The screen continues.

The terrifying earthquake caused by Whitebeard lasted

for several minutes before stopping!

As the source of the earthquake,

most of the buildings on the entire Marin Fandor have collapsed into ruins!

The giant lieutenant general who stood firm once again rose to attack Whitebeard,

but was defeated with just one face!

At the same time, the terrifying shockwave destroys everything that dares to block and

continues to attack the island!

The shock wave was unstoppable all the way

, until it was almost at the execution table,

only to be offset by the hands of the three admirals!

And the Navy also activated the encirclement wall at this time

, set up artillery,

and prepared to destroy the Whitebeard Pirate Group in one fell swoop!

However, due to the physical obstruction of little Oz,

an iron wall could not be raised.

Seeing this, the red dog attacked first and attacked

the pirate group with magma bombs, and

suddenly gunsmoked.

At the same time, the

Sengoku suddenly issued an order to execute Ace in advance!

Nanabu Kai Jinpei shot, and

a current fell over the shoulder to send Luffy out of the encirclement.

Facing the three generals blocking in front of him,

Luffy wants to create smoke and escape interception.

However, Luffy was still too tender and

was directly kicked by the yellow ape.

And when he saw that the long knife was about to cut off Ace's head, the

sand crocodile suddenly appeared and killed the executioner.

The reason for his shot is simple, that is,

he does not want to see the Navy victory in this war!

Luffy and the others began to rescue again,

and Little Oz also woke up and

came to the square with a large ship full of pirates breaking through the encirclement wall.

At this moment, Whitebeard and the others finally broke through the blockade and came to land!]

The battles are more intense!

Facing the densely packed navy on the square,

Whitebeard raised his hand and chopped down Cong Yunche!

Suddenly, the sound of shattering sounded, and

dense cracks in the air were born!

In the next second, the terrifying impact came again!

The incomparably hard square ground cracked, and

countless naval soldiers were blown away,


then fell like falling snow!

And at this moment

, the general green pheasant descended from the sky, and

with a wave of his hands, a terrifying glacier roared towards Whitebeard,


the other party in the blink of an eye!

The cold mist was blown away, and

in a huge dark blue ice,

the white beard was completely frozen like a statue.

"Completely frozen, lost?"

But as the strongest man in the world,

how could he be frozen by such an ordinary attack?

Sure enough!

In less than a second,

a click-like sound sounded!


Countless ice cubes burst out, and

Whitebeard reappeared intact!

In the next second, the green pheasant instantly came to Whitebeard and planned to sneak attack!

Young man, you don't talk about martial virtue!

Sneak up on me, a 72-year-old sick old man!

And Whitebeard seemed to have expected it,

and it was the perfect time to raise the big knife and instantly penetrate the pheasant!

The pirates around showed excited smiles!

In their minds

, they were wrapped in domineering long knives through their hearts,


the highest combat power of the navy fell!

The pheasant is dead!

But Whitebeard didn't smile, and

things didn't seem as simple as the pirates thought.

It turned out that with keen perception,

Light actually avoided danger in advance and

made a big hole in his chest!

It seems that he was pierced by a blow from Whitebeard, but

in fact,

he did not suffer any damage!

It's just a ploy he used to seduce Whitebeard!

Some of the people watching the video showed puzzled eyes, and

this admiral just happened to hit himself on the big knife and it was too stupid.

But the next moment the pheasant began to act!

The green pheasant, who seemed to have a wound that penetrated his body, firmly

held the big knife with both hands,


several lines of cold ice followed the big knife towards the white beard!

At the same time, four cold ice spears exuding endless chill formed,

stabbing towards Whitebeard together!

It turns out that the pheasant intends to assassinate Whitebeard!

At a critical moment

, Diamond Joz didn't know when to leave,


he smashed the pheasant!

The green pheasants who were not mentally vigilant around took a solid move

, and as the ice fell to the ground,

the green pheasants that appeared from the cold ice had

blood flowing from the corners of their mouths!

Diamond Joz hurt him this time!

The admiral was actually injured by a captain!

Seeing this miraculous move,

the pirates' fighting mood was even higher!

While Diamond Joz stayed to drag the injured pheasant, Whitebeard

moved on.

In the sky, Marko spreads his wings of flame and

plans to descend from the air to rescue Ace.

But he was immediately punched by Karp!

It's good that I Karp is a naval hero,

you actually want to save criminals in front of me?!

Even if that criminal is my grandson,

I can't let you pirates ignore me at will!"

Looking at Karp, who seems to be particularly reliable, immediately

those navies who trust him will be slapped in the face!

On the battlefield

, Luffy was defeated by the lieutenant general, and at the

same time was kicked by the yellow ape and flew back into Whitebeard's arms.

This unmistakable kick seemed

powerful but did no damage to Luffy in the slightest,

and it also sent him back to a safe place on the battlefield!

This doesn't look right!

It can obviously be easily killed, but this cargo is still releasing water!

And Whitebeard took Luffy and handed him over to someone else,

then raised the big knife and struck again!

At this time, a dark red light suddenly appeared, and

I don't know when the general here Chi Inu stepped

on the back of the knife deadly,

so that this knife could not be cut out!

The huge momentum turned into a violent wind, and

the next second the two of them punched forward at the same time!

As the strongest combat power on both sides, the

entire sky was also dyed scarlet and gray!

The aura of the two tore through the air

and changed the color of heaven and


The terrifying energy centered on the two fists burst

out in all directions,

setting off wave after wave of violent explosions!

At this moment

, both the navy and the pirates around fled in horror,

for fear of being involved!

This level of battle is

completely something they can't interfere in!

After a short confrontation

, Whitebeard's body suddenly trembled

, and the power on his fist began to weaken rapidly,


he suddenly fell to his knees!

Sure enough,

the stubborn Whitebeard still couldn't fight for long!

Seeing that Whitebeard's old disease recurred and blood

flowed from the knife wound,

the red dog quickly seized the


His figure came to Whitebeard in a blink of an eye

, and then the domineering magma fist punched out,


piercing the opponent's chest!

The pirates couldn't believe that

the man who was called the strongest was going to die like this?!!


, that wound that pierced through the internal organs,

plus a punch that now penetrated the body!

Whitebeard's injury is too bad!

On the battlefield

, Marko and Joz were worried about Whitebeard,

and they were seized by the yellow ape and the green pheasant and hit hard in one fell swoop!

The entire pirate front has officially begun to show a trend of rout!!

And the wounded Whitebeard did not have time to deal with the wound,

and the navy adhered to the principle of taking advantage of his illness and asking for his life!

The bullets shot towards Whitebeard as if they didn't want money!

For a time,

Whitebeard was surrounded by a navy!

Just as the viewers were lamenting,

a violent thunder sounded!

"Even your group of shrimp soldiers and crabs will want to kill me!"

"I'm a whitebeard!"


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