Looking at Luffy, who clenched his fists but did not intend to punch,

Bellamy shook her head to express pity.

"Forget it, forget it! An inconspicuous child is worth 30 million, and I thought what a powerful character!

As he spoke,

he lifted the bottle and walked towards Luffy.

"After watching it, I was really disappointed, discouraged!"

"This kind of coward, this is the first time I have encountered it!"

Then he took a sip of wine and

sprayed it in his mouth towards Luffy!

"Get them out!"

"It's too much of an eyesore!"

In Bellamy's opinion

, Luffy, who had never fought back at this time,

was just stunned because he was afraid of death!

For a coward who does not dare to fight back,

Bellamy has lost interest in killing him!


Saqis kicked Solon

and smashed Luffy's head out the window!

Since that day, people have known the name of Saqis!

One Piece? The world's number one swordsman?

I can beat a product

like yours

with one hand!

After punching the future One Piece and

kicking the world's number one sword hao,

Saqis has taken a fancy to the future top navigator Nami!

"Hey! Woman! With this kind of guy, you will never be able to enter the new era!

"Let me buy you!"


The golden lion expressed shock!

Such a top navigator

, he did not win it in the first place,

you actually want to buy it with money?!

Society, society!

Have you ever heard of the name of the legendary theatrical version of Wang Luffy?

As an old enemy who can confront One Piece Roger, when

he is at the top of his combat power,

he can almost set off a tsunami group to destroy Roger's pirate group!

Once because of Nami's idea,

he was invited by Luffy to enter the theatrical version and

directly lay down in three gears!

I see you Saqis is a villain!

Kill One Piece, kick the big sword hao, forget it,

even the navigator I fancy doesn't let go!

While the golden lion was stunned,

Saqis had already begun to ask for the price.

"How much will you follow me?"

"You really mean it! Bought me? Hearing

Nami's reply,

Saqis smiled even deeper.

"That's right, come to me, it's more fun!"

Hearing Saqis's playful tone,

the pirates around him had begun to secretly laugh.

And Nami, who had not yet noticed the abnormality, said dumbfoundedly: "

I can't look at a group of pirates like you!"

After a period of silence,

the women who were originally stunned to look at Nami and

subordinate to Sachis suddenly burst out laughing!

It is obviously just a group of other people's playthings

, but they do not feel ashamed at all, but laugh at


who rejected Saqis!

"Each other!"

As Saqis insulted Nami,

the audience laughed maniacally again.

This group of pirates without dreams,

they wantonly laugh at Nami who is being played by Bellamy's gang.

And this farce

was immediately dispersed by Bellamy.

"Take those two people, get out of here for me quickly!"

"While there's still breath, miscellaneous!"

Nami gritted her teeth

and finally chose to leave with Luffy and



Zhenhun Street - Cao Yanbing:

"That's the end of it?!" Day! I can't stand this violent temper!

"Not only was he bullied, but in the end, he didn't mean to take revenge at all!"

"This stepping horse tearfully gave the grandfather a smile!"

Tutor - Tsunayoshi Sawada:

"What are you kidding? Companions are bullied like this, why don't they fight back?

"I was beaten in vain, so angry!"

"If you can defeat your opponent, why don't you start now?"

Tutor - Ribaun:

"Ah Gang, this is Luffy's choice, and it is also the choice that Solon agrees with!"

"The two of them have never made a move, but as long as the person is not dead, there is hope!"

"Dreams are not something that others are afraid to achieve!"

Birds don't king:

"Well, talking is deep, but it doesn't matter!"

"Don't you bastards notice something more important?"

Sakata Gintoki:

"Can't think of it, can't think of it at all!" So what the hell is going on? "

Birds don't king:

"Ah! You guys are really stupid! Sure enough, only King Ben is the most suitable for ruling the world!

"This man named Bellamy is still completely unaware that he has become cannon fodder on the protagonist's growth path!"

"Usually, the protagonist has to fight monsters to upgrade before going to the new map!"

"So every time the protagonist changes the map, there is usually a boss who comes out and punches them in the face!"

"As a high-quality villain, I know this truth from the moment I became the ruler of the M77 Nebula!"

"An excellent villain will not give the protagonist a chance to develop!"

Sakata Gintoki:

"Ah! So is it important? It seems that this person named Bellamy's is not Luffy's opponent at all!

"An opponent who is weaker than himself, even if the protagonist defeats him, he can't add much experience points, right?"


"Thank you, for being ridiculed."

Birds don't king:

"Confused! Treat the protagonist, we should not give him a chance to develop!

"It is because of the existence of villains like you that the protagonist develops and grows under his nose, and finally overthrows the rule of our villains!"

Sakata Gintoki:

"Sorry, I had a showdown."

"I'm the protagonist too!"

Birds don't king:

"Careless! No flash! Let you protagonists know what I think! "

The Dragon Maid of the Kobayashi Family-Evil God Sauce:

"Si Guoichi! Birds don't king, your conclusion against the protagonist really benefited me a lot!

"Thor! Xiao Lin, suffer death! Roar, roar, roar! Roar, roar, roar! Sakata


"It's okay! Birds don't king! Even if you kill these protagonists in advance, they will come back to life!

"And why are you so entangled?"

"Regarding the life of the self, neither you nor I are readers, but authors. At least the ending, you can still decide for yourself!


"Ah! Is Earth leaving the solar system? Yinshi is suddenly normal!

"Saying such touching words really grows!"


At the moment, in the world of a hundred thousand cold jokes m77 nebula.

The ontology fly form of the bird does not king sighed.

"You bastards, funny villains are the hardest!"

"All the protagonists of this world can't be dealt with with with ordinary people's thoughts, and it's very difficult to defeat them!"

"Actually give them time to grow!"


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