Pirate World

, on the clear sea,

a pirate skeleton flag with a straw hat pattern is fluttering in the wind.

"Aaaaaa It's so uncomfortable!

"I really want to fly Blackbeard!"

Luffy, who had watched Blackbeard and his own video introduction,

was lying on the deck with interest at the moment!

Although Nami and they had been persuading him to calm down just now,

Luffy still couldn't restrain the hatred in his heart!

Through the barrage of Pirate World that slides on the screen from time to time,

Luffy also knows how much attention the video has in the world!

Inventory of what appears in the video will be seen by everyone

, and if Luffy can defeat Blackbeard before the end of

the video,

then maybe he can make the video known by the whole world by the way!

In this way, Luffy not only avenges,

but also the displeasure caused by Blackbeard before!


the current Luffy

is still very clear about the strength gap between himself and the Blackbeard Pirates.

With his current strength,

perhaps even Blackbeard's imperial deputy is not an opponent!

In desperation,

Luffy can only train harder!


At the same time,

other comic worlds have also begun to discuss hotly!

Shinnosuke Harano:

"Oooooh! That uncle in front looks so ugly!

"And the uncle's costume is also super terrifying!"

"It's so tasteless!"

Birds don't king:

"Eh! Don't talk nonsense, little brat!

"Blackbeard's outfit looks quite stylish!"

"And we're villains! Do we villains want to wear kindergarten clothes like you? "

You're your own bala little devil!?"

Bala La Little Devil Fairy-Xiaolan:

". . . ."


"That's how narrow-minded you are!"

"The real villain should be like me, low-key and connotative!"

"From a behind-the-scenes boss of a mixed villain, the last incarnation is one of the protagonists!"

"Even saved Orange Liuxiang many times! This is a full-fledged villain! "

Dragon Ball Universe Real Estate Tycoon - Frieza:

"King Ben has not yet been reduced to the need to hide his strength to please the protagonist!!"

"Since you are classified as a villain, you should have a villain!"

"As a Dragon Ball Universe real estate tycoon! Plus the villain on my side is already endangered!

"Now recruit villains and govern my cosmic empire for me!" One person and one planet, don't grab more! Those who can come first!

"I am good at managing the team, able to give grace and power, and know people well, only talented!"

Lan Ran:

"Recruit subordinates? Very business-minded!

"Worthy of being a villain with the name of a cosmic real estate tycoon!"

"But now doesn't seem to be the time to do that, and new videos are starting to happen."


With the end of the introduction of the relevant deeds of the two protagonists of this inventory, the

second phase of the inventory video has officially begun!

[Second, Blackbeard and Luffy meet for the first time! ] [

People's dreams will not end!] ]

As the title of the second stage of the inventory video emerges, the

content also starts playing!

"In this way, you will have nothing in your hands!"

After a husky male voice sounded,

a tattooed man appeared in the video.

Looking at the young man who was betting with him in front of him

, he said:

"Next, do you even have to take out your underwear to gamble,

little brother?"

And someone next to him pandered:

"In a sense, you are quite lucky!"

"Play cards with Rossio, if you win, you will be killed by him!"

Looking at the mess of losing cards in front of him, Bellamy's

face was gloomy!

Hearing the praise of others

, this kind of pirate did not plan to stay long,

so he got up and prepared to take the money and leave.

"Don't be unwilling, this is a gambling game of the right light!"

But Bellamy was clearly displeased!

When the pirate was about to take the money,

he reached out and squeezed the pirate's wrist hard!

"You just got out of the old age, right?! Right?

"What did you say? How can I get out of a thousand? "

The man who was slandered by Bellamy looked confused

, usually others out of the thousands,

how can I be lucky today to meet a dog big household to lose money!

Thought I earned!

As a result, he couldn't afford to play tricks!

Oh wrong!

Bellamy could see the man's reluctance,

but continued because he was stronger:

"You have!"

"Saqis! Saqis! You see it! This man is out of the ordinary! The

crew member who was called by Bellamy turned around

and glanced at the situation of his captain and the pirates, and

he instantly understood it!

"I saw it too! What a scumbag! "

Where can a man who is slandered endure!

I have never done this in my life!

It's just murder and arson, and adulterers!

You actually slandered me in front of me!

Where can this man endure!

He pulled out his pistol and planned to solve Bellamy!

But Bellamy, as a Devil Fruit powerhouse,

is significantly faster in speed!

"Bang! Bang! Bang! "

After a few gunshots,

the camera turned!

The figure of the pirate was reflected in the window, and

then he smashed the glass and

flew outside the house!

In slow motion,

viewers can know what he is thinking at the moment!

"Wronged! It's not me! It's Mr. Bellamy!

"I don't have long eyes, and I actually dare to gamble with Master Bellamy!"

"If Mr. Bellamy loses his nature, I should make amends to Mr. Bellamy!" Apologize! "


this pirate chick died of a gunshot wound!


"I can't stand this kind of person! were slandered by others, and finally killed for this person named Bellamy! "

How can there be such a waste person in the pirate world!"


"It's Bellamy!" He bastard actually appeared in the video?! Yujiro


"Ahahaha! What a shame!

"Is this pirate chick a model for your pirate world?"

"Golden lion?"

Golden Lion:

"How does the old man know that he has lived on a floating island for too long, and now he is being imprisoned again!"

"The pirate world outside has actually become like this!"

"What a shame!"

"You old things who have been high for a long time, the changes in the new world are not something you can catch up!"

"If this person is not dead, he will definitely do a lot in the future!"

"This kind of faceless and undignified person is the most terrifying!"

"That's how I got to where I am now!"


During the fierce debate in the video comment area

, Lu Chuan, who was hiding behind the scenes,

showed a satisfied smile!

After changing this video

, it seems that it does work well,

and the

emotional value is flying upwards!

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