Even if there are thousands of troops ahead,

only one person is broken!

"Don't look back, times change."

At this moment, in Whitebeard's mind,

the good times on the Moby Dick and many sons appeared!

Drink in large bowls

, gulp meat, and

laugh wildly!

This feeling of being accompanied by his family

fascinated him.

This is the ideal he pursued all his life!

This is the meaning of his white-bearded life!

It's also the meaning of his standing here now!

My son, I guard !!

Looking at the densely packed navy

, those enemies who blocked in front of him,

the corners of his mouth gradually laughed!

"So today, let's make a break here... Navy! "

What my daddy wants to do,

the pirates have already understood!

But it is still difficult for them to give up the man they admire


At this moment, countless crew members did not want to leave

, but although they were extremely reluctant

, after the order was given,

everyone finally cried and chose to retreat!

And Ace used flames to create an isolated environment at this time.

Then he fell to his knees completely to Whitebeard!

Seeing his kneeling son

, Whitebeard slowly spoke:

"No need to say more, just ask you - one question, Ace."

"Am I a qualified father?!"

Before he died,

he only cared about this one question!

Faced with Whitebeard's question,

the crying Ace shouted without hesitation:

"Of course!"

Hearing this extremely positive answer,

Whitebeard laughed with love and satisfaction in his eyes


His life is

already perfect!

The pirates began to retreat

, and despite extreme reluctance,

Ace also ran backwards with the others!

At this time, the red dog suddenly chased up from the rear.

He didn't attack, just shouted from the rear:

"As soon as the fire fist Ace is rescued, the whole regiment will retreat, and Whitebeard really gathered a group of cowards!"

But the pirates did not stop evacuating

, and the red dog also mended the knife in time

, he took off his hat and patted the ash, and continued in a disdainful tone:

"Yes, the captains are like that, you can't do anything like this."

"After all, Whitebeard is just a loser of the last era!"

As these words fell,

Ace also stopped!

The anger in Ace's heart burned his sanity!

Akainu's ploy worked!



"Ahahahaha! How despicable! Unable to stop the pirates from escaping, they spoke out to anger him!

"Just now, I thought that the Navy could not make a move that could change the tide of the war, which is also a little surprise to me."

Blue dye:

"Everyone falls into a misunderstanding and is bound by the thoughts of ordinary people."

"But I never thought that the 'righteous' Navy would also use such tactics."

"This admiral named Akainu seems to have contributed the most in this war."

Oniya (Ghost King):

"Although it is a low-level agitation method, the effect is good!"

"It is indeed a bit humiliating for the admiral to personally say these words to provoke the pirate criminals."

"But since the purpose has been achieved, what kind of strong posture do you care!"


"Hahahaha! This man named Akainu has the power of a man! "


The red dog of the real pirate world looked at the screen depressedly,

why are most of the villains who agree with him!

Isn't absolute justice justice?

Those decent people came to support him!


In the video

, in order to protect Whitebeard's reputation,

Ace resolutely gave up running away and

chose to fight with the red dog!

"Shut up!!"

"This era, called Whitebeard!!"

Poor Ace hasn't realized the gap between himself and the red dog yet!

After the roar

, Ace burst out with unprecedented power

, and the blazing flames wrapped his fists, and

he slammed towards the red dog!

Seeing this scene,

a conspiratorial smile appeared at the corner of Chi Inu's mouth.

In the next second

, the rock under the feet of the red dog exploded magma, and the

huge arm wrapped in thick magma also swung away!

The two fists intersected

, the flames collided with magma, and

Ace flew out upside down with serious injuries!

The pirates of the Whitebeard Pirates exclaimed!

Although the red dog is powerful,

Ace should not lose so quickly!

And the red dog also told the secret,

it turns out that the magma fruit is the nemesis of the burnt fruit!

These two fruits are

at the upper and lower levels in this world!

Defeating Ace,

the red dog looked at Luffy, who was kneeling on the ground and picking up cards!

He knew that the other party was the son of the revolutionary Dragon, and

living would also be a scourge!!

The red dog did not hesitate and

immediately used the magma fist to kill Luffy!

Facing the attack, Luffy raised his head blankly.

The entrance is the scattered red beads

, the burning Ace,

and the magma fist that runs through the chest like a nightmare!

And the life card in front of Luffy's fingertips

suddenly turned into ashes!

Pirate World is most familiar with that kind of card,

and immediately reacted and

understood what happened just now!

People in other worlds

were a little confused at first,

but it didn't take long to see the answer!

It can only be said that the MVP Red Dog successfully turned over against the wind and

led the Navy to victory by stealing his home alone!

Before they could blurt out their answers

, the red dog, who had successfully completed the purpose set by the navy this time,

slowly retracted his magma arm.

And this scene that happened in the battlefield

was also clearly seen by the members of the Whitebeard Pirates!

Because of the red dog!

Everything they have done up to now has become meaningless!

Even Daddy Whitebeard was seriously injured and

died soon!

The other pirates angrily began to attack, and

for a while countless shells fell towards the position of the red dog!

Terrifying explosions continue to occur.

The smoke cleared

, and the red dog only lost part of his left shoulder, and

the next second it quickly increased.

But the red dog did not have the slightest idea of stopping and attacked again!

At the moment of the attack,

Yuan Qi Wuhai Jinping came to block it.

At the same time

, Ace, whose life is passing fast

, begins to express regret to Luffy.

He recalled his birth and

reflected on whether his existence was a mistake.

On his deathbed,

Ace voiced his biggest regret in Luffy's ear.


"The last thing I can let go of is that I can't see the moment when you realize your dreams!"

"It's really a pity..."

"But, I'm sure you'll succeed!"

"Because... You're my brother!

As he used an increasingly weak tone

, after explaining all

his last words, tears flowed from the corners of Ace's eyes, and with the

last trace of strength, he

said his last farewell with difficulty!

"Thank you very much!"

His words

were said to his younger brother Luffy, who rushed to his side despite the threat of his life

, to the father Whitebeard who came to the headquarters of the Navy in desperate battles, and

even more to the pirate companions who died on the way to save him!

But the fate of human death can no longer be changed

, and at this point, Fire Fist Ace is dead!


It is expected that there will be 3 more chapters to end, and the day after tomorrow it will be to the dragon clan.

I was going to start writing about Painted Pear Yi today

, but the best thing about Whitebeard here is not over

, Ace is not dead, Whitebeard is not dead yet.

The most tearful purpose is here, and

it can be regarded as a section that cannot be missed in the top war.

Hehe, finish writing here first.

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