"Fire Fist Ace, the person the pirates want to save this time escaped!"

"The pirates seem to be the bad guys! The bad guys who can commit crimes escape, then the face of the navy is gone!

"After all, the pirates have already hit their base camp!"

Corpse Brother - Bai Xiaofei:

"This stepping on a horse is no longer a matter of facelessness!"

"The situation has reached the point where you must kill Ace by any means!"

"If you let him go back, then the navy will not be able to deter pirates, and how many ordinary people will die on the sea!"

Hei Xiaofei:

"The navy was beaten by pirates, what a waste this must be."

"And those two people on the execution table, a marshal, a hero."

"I can't even stop a little ghost, I'm afraid it's a bit of a problem!"


Under Hei Xiaofei's sharp complaints

, the faces of Sengoku and Kapu, who were still in the naval headquarters in the pirate world,

changed slightly.

Originally, I thought that I had acted well enough

, but I didn't expect that with the clear blessing of the video,

it was actually exposed!

Looking at the surrounding navy, it seemed that his eyes were a little puzzled, and

the Warring States suddenly felt bad.

So he leaned close to Karp's ear and

said in a low voice:

"Karp, we are exposed!" I blamed your reckless grandson Luffy at the time!

"If he hadn't rushed forward desperately, I would have released the water in order to keep his life!"

Hearing this

, Karp,

who was eating senbei, was stunned for a while.

He looked at Sengoku in amazement,

as if to say:

"You ask me how do I know?!" Aren't you a naval think tank ?!

"You who have been a marshal know better how to fool others!"

After the two looked at each other,

they could only laugh awkwardly a few times.

The yellow ape, who was also watched by the other navies

, saw that the two bigwigs had nothing to say,


also explained embarrassedly:

"Hahaha, that straw hat boy was really powerful at that time!"

"Worthy of being the grandson of the heroic Lieutenant General Karp, he has completely inherited the potential of Mr. Karp!"

"No wonder the Marshal of the Warring States failed to stop him at that time!"

As Yellow Ape's voice fell,

the other lieutenant generals swept their gazes towards him again!

Their eyes were full of doubts, and what

the Yellow Ape General said seemed to make some sense,

but why didn't it feel quite right?!


The screen continues.

The flames gradually dissipated, and

Luffy and Mr3 reappeared.

The pirates cheered, and the navy was demoralized!

Fire Fist Ace is rescued,

which means they may be defeated!

And the united Ace and Luffy,

the brothers began to show amazing destructive power on the battlefield!

Halfway through, even the green pheasant's attacking giant ice bird "Violent Pheasant Beak

" was melted by Ace's "

Flame Mirror"!

At the same time

, in the distance, Skuyard drove the pirate ship towards

the interior of the

square with a roar!

Skuyard wants to atone for his sins and die with the navy to

win time for Ace to escape!!

But the huge pirate ship suddenly stopped!

Just when Skuyard didn't know why,

the dust under the ship cleared!

I saw a burly figure stop the huge pirate ship with one hand!

Exactly Whitebeard!

I didn't expect that Whitebeard, who had so many fatal wounds,

could actually burst out with such a powerful force!

What amazing abilities this broken body


In the shocked gaze of everyone

, Whitebeard shouted angrily:


don't you know how unfilial it is for a white-haired person to send a black-haired person!"

"Don't be arrogant, your blow won't kill me!"

After speaking, Whitebeard was also a little out of breath.

Although the bold words have been released,

every pirate of the Whitebeard Pirate Group knows that

the knife is too critical and directly seriously injured Whitebeard!

And now Whitebeard says

this just to comfort Skuyard and

not let him live in guilt!

Then Whitebeard turned to face the direction of the Navy City Tower and

took a step step by step!

His incomparably generous back blocked

in front of all the members of the Whitebeard Pirate Group!

Subsequently, Whitebeard's firm words resounded throughout the square!

"Listen to me, Whitebeard Pirates!"

"Now start giving the final regiment commander's order!"

"Everyone must go back alive and return to the new world safely!"

Listening to these last words,

the pirates' arrogance began to decline!

But in any case,

they do not want to abandon their captain! Abandon your daddy!


The ground suddenly trembled

, Whitebeard clenched his fists,

and his arm muscles bulged high!

A tragic and passionate atmosphere arose, and

the domineering roar of the white-bearded man sounded!


"It's a remnant of the old times!"

"The new era has no ship that can carry me!"

"Let's go! Little ones!

As the words fell, the

whitebeard's muscles burst out and swung out hard!


The ability of the Shock Fruit was exerted to the limit, and

the incomparably terrifying fine crack spread the space in front of Whitebeard!

The huge and incomparably strong city tower was full of cracks at one moment, and collapsed

the next moment!

The headquarters of the navy,

under the blow of this man, turned into ruins!

Pirate World seems to have been pressed to the pause button by this blow, and the

birds are silent!

In the smoke,

only the back of the whitebeard facing the navy can be seen!

There was not a trace of fear in his eyes, only firmness,

and that incomparable domineering spirit that gave up others!

At this moment, everyone finally knew why

this name was Edward. The man of Newgate is the strongest man in the world!

The long knife and the thousand-degree fire fist penetrated the chest!

This man is obviously going to die,


his crippled body can still burst out with the power to destroy the world and destroy the world!

This power flows endlessly,

as if it will never stop!


Whitebeard is coming to an end here!

It's almost to the dragon clan, the

story of Lu Mingfei and Eiliyi.

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