Just when the artillery fire was flying on the battlefield,

a group of people fell from the sky and attracted everyone's attention!

Luffy's loud voice rang out,


In the picture

, due to the participation of Luffy and others,

the navy is overwhelmed!

However, the scales of victory did not tip in favor of the pirates.

And the Far Seven Warriors Sea Klockdar, who flew with Lu,

unexpectedly attacked the friendly Whitebeard!

For Klockdar's attack

, Whitebeard didn't even move,

just said lightly:

"It's really a guy who can't remember the lesson."

Klockdar scoffed and waved his hook and stabbed away without hesitation!


A figure hit the golden hook of the sand crocodile like a cannonball!

The sand crocodile looked stunned,

but he didn't expect that it was Luffy who interrupted him.

On the deck of the whale ship,

Whitebeard glanced lightly.

Klockdar really should thank Luffy,

otherwise he would be seriously injured if he didn't die.

"You're Ace's brother?"

Luffy nodded in response

, "So you're here to save him?"

"Of course!"

The big knife in Whitebeard's hand shook hard

, and his body erupted with momentum, and he shouted loudly:

"Then do you know that like you,

you will die!!"

However, Luffy was not afraid at all, and

even shouted that he wanted to be One Piece!

On the Moby Dick, Whitebeard laughed:

"Goo la la, good boy, be my son after encountering!"

But Whitebeard seemed to suddenly remember something.

Ace seems to call Cap grandpa,

while Luffy calls Ace Big Brother.


Whitebeard suddenly felt that the atmosphere was very awkward!

And at the headquarters of the Navy,

Sengoku silently looked towards Karp.

If your two grandsons are both adopted by Whitebeard as sons,

won't they be the ones who have become One Piece and his old enemies?!

Karp wiped his tears as

if he hadn't seen anything.

It is very gratifying to

catch pirates for half a life

, catch and catch,


the last two largest pirate

leaders are small by him.

And on the whale ship,

Luffy tells the secret of the upcoming early execution of the Whitebeard Navy.

Facing the unequal strength of the navy ahead,

Luffy's eyes were firm, and he was not afraid to rush towards the execution table!

Halfway through, Yellow Ape, Moria, Xiong and others once again intervened to stop Luffy,

but all of them were unsuccessful under the interception of the very people!

But we all know why!

Monchi. D Yellow Ape!

Stop pretending, you are exposed!

Looking at Luffy rushing towards him

, Ace on the execution table cried and shouted at Luffy: "

I have my adventure,

you have no right to interfere!"

Only Luffy's extremely firm cry answered him


"I'm your brother!"

Because I'm your brother,

I can't watch my loved ones being killed!"

In the world of Hokage

, Sasuke trembled and gritted his teeth,


of his childhood coming to mind.

Once upon a time,

he also had such brotherhood.

And in a certain cave

, the weasel lowered his head slightly,

and his eyes were a little bleak.

"Mr. Itachi, is it touching the scene, do you miss your brother?"

The ghost mackerel asked with a smile as he stirred the campfire.

Itachi raised his head and was expressionless:

"Just thinking about how far his chakra eye has come now, has it disappointed me."

"Is it? Mr. Itachi is really cold-blooded.

The ghost mackerel smiled, as if he had already believed it.


Infected by Luffy's courage, he

orders the whole group to cooperate with Luffy,

while letting Marko protect Luffy!

At this time, Luffy was knocked to the ground by Smogg,

but the female emperor came out in time to save Luffy.

The female emperor who temporarily defected against her friends took out

a key and handed it to Luffy


the dismay of the navy, which

was the key to Ace's handcuffs!

Luffy continued to move forward, Hawkeye happened to block in front of him

, glanced at the child with red hair blocking his arm

, Hawkeye raised his hand and slashed a few times, Luffy

was injured,

and Jinpei who came was also knocked into the sea.

Hawkeye looked at the blazing teenager, and

there was no joy or anger in his eyes.

Then wave the black knife again.

Luffy, who

was about to attack, suddenly stopped, and when he was about to attack, he woke up for the first time and

bent down sharply to dodge.

At this time, the surrounding space was dim, and

a pitch-black knife qi burst out from the black knife!

At this moment, as if the fear of the abyss had descended, the

nearby pirates trembled their bodies,


their faces were so frightened that they couldn't move!

For a moment, it seemed like a century before the

surroundings returned to their original color.

But hundreds of meters high in the distance

, the huge wave that had turned into an ice sculpture collapsed with a bang,

and it was actually cut off by a


In order to protect Luffy

, the fifth captain of the Whitebeard Pirates,

Foil Bista, strikes and

fights Hawkeye.

With everyone covering,

Luffy continued to approach Ace.

Seeing this, the Warring States interrupted the live broadcast,

intending to execute Ace in advance and activate the encirclement wall!

However, as the best Bucky god in the audience

, he used a live broadcast phone worm to

destroy the strategy of the Warring States,


the live broadcast could only continue.

The camera returns to Whitebeard.

A bald and ugly man walked over,

it was none other than the long-lost Skuyard,

one of Whitebeard's sons.

Before Whitebeard could rejoice,

Skuyard stabbed him in the chest!

This scene

exceeded everyone's expectations!

The white-bearded child actually made a move on his father!




"Why betray your family?!"

"There is no hope now, the strongest whitebeard in the world is originally riddled with diseases!"

"Now that I have been stabbed, I guess I can't beat others!"

Bird does not king:

"Young Lang, have you heard of the setting of residual blood enhancement?"

"That's right! Originally, I was worried that I couldn't beat it just now, but now the residual blood is strengthened! Steady!

"This damn anime world setting!"

Wu Liuqi:

"Isn't it the white-bearded son who should pay attention to why the son of the white beard betrayed now?"


In Wu Liuqi's silent complaining,

memory killing appeared.

It turns out that Skuyard's pirate group was once destroyed

by Roger, and he,

who hates Roger, was deceived by the red dog!

Akainu tells him that

Whitebeard is going to exchange the lives of all the pirates for Ace!

The hatred for Roger made

him get carried away and choose to assassinate Whitebeard!

That's the scene just now!

Just when everyone thought that Whitebeard was going to kill back,

he finally made a surprising move!

Whitebeard did not swing a knife to kill Skuyard,

but hugged each other with his thick arms like

a father hugging a child


Skuyard, who was ready to die,

raised his head in disbelief at this time.

The white beard, who was enduring the pain, was covered in sweat at this time, and

his golden pupils rarely showed a loving look,


"Even if it's a silly son!"

"I still love you too."

"It's not just that Ace is special!"

"All of you are my family!"



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