Ace's body collapsed weakly to the ground, and

the scorched black blood hole that ran through his chest from behind him was

so eye-catching!

Luffy trembled,

still not daring or unwilling to believe this scene!

His own brother actually died in front of him!

It is clear that it has already succeeded,

why did it fall in this place!

Why fail in this last step!

All the previous efforts,

all the sacrifices!

Now it all makes no sense!

It wasn't until a few seconds later that

he finally understood that this was the truth.

It was Ace who blocked that punch for him!

Ace...... Really dead.

Luffy looked up to the sky and cried

, his voice was extremely poignant

, but he couldn't shed any tears,


only sadness remained in his pupils.

Isn't it sad enough to have no tears?



All viewers know.

At this moment, Luffy's world collapsed and

fell into the abyss of despair.

The pirates fall into grief, Luffy

loses his fighting spirit and has a nervous breakdown.

But at the moment it is in war!

A little inattention

is enough to die a thousand times!

Akainu attacked again at the right time,

but was fortunately blocked by Marko.

After a brief grieving of the pirates

, following Ace's last wish,

everyone began to retreat with Luffy.

And the red dog is full of gloomy face

, and the era of sea pirates opened before the death of One Piece King Roger, causing

countless people to be displaced and

wives to be separated!

The leader of the revolutionary army, Long has captured one country after another,

making the government unable to maintain order!

And the people who flow the blood of these two biggest destroyers of the world order

, Ace and Luffy,

these two brothers he will kill them all!

Just as the red dog was about to act,

a huge shadow descended to block the light and

completely shroud the red dog!

The red dog's body froze, and

its pupils dilated,

as if it was being stared at by a fierce beast!

Momentum of this level!

Without thinking, he knew who was behind him.

Whitebeard, Edward. Newgate!

Ten thousand grass and mud horses galloped in the heart of the red dog!

Why did no one cover for him when

he chased Ace and them!

Yellow apes, green pheasants, and the Warring States all ran there!

At the next moment when

the red dog was stunned, the boundless anger of the white beard turned into a terrifying power

, and a shocking white light lit up on his fist,


it was a punch aimed at the red dog's head!

The time is too short, and

the red dog has no time to prepare for resistance at all!

In this way

, he was sturdy and hit by Whitebeard with all his strength, and

was bombarded into the ground,

not in human form!

With the red dog as the center

, the earth kept cracking,


the entire Marin Fandor trembled violently under this power!

After one punch, Whitebeard jumped up,

and after gathering momentum, white light lit up on his feet and

fell heavily!

Mend the knife!

The viewers are boiling!

Finally, a "villain" who can mend the knife has appeared!

In the face of Whitebeard's mending knife

, the red dog did not care about the image rolling,


finally could avoid this kick.

The red dog began to fight back

, but the whitebeard did not defend at all,


his fist slammed into the red dog!

At this moment, the red dog is simply alone and embarrassed!

In this level of battle,

no one can interfere except for the general level!

But the other two generals are all paddling!


, Whitebeard is a dying body after all,


was seized by the red dog!


With one move, the

red dog punched through Whitebeard's chest again!

This punch was even stronger than the punch Ace received, and

the organs in Whitebeard's body should have become charred!

But he underestimated Whitebeard's willpower

, and saw Whitebeard holding a large knife

, half-kneeling on the ground,

and flames were still burning in the penetrating wound.

But in the next second,

Whitebeard opened his eyes again!

At the same time, a hand grabbed the red dog in front of him!

The red dog with a bloody face suddenly widened his eyes, and

his eyes were full of disbelief!

I report! Someone unlocked the blood hanging!

Whitebeard, who should have died, stood up again.

In the shocked gaze of everyone,

Whitebeard threw up the red dog that had reached its limit.

In a second,

a white light lit up on his left hand again!

Viewers from other worlds also felt that this scene in front of them was too incredible!

They don't understand why Whitebeard can still move!



"Can this still be called human?!"

"Those two ball-sized wounds on the body are afraid to be fake!"


"What a lack of knowledge! With a wound of this size, I only need to consume two people to recover! Poros


"No, no, your recovery speed is still too slow!"

"Even if this wound is 10 times bigger, even if it breaks my body!"

"I'll be back in two seconds!"


"!! Even if you already knew that you were not human! But this recovery speed is really amazing! Donkey


"Low-key, low-key!" Who will come out to mess around without a bad light in this kind of year?

"Protagonist aura, villain aura, super dragon set aura!" I can do it wholesale! "

Birds don't king:

". . ."

"Speechless, I challenged him back then and was defeated by these strange skills of his!"

"I still remember his ridiculously strong abilities!"


In the video,

the more amazing picture continues!


Whitebeard roared angrily, and

a punch with terrifying killing intent hit the red dog!

Suddenly, the space was shattered again, dozens

of cracks opened on the red dog's body,

and the

whole person shattered like a glass water cup!

His face was distorted, and

he spat out blood!

At the same time, huge

forces spread in all directions!

A major earthquake struck Marin Fandor, causing

the incomparably strong ground to collapse and the

badly injured red dog fell into it.

At the same time, the naval city tower, which had collapsed,

was once again split in two by a huge force!

And the most terrifying thing is that

a huge abyss has formed behind Whitebeard!

At this moment

, Marin Fando was shattered,

and the battlefield was completely divided!

On this side of the ravine, are all the members of the Whitebeard Pirates!

And over there

, only Whitebeard, a lonely back,


to face all the navies!

This is the last farewell and

the father's last guardianship of the child!

But the will of the navy

is not tempered by the handouts of pirates!

If it weren't for the shelter of pirates like Whitebeard!

If there are no evil people like pirates,

who oppress the people on the sea!

And what should people's lives be like?!

Hold on to the determination to die!

The naval soldiers attacked Whitebeard like crazy!

With the will of "justice"!

Enough to hold up their trembling legs and

keep moving forward to kill Whitebeard!

But just as the pirates did not expect the navy to be so persistent in justice!

The navy also thinks of Whitebeard's love for his sons!

Although this man was physically crippled,

he still slashed out one knife after another!

A husband is a gatekeeper, and there is no way to open it!

Not a single one can break through Whitebeard!

This is a showdown between the belief in justice and the love of the father for his child!

It doesn't matter who is wrong or right

for a long time!

PS: Penultimate chapter.

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