Naruto's solitary sadness

, Jiraiya's quiet resurrection,

these unforgettable pictures

are all completely projected into the world of omnibus by the virtual screen!

At this moment,

the people who witnessed the reunion with Naruto's two masters and apprentices with their own eyes also blessed

them from their hearts!


"Everyone! Boiled me into soup and drank it to help the fun!

"Let my blessings accompany you! Jiraiya! Naruto! Shinnosuke


"This big uncle is so strange!"

"Dagu boiled into soup, lustful!"

"Flowing in Jiraiya and Naruto's bodies! Woohoo! "

Wanzi Lu Mingfei:"

... Shinnosuke, how old are you to understand this?

"Is that appropriate?" Completely out of place!

"Such a touching moment, once again inspired!"

"But I still want to lie flat!"

Bitter Melon King:

"It's wonderful! The story ends so well! Can't stand it at all!

"Bitter! Everything should be bitter! Everyone crying is really bitter, crying is healthier.

"Sweet death I !!"

"The army of bitter melons is about to start bitterening the moon! Divide the world!

"Then I will come to your universe!" Destroy everything! "

Some people like happy endings,

and naturally there is a dark side to the opposite!

However, because of the words of the bitter melon king,

the villains of the comprehensive world also began to stir!


"Happy ending? How can such a thing be called a happy ending!

"The end of the goal has not been achieved, Zilaiye, you are still a bunch of losers!"

"Let me tell you what beauty is!"

"The beauty is that I get five dragon scales and turn feathers into dragons!"

"I will be a real dragon!"

Bitter Melon King:

"Dragon? I remember that the earth once had creatures of this title!

"But in the face of the technology of the bitter melon army, they are simply weak!"

Rappi Snake:

"What kind of person do you dare to speak wildly?!"

In this way,

the Laipi snake and the bitter melon king actually chatted across species!

Although they don't know that the dragon they know is not the same creature at all!

In the green grassland universe

, in a meteorite group that is extremely far away from the moon,


bitter melon fleet is in a tense and orderly voyage!

And the king of bitter melons, sitting on the throne,

looked at the virtual screen in the meteorite group and was stunned.

For the question of the Lai Pi snake,

he was thinking about how to introduce himself to appear to be awesome!

Eventually he spoke.

Bitter Melon King:

"Introduce yourself, I am the strongest overlord in the universe who knows everything, omnipotence, and has a handsome face and a blue face - the Bitter Melon King!"

"When I conquer the moon and place the Chaogua team, it's time to conquer the entire galaxy!"

Dark Matter Pirates - Poros:

"The strongest overlord in the universe?!"

"That's interesting! Then I should introduce myself too!

"I am the leader of the Dark Matter Pirates of the Universe and the overlord of the universe! Rampant in the universe, not a single defeat!

"My race has acquired unparalleled physical abilities due to the harsh environment of the planet it was born on, and I myself am the best of them!"

Dragon Ball Universe Emperor - Ice Demon Frieza:

"Oh roar, roar! Cosmic emperors of other universes?!

"King Ben is also the ruler of this universe! Born to be the best life in this world!

"If it weren't for the inability to travel through the universe to your world, King Ben would have to compete with you!"


Looking at the speeches of suspected villains in different anime worlds,

people in their respective worlds are embarrassed.

How the villains are more handsome than the other, and

the setting is more awesome than the other!

Make no mistake,

the villains will look very stupid on their protagonist's side!

You guys talk like this, pretending to be really locomotives!


Lu Chuan, who was peeping at the screen, saw that the time had come, so

he sent out a new video while the iron was hot!

Poros, the king of bitter melons, etc., who are arguing about the name of the emperor of the universe,

are also attracted by the new title.

[One Piece and Voyager! ] 】

《The fateful entanglement between Blackbeard and Luffy of the D clan! 》


One Piece World,

Luffy and the others stared blankly at the screen in the sky!

They who were still reunited for Naruto and Jiraiya in the last second,

how could they not have imagined that

eating melons actually ate their own!

And looking at the title of the new video, the


caused by Blackbeard years ago

is once again reflected in Luffy's mind!

"Ace! Blackbeard!

Under the grief and resentment,

Luffy roared angrily towards the sky!


The video stays for a while and then starts turning!

[No, 8, D, Blackbeard and Luffy's fateful entanglement! ] 【

First, the real pirate and the hot-blooded adventurer! 】

The mysterious dubbing that belongs to the editing system began:

"Blackbeard, a man who is completely worthy of being called a real pirate."

"His ambition is to become the king of the world and replace the Draco at the top of the pirate world to become the new overlord of the world!"


various deeds of Blackbeard began to appear on the virtual screen!

28 years ago, 12-year-old Blackbeard joined the Whitebeard Pirates founded by Whitebeard Edward Newgate!

26 years ago, the 14-year-old Blackbeard Pirates and the Roger Pirates met!

The two sides fought fiercely for three days, never sleeping on the way.

Blackbeard saw Shanks and Bucky, who were about the same age as himself, and was a little concerned.

And Shanks and Bucky heard the rumors of Blackbeard and were also very concerned.

And after that

, in order to find the coveted

Devil Fruit,

Blackbeard actually memorized the appearance of all the fruits on the Devil Fruit Guide!

He hides his strength.

Because he calculated in detail that

the power of the Whitebeard Pirates is huge, and

joining the Whitebeard Pirates has

the greatest chance of getting the Devil Fruit he needs the


But at first, he didn't have much hope

, after all, it was too difficult to find a specific devil fruit in such a large sea, and

he even thought that if he couldn't find the dark fruit,

he would stay in the Whitebeard Pirate Group for the rest of his life!


, one day,

after the Whitebeard Pirates fight a certain unknown Pirate Group!

While looting the loot,

Blackbeard witnessed the Devil Fruit he had dreamed of being obtained by Saatchi!

In order to get the Devil Fruit in Saatchi's hands,

Blackbeard loses his mind and kills his companion Saatchi!

It was also after that

he escaped from the Whitebeard Pirates!


Looking at the compressed life record of Blackbeard in the video, the

villain is quite emotional!

Lan Ran:

"Worthy of being named a real pirate by the video!"

"Blackbeard, your behavior is so despicable that it is simply terrifying from the heart!"

Yujiro Vanma:

"Decades of waiting just for a devil fruit that may not be expected to meet!"

"What a madman!"

"But Blackbeard, what you're doing is really notorious!"

"Aha! It's just crumbs! Golden


"I didn't expect that after Roger's era was over, there would be such a terrifying pirate in the world!"

"The ocean will become more and more interesting in the future!"


In the "praise" of the villains,

Blackbeard also laughed wildly!

And outside the island where he was sitting,

there was also a sound of "Thief hahaha!" "Evil laughter!

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