Compared with the exaggerated reactions of viewers in the comic world,

it seems much more "normal"!

After all, going south and north

, in this world where the soul of the second is burning,

it is common to meet characters like Payne.

In the video, Zi Lai also has a little soul of the middle two,

so he missed the strange introduction of spitting on Payne.

However, seeing that there were actually six people on the other side,

and the three people killed in front were actually resurrected!

The two great immortals and Zi Lai also

broke out in a cold sweat instantly!

Gu couldn't wipe away the cold sweat that broke out on his forehead, and

Zi Lai also wondered:

"Payne! What the hell are you! Obviously


Ji Lai also began to doubt his judgment just now!

The leading Heavenly Dao Payne mocked: "

Payne is the unified title of the six of us!"

However, he did not listen to his ears, and

he was shocked at the moment!

Because he actually saw his former apprentice Yahiko!

"Are you Yahiko? What the hell is going on?

"Isn't Yahiko dead?" And those eyes! "

Tendo Payne:

"Do you see Yahiko's shadow in me?" Worthy of being my former teacher!

"But Yahiko is long dead, and it's Payne standing here!"

Jiraiya asked angrily,

"What the hell is going on with you?"

"We are Payne, God!"

After indifferently answering Ji Laiye's question,

the six Payne jumped from the peak two times!

Fly straight towards Jiraiya!

Yujiro Vanma:

"Ahahaha! Inverted!

"Inverted! Sure enough, it's us villains who are better!


You're so bad!"

"But I like the feeling!"

Green Grassland World - Bitter Melon King:

"Sacred bitter melon base forbidden to swear!"

"But I still love watching these good people being tortured!"

"Let's make the world a little more miserable!"


Seeing that one arm was also removed, the

bighorn cow felt bad!

This feeling!

This feeling is the feeling he hates the most!

Obviously I have been working hard, but

the bad guys are getting stronger and stronger!

Before, he felt that there were endless ninjutsu from his own, and

even if he couldn't beat Payne,

he could easily escape!

But now it seems that


current situation is the same as when he faced the bat demon!

There is no chance of winning!

Just relaxed his guard for a while, and

his left arm was destroyed by a cannon!

Moreover, the first three Paynes made him a little difficult,

and now he faces six stronger Paynes!

I'm afraid I can't run away!


"Be careful! Can't let your guard down!

"Bad people don't talk about martial virtue! I don't know how to sneak up on you next time! "

Birds don't king:

"Do you think he was only hit by artillery because he let his guard down?"

"It's just that because the gap in strength is too large, he didn't react at all!"

A hundred thousand cold jokes, the unknown demon of the earth:

"Hey, hey! Birds don't king, what do you say such things in front of children? "

Birds don't king:

"You can actually say such a thing?"

"I just want to conquer the earth, you bastard destroyed the earth!"

"Saying such things is no better than you blowing up the earth, right?!"

A hundred thousand cold jokes, the nameless demon of the earth:

"Bastard, don't expose my old bottom!"


The address of the Yuyin Village Yuan Xiao Organization, Xiao

Nan, who survived,

runs the country alone.

When the inventory video appeared,

Xiaonan paid attention to the video.

When she saw Master Jiraiya fighting with Payne (Nagato),

her heart was dripping blood!

As the progress of the video continued to shorten,

Xiao Nan sighed.

"It's finally coming!"

"The moment when Nagato made an irreparable mistake."

Naruto Hell

, Deidara watched the fight between Payne and Jiraiya excitedly,


looking at him was not too enjoyable.

"Nagato that bastard, it's quite handsome to fight!"

"You're right, Fei Duan!"

And Deidara's left and right swing of the flying segment just snorted softly.

"The result is all the same, and there is no point in watching it."

Hearing this

, Deidara, too,

was deflated.

The explosion is the big star!


In the video,

Payne six ways straight to Jiraiya!

Seeing this, the immortals of Shensaku had a bad premonition!

He knew that Jiraiya and their two toads

were not the opponents of Liudao Payne at all!

So it took the lead in reminding:

"Little Zilaiye, retreat quickly!"

Facing an opponent whose ability is unknown,

the Fukasaku Immortal obviously does not want to fight rashly!

But its voice is still one step late!

By the time it reacted,

Ji Lai had already rushed forward to fight Payne!

He suddenly came to Tianao Dao Payne, and

did not forget to question when he struck:

"Yahiko! Why do you have Nagato's eyes! Heavenly

Dao Payne said nonchalantly

, "Even if you know about this,

you won't be able to defeat us!"

The words fell, and

Asura Dao Payne, who had been waiting in the distance,


He threw out several tracking missiles and

flew straight towards Jiraiya.

When he was dodging,

he was surprised to find that these missiles

could track him accurately!

In desperation, I can only run around!

Shima Immortal said anxiously:

"Boy, give up!"

Zi Lai replied unwillingly:

"We must find the flaw, even if we all die together..."

Tendo Payne directly used the ninjutsu 'Vientiane Heavenly Introduction'!

Then the wall that Jiraiya stepped on was forcefully sucked up, and

Jiraiya was firmly submerged in the lake!


this also happened to make Ji Lai also get a plan!

I saw that Zi Lai also controlled two suddenly extended tongues,

and instantly pulled the animal Dao Payne into the belly of the tooth!

"Here it is?"

When Animal Road Payne was confused

, Zi Lai also shot out a spiral pill hard

, punched Animal Road Payne straight into the acid,

and successfully killed a Payne!

But when Payne was dying

, he actually shot out two black rods with all his strength,

which penetrated Jiraiya's right hand and chest!

"Is it finally possible to kill someone by dragging into the enchantment?"

After checking the results of the battle in the enchantment, the

tone of the Shenzuo immortal was a little helpless.

Shima Sento:

"It's okay! Brat? But

I didn't respond to it!

Because he also found out that

the beast Dao Payne turned out to be a man he met when he traveled to the

Rain Hidden Country!

Thinking that Yahiko he saw just now was also like this,

a terrible thought arose in his heart!

"I'm going to go to those guys again because there's something to be confirmed. Please go back! Shima

Sento lost his voice and said,


Fukasaku: "No! You will definitely be killed if you go this time, if you want to escape, you can only take advantage of it now!

But Zi Lai also said firmly:

"Although if you go out now, you may really be killed, but you may be able to grasp the true identity of the enemy!!"

"If you miss this opportunity, there will probably never be anyone who can approach Payne again!"

"Two immortals, please bring back Payne's information so far and this Payne's body!"


I can't beat it, but I just don't run!


just play!

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