Bellamy still seemed puzzled

, and continued to stick to Luffy and said,

"That's stupid! Every phenomenon has its causes!

In the midst of the laughter, Bellamy's

tone became even more excited!

"The dreams in your eyes are now all solved!"

Then he lowered his head and sighed, regretting


"I lost to you!"

"I wanted to test you and let you join the team of the new era!"

"I didn't expect you to be a paranoiac!"

Then, Bellamy stood up and looked directly at



wanted to crush

Luffy's treasure hunting dream through verbal stimulation!

"Listen! The time when pirates cherished their treasure hunting dreams is over!

"Land of Gold! The Emerald Capital! Big Secret Treasure One Piece!

"It's just that there are fools who are deceived by treasure hunting dreams and turn around, so they ignore the immediate benefits!"

And there was silence in the tavern!

None of these self-proclaimed pirates, outlaws who yearn for freedom,

came out to deny what Bellamy said!

They have been whipped by the sea full of "stormy waves" and "violent storms"

, and they have long been erased from their dreams of going to sea

, and they have become people who can only eat and wait for death,


do nothing!

This sea is vast and full of infinite hope!

But they have no place

and can only live in a small town to survive!

What Bellamy said


in the video seems

to be the reason why these pirates dare not take a step.

"Even those who are stronger than anyone else and dominate this ocean!"

"Also played to death by these non-existent fantasies!"

Luffy kept clenching his fists,

but didn't make a move.

But Bellamy became more and more excited the more he said:

"Dead fools, those guys are so happy to live in their dreams!"

"This is simply a satire on the dog who lost his family!"

"As long as I see the guy chasing the treasure, I will be very upset!"

In the end

, he brewed emotions for a long time,


out the word "unhappy" and began to release!

I saw Bellamy take the lead in throwing his fist on Luffy's face

, with his contempt for the word dream,


punch knocked Luffy to the ground.

But in the face of the attack

, Luffy did not dodge or dodge,

but just punched directly.

Even if his most important thing, the straw hat given by Shanks, landed, Luffy

did not reach for it.

"It's because among the pirates, there are unqualified guys like you!"

"We who are also pirates, the level has been pulled down!"

Bellamy stared at Luffy lying on the floor, and

the more he thought about it,

the more angry he became!

It is clear that the profession of pirates, which does all the bad things,

should spit on "unrealistic" romance and dreams and pursue

"realistic" instant pleasure!

But there are these fools,

tirelessly pursuing meaningless dreams!

And Luffy's indifferent look seemed

to be expressing disdain for what Bellamy said!

So Bellamy grabbed a bottle of wine and smashed it!

At this time, some small minions next to him said sarcastically:

"A swarm of bed bugs, get out!"

"With you here, even the wine has become unpalatable!"

"Bellamy is right!"

"Get out! Get out of here!

"Hurry up and disappear from this town!"

While making sarcastic remarks,

the pirates kept throwing bottles and smashing them at Luffy to

show their disdain for what Nami said about the empty island!

In this era

, in this place

, there are still people who want to find legends such as One Piece,

which is simply ridiculous!

At this moment, the pirates of the new world watching the video frowned!

Dare to say that the Great Secret Treasure One piece is fake!

This group of incompetent guys,

what an upset!

These pirates from all over the

world, they entered the new world in order to pursue their dreams

, but they did not expect that in just a few decades,


who could dominate their hometown

would actually become this kind of goods!


The second generation of Yu-Gi-Oh - Yucheng Judai:

"The guys without dreams will only stand still!" Dreams are the driving force to move forward!

"Although the bigger the dream, the farther away it is from realization!"

"But you don't live just to eat, drink and have fun!"

"Run towards your dreams, whether spring, autumn or winter!"

Original JoJo - Jonathan Joestar:

"What are you doing! Laugh at the dreams of a boy whose blood is boiling and running towards his dreams! Unforgivable!

"In order to be a true gentleman, even if you know that you will lose, you must have the courage to accept the challenge!"

"A guy who doesn't have the guts to challenge something that hinders his dreams is not worthy of laughing at others!"

King of the Planet Yaró - Gullum. Moe Xi:

"Turnips! Say that King Ben's blood is boiling! "

I also have a fool here who said: 'What do you think of your dreams?'" What do you think of people who believe in your dreams?!

"You people, what incurable big fools!"

Travels - McDon

: "Boom, I'm a chef, of course I have to take care of the animals that can be eaten!"

"Boom, you're a rabbit, aren't you!"

King of the Planet Yaró - Gullum. Moe Xi:

"Turnips! You are the rabbit le, I am the great king, Knock Knock. Moe West!


"I know! You often say that you are the king of the planet Yarro, but you are now a rabbit! "

King of the planet Yaro-Gollum. Moe Xi:

"Bastard Madang! I actually said that His Majesty the Venerable and Great King, I am a rabbit! "




the world of Star Travel, look at the two people who are on the virtual screen,

arguing about whether Gollum is a rabbit or not.

Dia in the cockpit of the King smiled helplessly.

Originally, the two of them were still seriously discussing their dreams just now, but

it turned out to be like this later.

It should be said that it is worthy of Dong Dong and McDong!

After a brief glance at Luffy, who shouted in the video that he was going to become One Piece,

Dia couldn't help but look at Madang.

"These two are really alike!"

"I'm the man who wants to be One Piece! Make an appointment to see the Rainbow Sea together!

Then Dia sighed

, not to mention finding the Rainbow Sea,

now they don't even have a spaceship that can enter the Devil's footprints.

And the carat of the galactic eye has already released the words:

"As long as you are against the galactic eye, every step forward will bring disaster to countless people!"

Troublesome things are really piled up one after another!

But now she has nothing to worry about!

She remembered what McDonald had told her:

"Because you also believe, believe in the same legendary snow meteor as the Rainbow Sea, even if you don't believe that you can find it, but you still believe in that existence!"

Arrive at the Snow Meteor

and fulfill your wish to save your family members who never hugged and

those who died in the war!

This is her dream!

Go towards your dreams and

everything will always get better!



As poor us, moving towards our dreams, society will let you know how much a mouth hurts!


But I wish you happiness too!

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