In the island where the demonic laughter of Blackbeard echoed, a

few teeth were missing from his mouth, his appearance was rough, his body was thickly hairy,

and the burly middle-aged man slowly showed his face!

His long beard is braided into four braids and

he wears a captain's hat with the Blackbeard Pirates' logo printed on it!

This person

is the Four Emperors of the New World today: Blackbeard!

In the Blackbeard Pirate Regiment station

, with the appearance of Captain Blackbeard,

those little minions began to cheer!

"Captain Blackbeard! You're on that inventory video! Hahahaha!

"Become One Piece! Captain!

"Real pirates! Be able to become One Piece! Only Captain Blackbeard!

"Aha! Four Emperors Kaido! The four emperors and the four emperors have red hair! Beat them all! The Blackbeard Pirates are the strongest!

"Pirates! Let's have a banquet! Celebrate Captain Blackbeard! Celebrate the real pirates! "


Looking at the pirate accomplices who kept cheering for themselves under the high platform,

Blackbeard's face became more and more happy!

Then, with a wave of his big hand


he said boldly:

"Little ones! Let's have a banquet! "

With the captain's promise,

the laughter under the high platform became even more enthusiastic!

"Captain, it doesn't seem appropriate to start the banquet at this time!"

Faced with the joyful atmosphere in the Blackbeard Pirates' group,

Yu no Shiru still poured cold water on them.

Hiliu once took the antidote in Advance City

and saved all the members of the Blackbeard Pirates, and

then joined the Blackbeard Pirates


It is precisely because of this that

he has become one of Blackbeard's trusted crew!

However, since he is Blackbeard's henchman,

he still has to remind him appropriately:


your purpose has been exposed by the video!"

"'His ambition is to become the king of the world and replace the Draco at the top of the pirate world to become the new overlord of the world!'

"Now the Navy and the World Government know your purpose, Captain! They won't let us go! "

Hearing the speculation

of Hiliu of Rain, Poison.Q, Rafitte, Van Okka, Gizars Bagers, Hiliu,

Poison · Q, Catalina Depen, San Juan Wolf and others couldn't help but squint.

Poison.Q took the lead and said:

"I didn't expect Captain that your ambition is so huge!"

"I always thought you just wanted to be the new Roger, the new One Piece!"

With poison. Q's voice fell,

San Juan. The wolf's laughter sounded:

"Hee hee hee! Hee hee hee!

"yes! It's amazing! Captain!

"But your purpose has been exposed, what are you going to do next?!"

Blackbeard, as a madman who is willing to endure in the Whitebeard Pirates for decades, just to get the dark fruit

, and if he can't get it, he will always spend the rest of his life as a member of the Whitebeard Pirates, and

dare to bet his future on something that does not necessarily lead to results,

how can he be in

San Juan. A few words from the evil wolf were stumped!

I saw that he stretched out his hands to the left and right,

and his already fierce and

evil face also looked even more hideous!

"Then let them come!"

"If the Navy dares to set foot on this ocean, then bury them!"

Blackbeard's bold words shocked

the little minions below!

They were silent for a long time, and

their heads broke out in cold sweat!

The navy has been the ruling force of the sea for hundreds of years!

Never a pirate has ever dared to say that he wants to bury the mouth of the Navy!


their silence was soon broken by another sentence from Blackbeard!

"Thief hahaha! Little ones! Let's have a banquet!

Some of the pirates who were the first to react from the grandeur exclaimed:

"Long live Captain Blackbeard!" The banquet begins!

"Banquet! Banquet!

"Go and bring the wine and meat!" Captain Blackbeard has already ordered! "


As the Blackbeard Pirates kick off the banquet,

it's time for the video to introduce Luffy!

The profound and mysterious voice of the system sounded:

"Monchi · D. Luffy! Nicknamed "Straw Hat" Luffy!

"The dream is to find the legendary ONE PIECE and become One Piece!"

"Although known as a pirate, he is more like an adventurer."

Then the system begins to introduce Luffy's


"Luffy has a positive and optimistic personality, has a clear love and hate, prefers to die unyielding, attaches great importance to partners and friends, and is super interested in anything dangerous."

"Unlike other traditional pirates, he does not kill in pursuit of wealth, but enjoys the adventure and freedom of being a pirate!"

Just like introducing Blackbeard's deeds, Luffy's

past begins to play in the next video!

Luffy was born in the windmill village of the Goya Kingdom of the East China Sea, and

his childhood also grew up in this promised land!

Here you got to know the red-haired pirate group, one of the biggest "evil forces" in the pirate world a few years later!


, due to eating rubber fruit (Renren Fruit, Phantom Beast Species,

Nika form), he gained the ability to freely stretch like rubber.

But it also triggered the fall into the sea!

By chance,

one of the arms of the red-haired Shanks became the lead for him to step into the path of pirates!

Under the enlightenment of Shanks,

Luffy has the dream of finding the legendary One Piece and becoming One Piece!

From that time on,

his mantra became:

"I am the man who wants to be One Piece!"

At the age of 17, he went to sea and gathered his partners on the journey to become the Straw Hats.

After experiencing countless hardships and dangers,

the team was scattered in the Chambord Islands because he angered the Draco.

After joining the Tops War in an attempt to free his righteous brother Ace, he

undertook 2 years of practice under the guidance of Sirbaz Reilly.

At the age of 19, he reunited with his friends in the Chambord Islands and

set sail for a new world.

Later, he allied with Trafalgar Ro in the New World, and

took over the Straw Hat Ship of more than 5,000

men under his command in Dressrosa.

In Sau, form an alliance with the Furry Principality and the Mitsuki Family to form a ninja pirate fur samurai alliance and

go to the country of Wano to fight the Four Emperors Kaido!


At this point,

Luffy's magnificent adventure career was first recognized!

And the first stage of the No.8 video is over!

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