Just when everyone was laughing at Luffy

and the others, Saqis, who had originally run to the side to sit and watch the play,

suddenly died!

He encouraged Bellamy:

"Bellamy, everyone in the store is waiting to see a good show!"

And in the face of Luffy, who couldn't fight back and scolded,

Bellamy replied contemptuously:

"It's not simple?"

In the noise of the wine bottle constantly breaking

, Bellamy's expression became more and more hideous,


she looked particularly perverted.

"Luffy, Solon, leave our agreement alone!"

Seeing that the situation was not good,

Nami began to regret the decision to bind Luffy with the agreement just now!

Tears rolled in her eyes,

and she said in an almost pleading tone:

"Knock those bastards away!"

The promise Luffy made was important, and

it was reasonable to make a move at this time!

But he also has his own answer to Bellamy's actions!

In the puzzled eyes of Nami and Solon

, Luffy said with a particularly serious expression:


this fight must not be fought!"

Nami's face was stunned!

She didn't understand why Luffy would decide like that!

If you don't fight back,

you may be killed by Bellamy's gang!

Solon, on the other hand, glanced

at Luffy quietly, and when his eyes met,

he seemed to understand why Luffy did this!

The other party is just a guy who doesn't even have dreams, and

he has nothing but sarcasm about other people's dreams!

It's like the walking dead!

There is no need to sympathize with the puppet who has no dreams

, not to mention that even if he stretches out his fist now,

Bellamy will not believe Luffy's dream!

And if Luffy uses his fists to make him submit, defeat

him and make him admit the meaning of treasure hunting

dreams, he is actually denying his dreams


It is also insulting his dreams!

His dream does not need to conquer others with his fists and

force others to admit it!


, for Luffy,

not fighting this fight is equivalent to protecting his ideals.

Answer all the insults of Bellamy's before!

And for Solon

, he understood what Luffy meant,

and it was an order from the captain.

When dreams are ridiculed,

solving them by force will only show your timidity and infirmity!


, Luffy and Solon, who were determined not to fight back

, were punched and kicked by Bellamy's gang,

leaving new wounds one after another!

Stand up, fall!

In this way, Solon and Luffy kept repeating this action!

And those pirate little people watching the play ate melons on the side:

"Look! He stood up again!

"Kill that guy who doesn't know if he's alive or dead!"

"This town is not for daydreamers!"

Broken bottles, broken seats!

Luffy and Solon's bodies flew around the tavern!

But no matter how vicious Bellamy's gang started,

Luffy and Solon still endured it without saying a word!

Thanks to their thick skin

, such as Solon,


have been honed as bounty hunters for a living before joining the pirates!

And Luffy has benefited a lot since he was a child under Karp's "iron fist of love"!

At this moment

, Karp, who was watching the video, was deeply moved,

"Thanks to my training of Luffy since I was a child!" Otherwise, this kid will definitely not be able to withstand this kind of blow! "

Old man,

I see you look down on the protagonist aura above my Luffy's head!


"Luffy, Solon! What are you doing? "

Wouldn't it be nice to hurry up and knock these people away?!"

Nami, who was watching her partner being beaten on the sidelines, couldn't understand!

Why are they insulted like this and

don't fight back?!

"It's useless, miss."

Sackis, the little master of death, said:

"It's quite clever,

because they know that they are not our opponent at all!"

"You can't stand against a strong opponent! Although it was a very humiliating decision.

He also did not forget to mock a wave:

"The Navy has become more and more generous lately?"

"Even a head like him actually bid a bounty of 30 million?"

Nami stood helplessly, and

the hand placed in front of her chest was also clenched by her!

Luffy's words just now sounded in her ears:

"Solon, this fight must not be fought!"

"Why, you two."

Bellamy, who was drinking wine at the wine table, said:

"Non-resistance? Sounds pretty good.

"Weak people have no self-respect! It's full of dreams, like a waste! With

a word,

the pirates in the entire tavern began to cheer!

Because this place

never welcomes such dreamers!

They do nothing all day and

enjoy life

because they never believe in dreaming of these things!

Looking at Luffy, who has the same dream as himself,

he is actually insulted in this small town!

Even his dream of finding the Great Secret Treasure One piece was

mocked by Bellamy!

As one of the most evil times, the Kidd people are furious!

Pirate Supernova - Kidd:

"Dreams are simply like a microcosm of this world, a farce!"

"But anyone who dares to laugh at me for looking for the Great Secret Treasure One Piece, I will kill them all!"

"On the way to Magic Valley Town!"

"Brothers, speak 666, wait to see me seven in and seven out of Magic Valley Town, one street to the end!"

Ordinary middle-aged - Yoshikage Yoshira:

"666! 666!

"Just as man cannot stop his nails from growing, he cannot suppress his innate impulses!"

"Kill, it's a bunch of guys who have no point in living anyway!"

"Sure enough, watching other people's lives as a bystander is the most suitable for me!"

"After all, I'm just an ordinary migrant worker!"


"Wouldn't it be okay to decide who you want to kill like that?!" After all, they are also human beings.

"If you kill people casually, then there is no difference from bad people!"

Birds don't king:

"We're bad people! You actually limit us with the minds of ordinary people?

"Pirates and pirates kill each other, according to your human thoughts, this is quite normal, right?"


After a brief grumbling,

they continued to look at the video.

In the face of the ridicule of everyone in the tavern

, Luffy and they were still unmoved,

just watching all this indifferently!

Since the beginning of the era of pirates,

every pirate who goes to sea has set sail with a dream!

People without dreams are like walking corpses on this sea!

From the day he stepped into the ocean,

Luffy knew this!

Although I can't stand being beaten half to death,

although I will be laughed at!

But as long as the height is pursued,

there is no reason not to encounter these provocations!

Dreams, you don't need to use violence to make others admit it!



I still remember when I was a child, when

I first heard about Tsinghua Peking University,

our teacher said how they were awesome.

I myself thought that when I grow up, I must apply for the exam!

But now,


I admit it, I'm a waste!

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