"Sounds so miserable!"

"I used to buy chicken when I went to the supermarket for a discount, and I never thought that chicken was so miserable!"


"This chicken is so pathetic! But why can't the chickens I eat speak? "

Facing Luffy, who lacks roots, Nami

, who has been secretly hiding under the screen to peep at the screen,

can't stand it!


"Luffy, you idiot!"

"Where can the chickens of our world talk?!"

And Naruto, who realized later, suddenly realized when he saw Nami's comment!


"Sukuniichi! I thought it was because of the screen that we knew what Chicken Dabao thought!

"It turns out that it is because Chicken Daibao can speak!"

Like Nami

, looking at Naruto's message at this moment, Sakura also hurriedly scolded

Naruto, Sakura:


you big fool!" Don't lose Konoha's face! "

Dragon World

, watching Luffy and Naruto speak in the comment area,

Lu Mingfei shouted!

He was surprised that the manga he often read

, One Piece, the protagonist in Naruto,


left a message on the screen!

Poor Wanzi Lu Mingfei doesn't know

that he is also a comic book character in Lu Chuan's eyes!

And in the face of the protagonist in his childhood memories

, Lu Mingfei's rare brain light,

Lu Mingfei:

"Have you thought of a problem!"

"That is, according to our standards, whether the chicken Dabao should be condemned for being eaten by the humans of their world!"

Lu Mingfei's question

was paid attention to by everyone as soon as it was issued!

Faced with this topic that was suddenly hot

, Chicken Dabao, as the protagonist of this article,

was stunned!

In his worldview,

it seems that chickens have always been somewhere between a view that they have no right to life and are born to be eaten!

Even Da Fei, who has a spirit of resistance in the chicken he knows,

is just resisting on the basis of being eaten!

However, Dabao, who was still confused, was soon awakened by a comment!

Senior barber of the Chicken Island hair salon five-six-seven:

"Who said that a chicken's life is not a life!" Daibao is my family! His life is as important as a man! People

in the comment area looked at this message from a close person who was suspected to be the protagonist of this article, and

they also sent him to the first layer!

"Chicken life is life!"

This topic began to flow in different worlds!

And those inhuman creatures who have been oppressed by humans

have also spoken out in support of five, six, seven!


"Lives matter for the Titan Behemoth!"

"We call on humanity to stop the siege and interception of the titan behemoth! Both sides coexist peacefully!

"I suggest that everyone come to the Pacific for a peace conference in a few days!" I'll host it!

"Not coming! Atoms breathe and serve!

King Kong:

"Agree with Big Brother's words!" The beautiful country not only imprisoned me, but also drew my blood for research!

"You guys come to harass me again, be careful I'm not polite!"

Ghidorah in deep space laughed and did not speak!

Are you afraid of this little bug?

I don't even know how many planets containing these little bugs have been wiped out!

Godzilla, I despise you!

How hard and ruthless you have to be when you hit me

, and as a result, when it comes to humans,

the titan behemoth is actually oppressed by humans under your leadership?!

Immediately, Ghidorah spoke up and taunted

King Kong:

"I propose to drive King Kong out of the ranks of the titan behemoths!" By the way, I despise Godzilla!

"Even humans can bully you, it's really a shame on our giant beast clan!"

In this regard,

the Storm Dragon of the Moe King World deeply agreed!

"Despise this giant beast King Kong!"

"You can actually be abused by humans!!"


Lu Chuan, who peeped into the screen, looked at the various speeches that were discussing "chicken life" and

felt that it was time to remind them of the

fact that the video was still playing!

So Lu Chuan commented:

"Don't argue, watch quickly, the video is over!"

Through the authority of his behind-the-scenes mastermind

, Lu Chuan's comments became at the top,


the "chicken life topic".

The various characters who were pulled back to the attention continued to watch the video

, and the leaves fluttered by in

the sky,


the screen turned into a scene of Dafei participating in the competition!

"Today's contestant is the champion who has participated in three cockfighting competitions!"

"Overlord in Battle Chicken! King Pheasant! Immediately

afterwards, the screen began to introduce Dafei.

"On the other side is the new battle chicken, the blue feather chicken!"

"This chicken is widely used in the catering industry!"

The skinny chicken flying, the

strong mountain chicken king,

who wins bigger can be confirmed at a glance!

Da Fei, who did not hold out hope

, although he had hard-trained martial arts for a long time,

but he was still not confident enough in the face of the mountain chicken king

who won 3 times!

With the heart voice that came out

of the screen, everyone knew his thoughts,

"According to the rules of cockfighting competition!"

"It only took me 15 minutes to make it!"

This is sad!

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