Lu Mingfei:

"I know! I knew Luffy was wrong with you!

"I just watched the anime yesterday! Now updated to more than 360 episodes!

"I'll just say why Luffy your luck is so explosive! And always be able to inexplicably defeat the opponent! "

Guobao Special Attack-Lu Xiaoguo:

"Oops! This year, I didn't dare to come out and wander around casually without a backstage!

"I didn't expect Luffy that you have so many identities besides the protagonist's aura!"

"I think that the son of the richest man in the fruit world actually does not have such a hard backstage as you!"

Gobao Special Attack - Pineapple Blowing Snow:

"Bah! Don't face! You guys who eat soft rice hard! "

A hundred thousand cold jokes - birds don't king:

"That's it!" My bird does not king has worked hard since childhood, and finally reached this achievement!

"Of this, it all depends on my ability to beat the sky!"

"I didn't expect you protagonists to be so exaggerated, and what identity and luck are arranged!"

Shinigami-Lan Ran Yusuke:

"Pity my hundreds of years old old man, hidden in the corpse soul realm for a hundred years!"

"In the end, he even gave up the extremely high right of the decent side to defect to the void circle!"

"It took so many years to become a big boss!"

"Seeing a protagonist like Luffy today, I realized!"

"the special Bangyu! Kill the protagonist and grab the halo!



"Don't go! I tried! Laugh to death, you can't beat it at all!

"Di someone calculated his life, didn't even do it, and then he still didn't hit JOJO!"

Dark matter cosmic pirate leader - Poros:

"If we all flinch here! Then who else can stop them ?!

"The fate of the world is in our hands!"

"Except me! Who else will be! Conan



"I seem to see a hot-blooded figure who is fighting for people!"

"But bastards! Aren't you the leader of the Cosmic Pirates? How can the words spoken be so hot-blooded! "


In the video,

in the face of the provocation of a little minions like Saqis,

Luffy obviously doesn't care!

However, the little fly that was being chattered about kept buzzing in his ears,

which still made him a little uncomfortable.

So Luffy pointed to Saqis's face and asked,

"Can I knock him off?"


Hearing Luffy's question,

Saqis didn't know that he had escaped by chance!

I saw that he continued to look for death and laughed at Luffy.

"You want to knock Uncle Ben away?"

"Hahahaha! This kid is quite interesting!

Then he defied again:

"But you look really shivering!"

"Take it!"

As he spoke,

Saqis took a handful of money from his pocket and threw it at Luffy!

"Use these to buy some favorite clothes to wear!"

The woman he put around echoed:

"Saqis, what a waste! Why give money to such people!

"Hehe, that's what I said, it's better to throw it in the smelly gutter!"

The two of you said a word,

and you didn't notice the black lines on the faces of Solon and Nami!

And Luffy, who had an outrageously long reflex arc, added:

"Can I take it?"

In an instant,

the entire pirate world was on all fours!

The most powerful Chosen Son in the world today was

actually insulted by a small character like this!

Lu Chuan:

"Shock! The strongest second generation in the pirate world was actually insulted by the little minions! A

hundred thousand cold jokes about the nameless devil:

"Blood is worth it!" Groove! Awesome Saqis!

"The strongest second generation in your world, who was insulted by you in person, has not returned the favor!"

"Even after this video is broadcast, it is worth being killed by Luffy's followers!"

"Everyone will remember you in the future! Someone insulted him in front of the most influential person!


"That's it!" Saqis, although I have done such stupid things too, I have been forgiven by Luffy!

"This matter is that you are immoral, I still don't know anything after so long!"



"Spare your life the big guys! The little one immediately went to find Uncle Luffy forgiveness at the speed of light!

"Bellamy, aren't we good brothers?!"


"But Luffy is a good friend of mine!"

"For him, you who are the opposite of the world will not hesitate to be enemies!"

Birds don't king:

"Huh! You're scared because you see too many forces behind Luffy!

"But I heard that he has 5,000 little brothers, and you will drown one of them if you soak in urine."

"Can understand, understand!"

Xiuchun Dao-Add Money Gentleman:

"Just as he is my 'brother', I have to add money!"

"Make money, don't shudder!"


And in the picture

, because of the conflict between Saqis and Luffy,

it also caused the rest of Bellamy's crew to notice the Straw Hats!

In this regard,

Bellamy forged a bond with the beam of the Straw Hat Pirates!

In the end, under Nami's strong pull

, Luffy, who was grabbed in the face,

left the hostel!

As soon as the picture turned, Nami

, who had just been insulted because of Sachis,

took Luffy to a hotel!

After taking a big sip of cold beer,

an indignant Nami smashed her glass on the wine table!

"It's really infuriating!"

"It's really unfortunate."

The bartender tidied up the table and comforted Nami, who was complaining.

"But our Moku town can be said to be a town of profligate pirates!"

Depressed, Nami said, "

So can't the pirates who don't have money come?"

"It seems that your qi has not dissipated yet."

The bartender glanced at Nami

, "This gathering is full of fierce and vicious guys,

so there are many right and wrong!"

"If you take everything to heart, you won't be able to stay here!"

"The best way is not to provoke them!"

Perhaps the bartender took Luffy and them for ordinary pirates, and

introduced him to this pirate town as a reminder.

Afterwards, the

bartender carried two cherry pies

to Luffy and a young man in front of him.

"But it feels really bad! This town!

Nami, who had not yet eliminated her anger, was still complaining

, but the bartender was also not surprised

, but just laughed and said:

"If you think so,

it means that you are a normal person!"

"But unfortunately, normal people in this town are rare animals!"

"Anyway, stay here for four days and you can store the records!"

"Before you mess with anything more, just leave quickly!"

The bartender's suggestion is extremely sincere

, after all, the visitor is a

customer, since the customer comes to the store to consume

, then give some survival tips,

it can be regarded as a good relationship!

But apparently Nami is still worried about what happened just now!

She raised her hand and glanced at the record pointer on her wrist, and

said in a rather dissatisfied tone:

"Four days! I can't even stay for two days!

And at this moment

, Luffy, who was next to Nami,


to gobble up the cherry pie with the unknown man in a white shirt




Iron juices, thank you very much for the gift!

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