"All of you are my family!"

"It's all my family!"


Whitebeard's cry of deep love for his family echoed

throughout the pirate position!

On the Moby Dick

, Skuyard, who knew that he had made a big mistake,

was full of tears,

and he knelt down with his hands covering his face and cried bitterly!

It was not only him who was touched by Whitebeard's words

, but in the Whitebeard Pirate Group,

pirates who have always shed blood and did not shed tears were

soaked with eye masks one by one at this moment!

Whitebeard never said it before, but

now they finally knew.

It turns out that as Daddy's family

, everyone is important in his heart, and everyone is

deeply loved by him!

Never favor one over the other!

And before they started the war,

they also doubted Daddy's purpose in their hearts!

What a shame!!

The pirates, whose hearts were full of shame and emotion,

turned all their emotions into strength in their arms and

tried their best to kill the navy in unison!

Whitebeard looked around the battlefield, and

the rising arrogance

of those "sons" who were fighting for their families

had already shown that they

understood the significance of his starting this war!

The white beard showed the gentle smile of his youth:

"My sons, I am also lucky to have you as a family!"

In the world of Hokage,

Naruto has already burst into tears!

This kind of willingness to sacrifice everything for his

family is also the family affection he longs for!


"I was so impressed! This is the real family!

"Even if it is not a person born in the same country and born to the same parents!"

"In this battle, you can also give your life for the sake of unrelated families!"

Cao Yanbing:

"I haven't had such a desire to speak for a long time, it seems that this battle should not pay attention to this!"

"The battle of the pirates with the navy ... Is it time to sing the praises of the pirates' affection? "

Naz, son of the Flame Dragon King:

"Everyone in the Pirate Regiment, just like everyone in the Fairy Tail Guild!"

"People who can work hard to protect their families! Come on!

"Ignir! Are you watching this video? "

Admiral - Akainu:

"The existence of pirates is evil! Sin must be merciless and completely eliminated! "

Pirates have brought so much pain to this world! Let too many people die! Pirates are damned!

"But you guys are shouting for the pirates because of a meaningless move!"

"What do you think of those who have been oppressed by pirates!!"

After speaking,

the red dog slapped the desk in front of him hard!

The person who mentioned the pirate shouting for cheers,

he really couldn't understand why!


In the video

, on the deck of the whale ship

, Skuyard understands that he has made a big mistake,

and kneels on the ground unacceptably with his hands in his hands and crying.

But there was no trace of reproach in Whitebeard's eyes, and

the muscles at the knife wound stopped bleeding as soon as they clamped hard.

But this is only the appearance,

his internal organs are still injured!


, now is not the time to get tangled,

he doesn't care if he can go back alive!

"If you want to follow me, don't risk your life to follow me!"

Roared, and

the next second Whitebeard held a big knife and

personally entered the battle!

The pirates suddenly had high morale!


Whitebeard jumped off the Moby Dick

and when he crashed to the ground, the wind was raging all around!

The pirates launched a second charge!

And at this time, dozens of cannons began to bombard, and

suddenly the pirates were miserable.

A naval giant took the opportunity to raise a large knife more than ten meters long and

cut it hard towards Whitebeard!


Whitebeard just returned the blow without care, and the

giant's blade was easily shattered!

At the same time

, the entire ice surface trembled, and

an extremely terrifying momentum erupted from Whitebeard's body!

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that

Whitebeard is about to exert his strength!

In the next second, Whitebeard threw up the big knife

in his hand, spread his five fingers with both hands, and fiercely clawed at the air in front of him from top to bottom!

Dragging his tired body,

he once again used the ability of the Shock Fruit!

The indigo sky is like a rag!

The originally empty space was outlined by five fingers like a ravine!

Under the horrified gazes of the navy

, the naval headquarters Marin Fandor tilted on the ground, and

a terrifying earthquake occurred on the entire huge island!

And on the sea it is even more terrifying!

I saw that the whole sea had

been divided into several sections by the shock at this time!

In an instant

, the sky collapsed, and the mountains roared tsunami!

This moment is like the end of the world!

The name of the strongest man in the pirate world,

Whitebeard deserves it!

He can send out an attack of this level when he is old, I

don't know how terrifying he was when he was at his peak!


Lan Ran:

"A broken body can also send out this level of attack."

"Whitebeard, I don't know what the pirate world is like, but he is called the strongest in the world and already has this qualification!"

"This level of destruction, I also need to be a little serious to do it!"


"This ability would be a disaster if it were to attack the village, and the entire village would be reduced to ruins under the earthquake with one blow!"

"How are they all monsters! The one who went upstairs said that this level can only be done with a little seriousness!

"Do you know how hurtful this word is?!"

Soul State - Nagato:

"This power has surpassed the Shinra Heavenly Sign!"

"Since this video appeared, I have often doubted my strength!"


"Boom! This destructive power, Ben Wang doesn't even need to do it!

"Just bursting out the qi hidden in the body, the ground of a planet can be lifted!"

"Humans who have no power and can only exclaim are so small! Boom! "

Bitter Melon King:

"Boring and boring! It's just a simple destruction of things, this level of attack on my super melon team has weapons!

"You rough people will never be able to understand the pleasure of bitterening the universe!"

Birds don't king:

"It is!" It's totally boring to destroy just for the sake of sabotage!

"Like I rule a territory on a light-year scale, to destroy the earth as a villain, it is completely because I lost the bet!"


"You are also villains, you are really exaggerating!"

"Although I lost to you in physical destruction, my stand-in can pause time!"

"I won on this point alone!"

Birds don't king:

"What a brag!"

"Your fist of several tons, whether you can move us cosmic-level villains is one thing!"


In the pirate world,

countless people opened their mouths!

Destroy the heavens and the earth,

this is the power of the four emperors!

Although it is not exaggerated by those people in the barrage,

Whitebeard represents the limit of the pirate world!

However, the same Four Emperors Shanks sighed and shook his head.

Whitebeard is still old

, the peak of his body is not there, and at the same time he is hurt!

Shanks, who knew his strength, knew that

if Whitebeard's body had not weakened,

the power of this blow would be more than that!

And the people who are watching in Conan and other worlds are silent, and

their hearts are already numb!

Is this really still human?!


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