The virtual screen has gradually faded, and

people in the anime world are still reminiscing about the video just now.



"Whitebeard never lost to anyone, he just, lost to time!"

"If only his body could be younger! Then Ace will definitely be able to save it!

"But the Navy will also die more..." Jiraiya

(resurrected state):

"Yes! Life is not perfect!

"If it weren't for me appearing in the video inventory, it would have given me the chance to come back to life!"

"Then Naruto, we can't meet each other!"

Xiao Guo Ding:

"Okay, you two bastards, what are you sad about in the territory of the pirate world!"

"The characters that appear in it all look like big guys!"

Gobao Special Attack Sect Leader-Oriental Quest for Defeat:

"I like the two major characters of pirates in this inventory!"

"Edward Newgate, a man of great strength. Pirates who fulfilled their "dreams"!

"The other is Sakaski's image of a conscientious tough guy, hey... This sect leader doesn't know what to say! Lan


"In that case, I have to mention the most eye-catching protagonist among them!"

"The only man in One Piece who takes being a pirate seriously: Blackbeard!"

"Blackbeard has both ambition and patience, and has a high IQ, and if he doesn't make a sound, he is a blockbuster, and he thinks that the final villain is infallible!"

Rippi Snake:

"I remember Blackbeard said that if you don't meet this fruit, you plan to live in the Whitebeard Pirates for the rest of your life!"

"What a madman! I didn't expect King Ben to admire his peers!


"He just gambled once in his life, and he saw it!"

"Killing Saatchi can be regarded as breaking the cauldron and not leaving a way back for himself, and his way in the future will be the first step to dominate the world!"

"That's good! Blackbeard! I didn't lose the face of our villains! "

Birds don't king:

"Don't leave yourself a way back!" I didn't expect this, the broken cauldron is interesting! Hungry


"However, Blackbeard, Whitebeard, Luffy and the other characters who appear in the Top War, I still prefer the red dog a little more!"

"Burn all magma, cling to justice to the end!


"yes, although I am a protagonist, I should support Luffy's side!" But I still admire this kind of opponent! "

The red dog has preserved the dignity of the entire navy!"

"Think carefully about his teammates: the yellow ape has impure motives and is childish and absent-minded!"

"The pirate robbery field is going to stab the heavens, how can the red dog calm the people's hearts and restore the military prestige if he doesn't kill Ace?!"

"Alas, from my side, it is still the red dog that is more legal!"


"Whitebeard is the father, the father should save the son, the red dog is a soldier, and the soldier should obey orders." Both are right, but the positions are different! "

State of the Soul - Nagato:

"This era is called Sakaski!"

"I suddenly found that my idea completely worked in the pirate world!"

"I'm not wrong! It's the world that's wrong, not me! If I were in the pirate world, my theory would have been successful long ago! "

The current captain of the Whitebeard Pirates - Marko:

"Bastard! This era is called Whitebeard! Luffy

Fan - Bartolomeo:

"No! This era is called Luffy!

"Senior Luffy is the most qualified to become One Piece!"

Kung Fu Panda-Po:

"Hey, hey, hey! Now that you're all starting to choose the right stand! Then I will support one too! "

This era is called "Sen Tao Daohua" Bucky! "

Luffy Fan: Bartolomeo

" Don't make trouble! This era is Luffy's senior! He is the protagonist!



"Hey! What do you guy understand? The man with overlord-colored luck, Bucky! is the best man to become One Piece!

"Captain Bucky! Lead us to One Piece!

Pengele-Sawada Tsunayoshi:

"It's not a secret!

After reading the One Piece chapter, I had an idea!

"I dreamed of being the Shanghai Thief King, but then I thought about it and gave up because the Shanghai police are so powerful!"


Harano: "Big brothers big sisters!! You guys missed Joe Beard, Joba! "

Joe Huzi once said, 'I am the reserve grain of the old era, and the new era has not been able to hold my pot!' Marco


"Who is Joe Beard?" Why haven't you heard of it?!

"And why did he say this so much like what Daddy said!"

Harano Shinnosuke:

"Big brother, have you forgotten? Captain Luffy's crew! Choba! Kung

Fu Panda-Po:

"I remembered! Joe beard! A hundred Bailey's sense of oppression! "

Super cost-effective!"


Harano: "Hahahaha! I didn't expect anyone to understand what I meant. "


In the energetic comments,

the impact of the One Piece chapter fades.

The only thing left

is the old department of the Whitebeard Pirate Group stationed in the hometown of Whitebeard in the pirate world, and

the black lines are covered with the door at this moment!

After a long silence,

the speechless Marko shouted into the virtual screen:

"What the hell is Joe Beard!"

Diamond Jozi, who was standing next to Marko, was stunned,

"Joba! Isn't that an elk with a bounty of 100 Bailey?! "

And when the pirates are tangled,

the reward for taking stock of the video has quietly arrived!

The screen, which was originally dull and had become almost transparent, suddenly

appeared a line of conspicuous subtitles!

[Inventory video reward distribution: Blackbeard! ] [

The rewards are as follows: Blackbeard, the protagonist of this game, will receive fruit ability improvement!] [

Between the Dark Fruit and Blackbeard has been called the strongest devil fruit, but the shortcomings are significant! ] [

The reward will be halved to alleviate the pain caused by the damage taken by the Dark Fruit!] ] [

Inventory video reward distribution: Luffy! ] [

The rewards are as follows: Luffy, the protagonist of this scene, will also be rewarded with changing the Devil Fruit!] 〕[

The rubber fruit used by Luffy is still awakened!] 〕[

The reward will mention Luffy's ability to awaken the fruit and awaken early into the Renren Fruit, Phantom Beast Species, and Nika form!] [

About the Whitebeard Reward! ]

[Considering that Whitebeard has died in war on top, and because of his age, he is physically damaged! ] [

The reward will revive Whitebeard and cure his physical ills!] [

But the Devil Fruit ability on his body has been taken by Blackbeard, because the resurrection does not contain the Devil Fruit ability!] At

this moment,

everyone in the Whitebeard Pirate Group grew their mouths in surprise!

Looking at the reward related to Whitebeard

, although there is no devil fruit,

but their daddy is resurrected!

Whitebeard is resurrected!

Marko reacted the most,

raising his hands and cheering:

"Little ones! Have a banquet to celebrate Daddy's return! "

What about without the Devil Fruit?!

The strongest man in the sea

is not a single devil fruit!

The white-bearded daddy who has obtained a healthy body,

even if there is no devil fruit, is a gap that countless pirates cannot cross!



Outrageous, actually missed the reward.

Today I can only spend a little more time catching up with the Dragon Clan.

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