As the announcement ended,

Whitebeard held a long knife and slammed through the ground!

He crouched with his legs down,

his bruised arms across his


The next moment, Whitebeard drank suddenly!

Strong and powerful arms swing forward, and

a crack indicates that he is tearing the sky!


It is obviously hit on the air,

but it seems to be bombarded on the real thing!

A terrifying scene appeared!

The atmosphere was cracked like glass, and two huge tsunami-like waves burst out!

The navy ahead is all discolored!

This is the power of Whitebeard, one of the four emperors,

and the power of one blow changes the color of heaven and


In the world of Naruto,

the ninjas of each village frowned at the same time.

This man was so powerful with just one blow,

which was completely beyond their imagination!

This terrifying strength

is no less than the legendary ninja god!

In the world of One-Punch Man,

the heroes in the

Heroes Association were also shocked.

However, the tornado still looks like a tsundere, which

is a piece of cake for her.

Also in the same mood as her was Saitama, something

he could do with a casual punch that could

not stir up the blood in his heart.

However, for a world like Conan with weak flesh,

this scene in front of you is like the end of the world!

Even if they had long known that people in other worlds were different from them

, this level of power,

they had seen it for the first time!

It's a humanoid nuclear bomb!

However, as the saying goes, combat power cannot be compared with funny characters

, such as Gintoki and Shinhachi in the Gintama world,

and Kagura.

Looking at the giant tsunami set off by Whitebeard

, the three did not have the slightest fear,

but felt funny clapping.


"Naaaa The movie is awesome to say!

"Silver time, Shinhachi, this screen is like watching TV! But the content is much more interesting than the TV looks! Sakata


"Weak! Weak nose picking.

"With such a strength, you still want to protect the earth from the hands of the heavenly people? No way!

"As long as I transform into a Saiyan!" How many whitebeards are not my opponents! Conan


"Bastard! Is this level of destruction still weak?!

"If I have this kind of strength, the world will shake!"


"But I think Gintoki is right, this kind of strength is a lot to say."

Birds don't king:

"That is, this level of destructive power, it is almost the same as being a small soldier for this king."

Yujo Ten Generations:

"Hahaha! Everyone is amazing!

"I don't have this destructive power in my world, but sometimes I can change space and time."


"It's a showdown, I can live to death in my first grade!"

"I'm the strongest Shinigami schoolboy! Death's own son! Wherever you go, where to die! "

Hearing this

, the night god of Death Note, Moon Mussengbu,

is dead!

"Sulco, you Grim Reaper still have children?!"


In the video

, a huge tsunami rises from both sides of the island,


out the sun in the blink of an eye!

Such a spectacular miracle

can only make the naval soldiers below extremely panic!

But the three generals sitting in their seats were extremely calm.

As the tsunami rises higher and higher

, when it reaches its highest point,

it is about to burst with a huge wave!

At this time,

a black shadow flashed to the sky in an instant.

As the highest combat power of the Navy, the green pheasant has acted.

I saw that the green pheasant's face was calm

, and his palms probed to the sides, and

suddenly two thin lines of cold ice rushed towards the tsunami!

The two are visually very different!

But the end is exactly the opposite.

The tsunami that seemed to swallow the thin line of

cold ice immediately

sounded a clicking sound the moment

it touched the cold ice!

"Ice Age"

The languid voice of the green pheasant appeared with cold ice, and

a terrifying chill descended!

The originally turbulent waves solidified, and

the deep blue ice spread rapidly!

In just a few seconds

, whether it was a monstrous tsunami,

or the sea below was frozen into ice at this time!

At this moment,

the entire Marin Fando became a world of ice!

In the world of death

, Chao Ju jumped to the roof Dongshiro and flicked a few times

, she wondered:


can you do this level of ice?"

Dongshi Lang's face was calm but his tone was full of solemnity:

"I haven't tried it, so I don't know." But it should be about the same after opening the swastika solution!

"But this range is a bit large, and I'm not sure how long the spiritual pressure can last."

He wasn't sure because

it wasn't a smooth lake,

or a raging river!

This is a tsunami!

It carries a huge amount of kinetic energy that is terrifyingly huge!

The tsunami caused by the earthquake energy does

not know what amazing power it contains!

However, Dongshi Lang did not think that he would lose to the green pheasant

, after all,

the Great Red Lotus Ice Wheel Pill did not only have the ability to freeze!

In the video

, Whitebeard was not annoyed to see his attack being defused,

because the scene in front of him was exactly what he wanted!

What he wants is a place to fight where the pirates can be supported.

This is convenient for pirates to attack!

At this time,

the navy began to shell,

and the pirates on this side of the ship also jumped off the ice and charged!

In the blink of an eye

, the navy and pirates meet,


the brutal battle begins!

In the battlefield

, Qi Wuhai, who had been watching the battle,

began to take action.

The current world's number one swordsman, Hawkeye Mihawk, took a step forward.

The other Qiwu Hai around him suddenly showed surprised eyes.

"Why, you want to go up?"

Doflamingo smiled.

But Hawkeye's gaze was always on Whitebeard:

"Just go and try, I want to see how far the man in front of me is from us!"

The words fell, Hawkeye

slowly pulled out the big knife behind his back,

Black Knife - Night!

In the next second,

he did not hesitate to cut in front of him!

Suddenly, the space lost its color and seemed to dim, and

a green sword qi with incomparably sharp sword intent burst out.

The solid ice shattered where the sword qi passed, and

it slashed straight towards the white beard above the bow,

but no one dared to stop it!

But just when the sword qi was about to come to Whitebeard,

a black shadow stopped in time.

With a roar

, this person actually grabbed the invisible sword qi with both hands,


it into the air and exploded!

When the ice mist cleared,

everyone saw that it was a man whose whole body turned into a diamond!

Diamond Fruit Ability, Joz!

Hawkeye, who witnessed this, was slightly disappointed,

and shook his head by sticking the long knife back into his back.

Since Whitebeard does not shoot,

then there is no point in attacking again.

The fighting spirit of the naval pirates became more and more furious,

and the yellow ape on the seat could not bear it.

He disappeared into light, replaced

by a dazzling light in the sky!

When the pirates reacted,

the yellow ape was already in the

air and

said lightly.

"Catch the thief first!"

"Eight-foot Qiong Gouyu!"

Then he crossed his hands, and

a rainstorm of light shot towards Whitebeard!

But then,

a blue flame greeted it without fear.

All the attacks like a rainstorm were stopped.

"It's not interesting."

Sighing, the yellow ape began to paddle, he

stopped his hand and

pretended to be very surprised to look ahead.

In the blue flames,

the scars on Marko's body recovered little by little.

In the next second

, the blue flame wrapped Marko's body

, and then a loud chirp appeared,

and a blue immortal bird was reborn from the flames and

rushed towards the yellow ape!

However, after the two did not fight each other a few times, the

yellow ape who was paddling was kicked and flew out.

"It seems that there is no chance to directly smash the yellow dragon!"

The light gathered, and the

obscene uncle Yellow Ape appeared again.

According to legend

, the salary in place and the four emperors were wasted

, it seems that the navy funds in this war are seriously lost,


it is not enough to pay the yellow ape serious money!

The salary is not in place, and when

I meet the four emperors,

I paddle!

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