As Whitebeard's vitality runs out, the

virtual screens

suspended in all anime worlds gradually fade, and

finally reorganize into a pair of Whitebeard's memories!

Under the blue sea and sky,

the sound of cool waves crashing against the hull of the boat slowly

overlaps with the sound of seagulls chirping.

Under the sunset.

A group of unknown pirates

are happily dividing up the treasure they have just found, planning what to do when they get off the ship.

However, there was a burly blond young man who did not participate,

but just stared blankly towards the sea.

The captain suddenly turned his head

, saw this scene, laughed and asked:


the pirates are not interested in treasure?!"

"So what exactly do you like, Newgate?"

The blond young man held his head and thought slightly, and

after a moment, he said without hesitation:

"I have had something I want since I was a child."

The pirates put down the treasure they were playing with and looked at him curiously.

"So there is! Say it and listen! Hearing

this, the corners of Whitebeard's mouth rose slightly,

evoking a smile:



At this point, at the age of 72, the man who fought with One Piece in this

sea, the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates, the sea pirate Edward Newgate, known as the man with the white beard,

died in the war that broke out on the

coast of Marin Fandor!

But some are sad, some are happy!

This live broadcast that spread all over the world shook

the pirate world, inspired all pirates, and

also made those who hated pirates deeply upside down!

Without the legendary sea thieves,

then they can also live more at ease!



"Is it completely out of gas?" Whitebeard.

"The real strength of human beings is self-change, and as a person, you are really powerful."

"But you are a pirate, I don't know if the hero needs to capture the pirate."

"After all, pirates also do bad things."


"Teacher, what you said makes sense! The saying that the true strength of human beings is self-change! Be sure to document it!

"But Whitebeard, a sea thief, seems to be sentenced in our world!"

"But he was indeed a proper father."


"It is! As a detective, I have a sense of substitution for the Navy.

"I've been arresting criminals and letting me substitute for pirates, but I really can't do it."


"Prisoners? Pirate? Wood big wood!

"The law that stipulates right and wrong makes no sense to me at all!"

"Wicked? Ahaha! I am the Evil Emperor! "

Birds don't king:

"Don't say it! Stop it! Please, stop talking!

"I've been using the two energies myself, and I haven't noticed this!"

"But as soon as you opened my mouth, I realized how many crimes I had committed before!"

Bai Xiaofei:

"At this time, the benefits of martial arts are reflected!" Don't rely on anything else, completely own your own power!

"But I still want to spit on my world!"

"A few years ago, I was an ordinary migrant worker, why did the painting style of this world completely change after the corpse brother appeared!!"

"Heaven and hell, God and Satan became real!"

"Even a corpse king who practices martial arts, Long You, can actually fly out of the earth by stepping on a horse!"

"Thank you for the invitation, you have to ask me how I know, the author spoiler."


The story of Whitebeard is over,

but the video does not disappear there!

"Hahahaha! Hahahaha!

"That's so interesting! In this way, times will undoubtedly change dramatically! "

Doflamingo laughed maniacally!

"However, I don't think it will end easily!"

"Even the most vicious criminal in the world and the warden of Advance City have brought it!"

"Blackbeard, this bastard, what exactly is his intention?!"

That's right

, as Doflamingo said

, since Whitebeard's death,

Blackbeard is not disguising his purpose either!

"Thief hahahaha!"

Blackbeard, who was stabbed by a white beard and a few punches,

is laughing wildly at his father's corpse at the moment!

Recalling the scene just now

, Blackbeard, who was still a little apprehensive, cautiously asked:

"What a tenacious guy!"

Finally hanging?

And his subordinates held up their hats and

said in a rather happy tone:

"So far, everything is in our plan!"

"So, Captain..."

Tokuchi's Blackbeard laughed again.

"So the show begins!"

Receiving the captain's order,

the criminals

who gathered around Blackbeard took

out a black cloth out of nowhere and

covered Whitebeard's body in it!

"What the hell are those guys going to do again!"

Those navies outside the field looked at the operation of Blackbeard's gang with a big change of face!

And the pirates on the run were also attracted to watch:

"That guy Tichy, what else do you want to do to Daddy?!"

And Blackbeard lifted the black cloth

and said to everyone:

"Let's open your eyes next!"

"The ultimate show that will shock the world!"

When the words fell,

Blackbeard walked into the black cloth to carry out his plan!



"This guy is so strange, what's the use of covering these with a black cloth?"

Lu Mingfei:

"Wow! I just saw the first 360 words! There is so much plot here!

"Can't hold on! Let me accept so much at once, I can't stand it!

"Luffy failed to rescue Ace, and Whitebeard died in battle!"

Lu Xiaoguo:

"Alas, so many things will happen, all because of this Blackbeard, the four evil thieves are not as evil as him!"

Sugar Cane - No Thief in the World:

"What! You actually dare to slander us! Our academy teaches a lot of knowledge to fruit!

"Your fruit academy can't even recruit a few students a year!"

Yucheng Ten Generations:

"A new picture has appeared!"


The camera turned, and

soon came to the time when Blackbeard came out of the black cloth.

The pirate, dressed

in a suit, politely said to the navy:


wait a long time!" We, Captain Tichy of the Blackbeard Pirates, present you with the world's top show!

As he spoke,

he stretched out his hand and uncovered the black cloth!

Blackbeard who came out of it was exceptionally quiet,

but soon his face was broken by joy!

"Navy! Let me show you my power!

"In other words, we are officially enemies again!"

Then a black mist appeared all over his body, and

a move of "Dark Cave Dao" continued to spread around!

The navy, covered in black fog,

suddenly fell deep underground and could not move!

"This is the strength of my Dark Fruit!"


In the shocked gaze of everyone,

Blackbeard made a move of Whitebeard!

"This is it!"

With a punch

, spiderweb-like cracks surfaced in the air!

This is the power of the Shock Fruit!

That earth-destroying ability extended and

destroyed the buildings of the naval headquarters again!

Blackbeard Tichy has

the ability to have two fruits at the same time!

But just when everyone was shocked,

the video came to an abrupt end!

But they also understand why the title appears in the D-family, Luffy's fateful entanglement with Blackbeard!

Capture Ace and start a war on top!

Double fruit, and still a villain!

Since he has a feud with the protagonist,

he also has the potential to become a villain!

Not who you are?!


I'll start writing about the Dragons tomorrow.

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