After watching this video,

the characters in the comic world who are watching the video froze!

If you can't beat it, then you will run!

Why are you still so reckless,

you actually want to go back to do things!

Obviously he knew that he would be killed as soon as he went this time, but

as a result, he shouted the two immortals away and

rushed alone!


"You stupid talent, in my world you are absolutely not qualified to be my enemy!"

"It's just like JOJO!"

"But Jojo won't be as self-defeating as you!"

A hundred thousand cold jokes - birds don't king:

"I don't even know what to say!"

"King Ben doesn't know how many times he spit on you humans!"

"How do you do something suffocating?!"

100,000 Cold Jokes - The Nameless Devil:

"Don't pull us humans!"

"I can't understand this guy's strange behavior!"

Lan Ran:

"Doing what he can is his last choice at the moment, but unfortunately he chose another path."

"It's not the protagonist, and I actually dare to do the commotion that the protagonist dares."


Although Zi Lai Ye in the video,

he chose the road of mortal death without hesitation.

But thinking of his original conversation with Tsunade,

his mission is to protect the hope of Konoha Village!

In order to achieve this goal,

even if it is to give your own life!

Because that's the responsibility and handsomeness that middle-aged people should have!

And now

he is fulfilling what he said!

Seeing that even though Jiraiya was already seriously injured

, he was still gritting his teeth and insisting,

wanting to get Payne's specific identity to remind Konoha Village!

The protagonist group was moved!


"Is this how handsome Haojie Jiraiya is?!"

"I felt it deeply! Go on! Jiraiya! Dragon

Ball - Son Goku:

"The more this crisis is, the more excited I am!"

"Jiraiya! The fate of the world is on your fist! Assassin

Five, Six, Seven:

"You blood-boiling monsters! It's so burning!

"Jiraiya! Your stories and choices are really bloody, but I cheer for you too! "

Star Journey - Knock King:

"Radish boo! Same as that guy McDonald!

"It's a dead brain! It's really worrying! The

original JOJO:

"The hymn of mankind is the hymn of courage, and the greatness of mankind is the greatness of courage!"


And at this moment, Ji Lai, who was in hell, also let out a breath.

"Finally able to let go!"

Thinking back to the day he was killed

, he remembered his mood at that time:

if he wanted

to leave,

he could have taken this opportunity to leave!

But if you can't take this opportunity to find out Payne's identity, you can't find out Payne's


After that,

the major villages will always be caught off guard by the Xiao Organization!

Since someone needs to pay their lives to test Payne's strength.


this fool is still up to him!

It was with that determination

to die that he rushed forward without hesitation!


, Zi Lai also muttered,

"My choice is worthy of what JOJO said!"

"The hymn of mankind is the hymn of courage, and the greatness of mankind is the greatness of courage!"




Zilai, who said goodbye to the two great immortals, also turned back to Yuyin Village again.

But this time,

the Six Ways Payne has already been fully prepared!

When he appeared in the Rain Hidden Country,

the Five Dao Payne surrounded him!

With the last encounter

, I also knew that Payne's means were strange,

so he didn't start at the first time!

In the tense atmosphere,

Jiraiya carefully examined a few Payne appearances.

He was surprised to find that he had seen all these people!

Payne is a ninja with whom he has had a relationship!

Thinking of the speculation in my heart

, at this moment,

it is difficult to know the identity of Payne!

But at the moment he was stunned,

Asura Dao Payne suddenly came out of the lake!

Payne grabbed Jiraiya's throat,

making him temporarily unable to perform ninjutsu!

When Zi Lai also reacted,

Tiandao Payne fell from the sky:

"You found it too late!"


Just when Zilai was also struggling

hard, the five Payne shot out in unison,


everyone held a black rod in their hands and inserted it hard against Zilai!

When killing

Jiraiya, they also held Jiraiya with their hands,

so that Jiraiya could not move at all!

"Brace yourself! Little Jiraiya! "

The Fukasaku Immortals who returned with Jiraiya couldn't get their hands on it at all!

I can only watch as I am also killed!

What a desperate!

Even Ji Lai didn't even have a chance to resist!

This sudden sense of despair!

Naruto stiffened his body and couldn't move!

Witnessing his master being killed with his own eyes was

nothing short of torture for Naruto!


In the picture, Jirai is still struggling.

He struggled to open his lips,

wanting to tell the true identity of Payne to the Fukasaku Immortal!

But no matter how hard he tried,

he couldn't make a sound at all!

Because his throat has long been destroyed.

In the pain

, Zi Lai also said in his heart:


he began to lose consciousness.


his voice of great regret and self-reproach sounded:

"Am I going to die? Has it failed? The

confused Jiraiya thought back to the past.

As if watching flowers,

his gradually blurred eyes appeared in the past.

When he was about to

die, Jiraiya sighed:

"Ninja survival in a world is not important how they live,

but how they die!"

"The value of a ninja's life is not determined by how he lives, but by what he does before he dies!"


the moment when he pursued Tsunade and toured the Great Snake Pill came to his mind!

"Looking back! My life is full of failures!

"Always rejected by Tsunade! It didn't stop the big snake pill either! Even Watergate and Ape Fei Teacher can't protect it! With

his cranky thoughts

, the virtual screen appeared the Hokage of the Ages,

as well as the achievements they had achieved!

"Compared to the great deeds that the Hokage have achieved, what I have done is nothing to mention!"

"It's all boring things!"

"I also want to die like the Hokage of the past!"

Listening to Jiraiya's self-statement before he died,

Naruto and Tsunade couldn't help but shed two lines of tears.

And Jiraiya's lament continues:

"Whether the story is wonderful or not, there must always be an ending to decide!"

"Failure is also fun! I firmly believe that this kind of trial can hone myself and survive to this day!


Zi Lai Ye said in a rather helpless tone:

"The Great Toad Immortal prophesied that I am the guide of the changemaker!"

"The choice I make is about the stability or destruction of the ninja world!"

"Knock Payne down here and save the ninja world! As a result, even this choice failed!

"What a shame!"

"I didn't expect this to be the end of Jiraiya Haojie Monogatari! What a boring story! Seeing


the viewers frowned.

The paragraph at the beginning of the opening credits of "The Death of Jiraiya"!

This inventory

is almost over!

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