"Oh, good, you can still stand up!"

As one of the few chickens that can receive the attack of the Mountain Rooster King,

Chicken Dafei inevitably surprised the Mountain Rooster King for a while.

But having been in the cockfighting ring for a long time,

it knows the consequences if it can't crush its opponent!

So, the Mountain Rooster King rushed forward again with killing intent!

The big fist of the mountain chicken king sandbag is the first to strike!

For this unstoppable blow,

Chicken Dafei chose to defuse it in a strange posture!

I saw that its slender neck was like a screw rotating at high speed

, and when the sharp fist wind of the

Mountain Rooster King hit,

Da Fei easily dodged the attack of the Mountain Rooster King by relying on this!

Followed by!

Chicken Dafei used the power to rotate backwards, and

through the skill of four or two thousand catties,

turned the attack of the mountain chicken king into his own attack!

And all this

is done in an instant!


Wu Liuqi:

"Dabao, your friend is so good!"

"It's just kung fu battle chicken!"

Uncle Long:

"A chicken who knows kung fu!" Curious! Metkay


"What a bloody thing! I'm going to increase my training today! Big fly, come on! You must defeat the king of the pheasant!

Xiao Li:

"Yes! Just like what Mr. Kai said! Da Fei, come on! Be sure to protect your loved ones! Naruto


"Come on! Come on! Oh! It's on fire! "


Looking at the comments brushed by Qi in support of Chicken Dafei's messages

, although Lu Chuan knows the ending of this video,

he is still a little emotional!

Presumably, the protagonist Ji Dabao, who is still alive,

must be very tormented in his heart at this moment



, Lu Chuan still threw away the worries in his

heart, with the blessing of this system

, although this time he poured salt on the wound in Dabao's heart,

but Lu Chuan will definitely compensate for it later!


In the video

, after Da Fei's first counterattack

, Da Bao, who once dared not even think about participating in the cockfighting competition,

is now extremely shocked in his heart!

"Da Fei is really amazing!"

The confused Da Bao couldn't help but sigh!

It was also Dafei's blow that gave

Ji Dabao the courage to resist bravely!

But the next action

that Da Fei did really made everyone scratch their heads!

I saw that Da Fei gave up resistance, and Da Fei, who was still waiting for it,

suddenly gave up resistance


And the king of mountain chickens is not a kind person!

In the face of Da Fei's "relaxation",

it sprinted with all its strength and punched Da Fei in the face!

Right now!

Da Fei borrowed power according to the strategy to give the king of the mountain chicken a kick!

After that,

Da Fei used the blind spot brought by the mountain chicken king being hit in the left eye to start fighting back!



"Yay! Chicken Dafei began to fight back! The king of pheasants is going to lose! Karp


"Luffy, it's too light!" The game has just begun, so you can't make a judgment! "

Cosmic Overlord Poros:

"In the face of absolute strength, these techniques are meaningless!"

Cosmic Emperor Frieza:

"A group of creatures with combat power of no more than 5, a small fight is also worthy of the eyes of this king?!"

Yujiro Fanma:

"Ahahaha! Aha! Fights between chickens, no beauty! That blue-feathered chicken lost!

"This time! Just don't suppress evil! "


Various characters in the anime world

, looking at the remarks of Yujiro Fan Ma and Frieza, began

to sigh with emotion,

how come these villains also came out.

But they are all big guys in all worlds

, belonging to the top group of combat power,

so there is no one to bar them.

However, as Yujiro Fan Ma said

, although Dafei has counterattacked a few moves at present,

there is no major damage to the Mountain Rooster King at all!

On the contrary, one punch of the Mountain Rooster King is enough to crush Da Fei!

But they thought wrong!

The purpose of the big fly was not to win the game in the first place!

From the beginning it was meant to stall for time,

just 15 minutes!

It only takes 15 minutes for Xiaofei to be saved!

Time is like a white horse passing by!


Dafei achieved its goal!

But the game that should have been terminated did

not get the referee's closing words for a long time!

And the king of the mountain chicken, who was embarrassed and angry

, actually began to lay a dead hand on Dafei,

who could no longer move!

In the virtual screen,

everyone can only helplessly witness Da Fei being beaten by the mountain chicken king with one punch and one punch!


"Stop! Bastard Pheasant King! The game is over! Why hurt Dafei!


"It's hateful! The king of the mountain chicken wants to kill Da Fei! Hurry up and end the game! Naruto


"Big fly! Come on! Xiaofei is still waiting for you to come home safely!

"You must not let Xiaofei have a childhood without the company of her parents like me!"

First generation Jojo:

"Despicable and shameless villain! This is not the behavior of a gentleman!

Joseph Joestar:

"Grandpa?! How are you still alive! But this pheasant king is really despicable! The game is over, and the big flying hand is still dead!

"It's just like Dio!"


Staring at the crazy updated background comments

, even Lu Chuan, the creator of this chapter,

feels that he can't watch it!

Although Da Fei is just a chicken,

the emotions

it shows are enough to make Lu Chuan treat Da Fei

as a "person"!

And the torture of the mountain chicken king's punch and punch really

made him feel a little sick to his stomach and want to vomit.

Da Fei, who has flexible martial arts, finally

lost to absolute strength!

Is it true that

in the face of strength,

everything is in vain?

Forced to endure the discomfort in his heart

, Lu Chuan continued to pay attention to the values on the system,


it was after that the

next video of "The Chicken Overlord" began to connect.

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