Harano: "Yo yo! Lu Mingfei's introduction from big brother is so shameful!

"All kinds of strange titles, and the evaluation that he is a rare male protagonist in history!"

"I really want to know how Lu Mingfei's big brother feels now~

" A hundred thousand cold jokes - the river god:


Ha, ha, ha." What an interesting character introduction.

"But I have to say that when I introduced him, I felt a little like a middle two."

"Young Lu Mingfei, did you drop the gold-painted pear coat or the silver-painted pear coat?"

Lu Mingfei:

"What the hell!!"

"I'm still a single dog, and why can people become gold and silver!"

Knock King:

"Turnip! This is a tearful scene!

"Judging by the previous videos, one person dies every time!"

"Maybe this time there will be a dead man!"

Birds don't king:


"(Nose picking, nose picking) Anyway, it's all videos of the future, and he himself will see the future."

"Then just take advantage of this time to change it."

Ji Dabao:

"Beautiful boy, you forgot the fact that he is a decrepit boy!"

"Ah Qi, right!"

Wu Liuqi:

"That's it, the decrepit has no future!"


As Lu Mingfei's figure gradually disappeared,

those broken lights and shadows regrouped to

form a girl in a white taffeta off-the-shoulder dress and


Roman shoes.

The clothes

she matched with made

her look like a princess who walked out of an 18th-century portrait.

Soft and smooth red hair, round forehead, long eyelashes, deep rose-red eyes, swan neck, clear butterfly bone, delicate and soft skin, exquisite calves, slender ankles, slender body, even flesh and bones, can be called perfect, the deficiency is the lack of agility between the eyebrows!

Well-behaved girl like a cat!


Chicken Dabao:

"Beautiful girl! It looks so gentle!

"Blessed are you!"

Wu Liuqi:

"My heart belongs to Miss Meihua!!"

"Demons and monsters leave! Devils and monsters leave! "



"This is a tearful scene, how beautiful it looks now, how painful it will be later..."

Lu Mingfei:


I know!" Don't stress it all the time! "

You bastards!"

"Hey, hey! But does this girl really like me in the future?

"But I like Chen Wenwen now, it's so hard to choose!"

Wu Liuqi:

"Huh! Scumbag! "


When Wanzi imagines the future

, the introduction of the characters of Eri officially begins: [Uesugi Eri: The daughter of the former shadow emperor of the Sheki Hachi family, Uesugigoshi

, the legend of the Sheki Hachi family corresponds to Amaterasu's fate (also known as the Amaterasu) moon reading fate,

and Minamoto and Minamoto

are brothers and sisters

All three are test-tube babies created from Uesugi Koshi's genes.

At the last moment of his death, because Lu Mingfei thought Herzog was dead, he

lost his defense.

When the tsunami hit, Eri was taken to the Capital Airport to immigrate to Korea

, but in fact Herzog, disguised as a driver, was taken to Red Well,

ready to be used as a blood container in his evolution into the White King!

When Eili's body was about to awaken as the White King after being parasitized by the White King's holy remains, she

was forcibly exchanged by Herzog,

and finally the blood in her body was drained and

died. 〕


Lu Mingfei:

"Vozh, I already feel the pain behind!!"

"Why is my later life so miserable!"

"This girl who likes me will actually be drawn blood and die in the end!!"

Wu Liuqi:

"I don't know what to say, beautiful boy, your future girlfriend is so miserable."

Birds don't king:

"People haven't skimmed a word."

Yujiro Vanma:

"A little more! A little more! The purity is too low!

"Aha! I haven't seen such a nest of protagonists for a long time!

"The blades and teeth are better than you! Ahaha!


RNM, watch your dog's head, sooner or later my mother's life will have to be repaid by you!"


Eriyi's life background:

[Before her death, she was the head of the Uesugi family of the eight families of Sheki, and

the most respected yakuza princess of the eight families of Sheki.

Similar in appearance to Nono (who is not unrequited in the future), he

has rare dark red hair and deep rosy eyes, and

is very dependent on Gennaku,

who he calls his brother.

Has a high-risk spirit (serial number 111 "Judgment", which means death in dragon language),

but the energy contained in the bloodline is very unstable.

Because the dragon blood in the body is too pure

, everything is spoken in dragon language (but it does not mean that human language cannot be spoken), and

it is always eroded by dragon blood,


on the serum extracted from Deadpool's fetus to barely maintain stability.

In order to control the operation,

Eri is usually locked up in the eight headquarters of Sheqi and can hardly leave.

He tried to run away from home 12 times,

but only reached the crossroads in front of the building.

According to his brother Gennaku

, before he was found,

he watched the traffic and shed tears for several hours.

The purity of the bloodline is too high to use the dragon script

, but that language can only be used to give orders to cause others to die

, so Eili rarely speaks,

and only speaks to Lu Mingfei twice.

Communicate with others through writing.

He is very possessive and will add the label "Eri の××" to his belongings (after meeting Lu Mingfei, he secretly changed to Sakura & Epiri の××).

He usually likes to play video games, and he likes to play Street Fighter when playing games with Minamoto,


he can hardly defeat his brother.

Eili is aware of her physical condition, and

even so,

she is still very happy that Lu Mingfei can take her away from home.

I like Lu Mingfei but don't know his real name, and

I have always called him Sakura.

The germination of feelings for Lu Mingfei came from the embrace in the deep sea

, when she dazedly felt that her body was held hard by a stranger for the first time, at

that moment, something called "love" washed her mind like a frenzy

, she felt that she was liked, she was

the biggest treasure in the world,

Just like Lu Mingfei's feelings for Nonuo, Lu Mingfei is the first light in Eiliyi's life,

maybe she didn't like Lu Mingfei at

that moment,

but that moment has decided that her world can no longer tolerate other people. 〕


You Cheng Shidai:

"What a casual love."

"I was thinking about Asuka's words at that time, was it also confessing to me..."


Harano: "Big brother, love is such a thing!"

Birds don't king:

"You're only the age of kindergarten!" Understand the love of a fart!! "


Uesugi Eri's feelings for

Lu Mingfei:

And the growth of this love comes from that Tokyo love story

, Lu Mingfei takes her to beauty

, shopping

, going to all kinds of fun places,

eating all kinds of delicious things

With the assistance of the nanny group,

they had a lot of fun.

ps: But at this time, Lu Mingfei still regarded Eili as a monster in awe.

In Eiliyi's heart

, Lu Mingfei is already an omnipotent hero, bringing her unprecedented freedom and happiness

, she is no longer a weapon of the Sheqi Bajia

, but an ordinary girl,


her love for Lu Mingfei

has grown rapidly.

This love peaked at dusk in the town of Umezuji, and

Lu Mingfei's words:

"If the world really doesn't

like you,

then the world is my enemy."

Completely captured the heart

of Ei Li, Ei opened her arms and hugged his neck, and

at that moment the sun set and

the overwhelming darkness swept the whole world.

No longer the same sick, fearful embrace before, the

girl in Lu Mingfei's arms was warm and

trembling slightly.

Although this relationship is wrong

, although Lu Mingfei has always been a monster with the same disease and compassion,

Eili loved Sakura deeply until death!


People in the anime world spat out a mouthful of blood

, "Lu Mingfei of Rinima,

do you understand what it means to cherish?!"


I fell asleep last night, and I slept back this morning.

Very comfortable!!

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