[Pirates: Chapter 1 Blackbeard and Luffy end.

When Blackbeard and Luffy's figures gradually disappeared, the

virtual screen, which was constantly changing colors,

finally stayed in pitch black.

Just when everyone thought that the inventory was currently coming to an end, a

new change appeared!

[One Piece Chapter: Chapter 2 This era is called Whitebeard! ]

Before people could react,

the black screen became vivid.

There is no unnecessary introduction,

the first scene

of the video is a ruins that has just experienced the

fires of war.

In the freeze-frame picture,

only a very large and athletic man is standing!

Although only his back is exposed,

he can still see that his snow-white beard is sticking out on both sides of his cheeks!

Whitebeard holds a long knife and stands straight!

And in front of him is

the headquarters of the navy that was once cut apart and the word "navy" is written!


, in the chests of the viewers,

a feeling of following thousands of people jumped out!

And at the moment Pirate World.

In the conference room of the newly rebuilt Navy headquarters,

the pupils of Sengoku and others who returned to inspect after retirement began to shrink violently!

This time the protagonist is Whitebeard!

Just now, the video was suddenly updated

, causing them to not notice the subtitles on the title,


they didn't expect to eat melons and eat their own this time!

In that battle, although the navy achieved the ultimate victory!

This is also the beginning of shaking the foundation of the Navy's dominance in the four seas!

And on the station of the Whitebeard Pirates,


the leader of the old department of the remaining Pirates, watched the video and was silent for a long time.

"I didn't expect that after a few years, the matter of my father's death was mentioned again."

Blackbeard in the "beehive" of One Piece Island laughed loudly:

"Thief hahaha! That's what I'm looking forward to the most!"

"Daddy, the strongest man who broke out before he died, ah!"

Blackbeard, whose emotions gradually went crazy,

released all the feelings for Whitebeard hidden in his heart:

"Daddy with unparalleled power! It's the person I used to admire the most!

"But as time went by, Daddy actually became weaker and weaker! It's hateful! It's so hateful!

"Daddy, who is gradually aging and riddled with diseases, is so hateful!"


In the world of Hokage,

Tuan Zang and Ape Flying Sun, who had long been transformed into souls, floated around in hell.

Looking at the whitebeard in the video,

they all have their own feelings.

Ape Fei Ri's eyes were solemn, and

his tone of voice was a little complicated:

"This man's momentum is really terrifying!" Just standing there, I could feel his power!

"Completely different from those who appeared earlier, even the Six Dao Payne does not have this sense of oppression!"

And Tuan Zang's face was gloomy, and

what he noticed was not a matter of whether Whitebeard was strong or not!

"This world is really interesting, compared to the ninja world, their physical body is much stronger!"

"It is said that 1% of the people in the pirate world have become pirates! What a creepy statistic!

"Compared to this world, the people of the ninja world are living a much better life now!"

Ape Fei Ri was puzzled and asked:

"Yes, 1% of people choose to become pirates, what a terrible ratio!"

Hearing this, Tuan Zang looked directly at the ape flying sun, and

hesitated for a moment to still say his thoughts.

"And this whitebeard is also a pirate! Looking at those comments, it seems that he hit the door of the government of this era!

Looking at Sarutobi Hibi's gradually frowning

, Danzo continued,


It's just like the Xiao Organization destroyed Konoha Village! It's a danger that must be eliminated!

"I don't know how long his action has turbulent the pirate world!"

For a long time

, Ape Fei Ri sighed:

"A powerful individual is really a headache,

and you can do whatever you want."

"After all, it is those ordinary people who suffer the calamities they bring!"

While they talked, the

new video started playing!


In the picture

, the clear blue sky is cloudless, and the wings of several seagulls cross the blue sky,


seems so calm and


As the video camera shows downward,

a gray-white man-made circular island

comes into view!

In the headquarters of the Navy that appeared at the beginning of the video just now,

the word "Navy" is written on the

dark gray wall!

A line of subtitles also appeared in the picture:

[Navy headquarters, Marin burns more! ] The

video camera continues to move down, and

a dense crowd of naval soldiers

, along with a large number of giant ships held by the navy,


All this shows the strength of the Navy!

And in the harbor where huge walls were built,

eight burly giants

armed with spears and artillery stood there!

Behind him,

five pirates with different expressions and strange costumes appeared!

[Bassomiro. Bear!]

[Moonshine. Moria!]

[Don Quixote. Doflamingo!]

[Jorakor. Mihawk!]

[Boya. Han Cook!]


"Ferferferferfer! Unexpectedly, my figure was also honored to enter the video. Doflamingo

, who was imprisoned in the depths of the prison,

looked at his once invincible figure

, with an evil smile at the corner of his mouth, and

seemed to be very satisfied with

the video.

In the world of the Grim Reaper

, Lan Ran smiled and muttered

, "This world seems to be much more interesting than before,

I don't know what surprises I will give myself!"

The pirates and the navy stand together,

which makes Lan Ran feel funny no matter how he looks at it!

Catching pirates, representing the righteous navy

, killing and setting fires, pirates who want to trample on the law all day,

this combination is really weird to the extreme!

The camera continued to lift towards the huge city wall again

, and a pair of hands appeared on the arms of the empty three chairs, and

then the three strongest combat forces of the navy wearing the

word "justice" appeared!

And the subtitles also introduce their names one by one:


[Red Inu-Sakaski!]

[Yellow Ape-Borusalino!]

With the appearance of the three people

, the navy,

who were originally nervous and showed unease everywhere, instantly boiled!

"Look! It's General Akainu! General Green Pheasant and General Yellow Ape!

"The most powerful combat power of the navy is behind us!"


The three generals sitting quietly in their chairs made people feel a little uncomfortable!

The characters that appeared in front of the pirate world looked

a little abnormal!

How come the appearance of the three admirals

looks so much like normal people!

In this way, how can you fight with those pirates whose character height difference can be more than 10 times?!

Isn't the more strange the pirate world, the more powerful it is?

Ghost Destroy the World

, watched the previous videos,


the Nest Seat has also gained some insight!

At the moment, he is exercising like crazy!

As the strongest species in this world

, seeing those videos with various attack methods,

he felt the threat from humans!

In the full-time hunter world,

the ant king began to stare at the video with great interest.


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