleon psychic beast,

Jiraiya, who decided to stop Payne,


"It's almost time for me to appear!"

"From now on, fairy art replaces ninjutsu!"

However, the summoned Paynes were not idle.

When Zilai was about to make a move

, Animal Dao Payne had already detoured,


several Payne to surround Zilaiye together!

However, Payne, who has not seen the immortal mode,

underestimated Jiraiya after all!

When the beast Dao Payne wanted to attack,

he also showed a counterattack with speed beyond normal!

Just an ordinary kick!

The animal Dao Payne slammed into the rock at a very high speed, and

with the blessing of the huge force,

he "melted" into the rock wall!

At this time

, Shima Immortal, who is experienced in actual combat, said:

"Boy, you prepare oil,

and the child's father uses the wind!"


Subsequently, the Fukasaku Immortal and Jiraiya cooperated to perform ninjutsu!

"Immortal Law Five Right Guard Gate!"


, the huge flames caused by the three combination techniques

, which seemed to devour all tangible substances,


straight towards Payne in the


But both sides underestimate each other!

The extremely destructive energy of Immortal Law Wuyouweimon was

actually absorbed by the hungry ghost Dao Payne who rushed at a speed

visible to the naked eye!

Seeing that this level of attack was invalidated,

Zi Lai also decided to use another move!

He took off his boots and

his bare feet began to frog!


, Jiraiya climbed up the wall and attached himself to it, and

with a hard kick of his feet,

he shot towards Payne like Bellamy in

One Piece!

"Super large jade spiral pill!"

He jumped into the palm of his hand in the air, and after he roared,

a super large jade spiral pill that was dozens of times larger than an ordinary spiral pill quickly

condensed in the palm of his


However, Jiraiya has underestimated the ability of Hunger Ghost Dao Payne to absorb Chakra and ninjutsu!

There was a large number of Chakra condensed super large jade spiral pills

, and after smashing towards the hungry ghost Dao Payne,

they were absorbed by him again!


Human Dao Payne is ready to take the opportunity to sneak up on Jiraiya!

Fortunately, the immortal was quick to react and

threw a smoke bomb in front of the human Dao Payne, covering

his vision.

"Caught the flaw behind you!"

When the smoke cleared,

Zilai had already successfully come behind the human Dao Payne!

However, unexpectedly

, the human Dao Payne did not need to see Jiraiya with his eyes, and

when he attacked,

Payne suddenly blocked Jiraiya's attack!

Seeing that the attack on Dao Payne in the human world was fruitless

, Zi Lai also used another trick to attract the attention of Dao Payne of the beast,


once again prepared to sneak up on him!

"Senfa Mao Needle Senbon!"

As Jiraiya unleashed ninjutsu

, his hair began to harden rapidly,

and in the blink of an eye,

it shot out like a storm!

But something unexpected happened!

As if he had eyes behind

him, in a very short time,

he summoned the psychic beast Stone Panda to block the attack!

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