"Miss Eri is your sister?"

"Oh! Oh! I remember! Just now, Miss Eri's introduction has the name of Minamoto Child! Wu


"Brother of Eiliyi, isn't that just..."

Lu Mingfei, come and call your uncle! "

Oooooh! Recognize the scene! It's so interesting!



"Huhhhh Hahahahaha!

"Although I shouldn't talk much at this confession scene, since I am already counted as the villain."

"Yuan Zhisheng, your sister, how many people will eventually die because of Lu Mingfei's relationship!"

Lu Mingfei:

"There is a sentence that I don't know if I should say it or not!!"


"Don't talk about it."

"Lu Mingfei little brother, did you see the comment above Yuan Zhisheng?"

"Your eldest brother in the future will help you match your wife, I really envy!"

"Miss Eri! You must not promise him!

"Please go on a love journey with me! It doesn't matter if you're not in the same world..."

Xiao Gang's bad frog:

"Croak! Yikes! Croak! Translation

: "Poison Strike!" I've paralyzed him! What a shame on the host. "


"Lu Mingfei, after the video is played, this is your debt to Eili."

"Since someone wants to match you, you can't let Eili never respond."


And Lu Mingfei

of the real dragon world is entangled in the words proposed by the big snake pill at this moment!

Lying on the bed and glancing at the virtual screen,

Lu Mingfei sighed deeply.

"Such a beautiful girl, if it were usual, I definitely can't hesitate!"

"And there will be a big guy covering it in the future, just think about it on this kind of day!"

Then he propped his wrist up his cheek and

muttered with a sad face:

"But! Just now, the big snake pill reminded Gennaku that the Eri in the video will die because of me in the future!

"He's an underworld boss! The days ahead are so hard! "


The video continues:

After the Kassel three fools blew up the dragon's nest

, they were wanted by the Japanese branch,

and then went into hiding everywhere.

The three fools fled,

but they were accidentally involved in the war between the eight families of Sheqi and the fierce ghosts...

However, with the help of the nanny duo,

the three fools successfully hid in the cowherd shop.

And Lu Mingfei was not three people,

and was settled in a cowherd shop called Gao Tianyuan.


, the three fools became a newcomer cowherd, and

comprehended the man's flower path in it!

Subsequently, Lu Mingfei and the three prepared to enter the Yuanshi Heavy Industry to step on the spot and blow up Kaguya-hime.


, under the deliberate guidance of the little devil in the body,

Lu Mingfei who entered the mansion was separated from the other two!

In a different way, Wanzi

finally found the residence of Eili.

At the moment when Lu Mingfei and Eili met,

he took out the rubber duck the size of an egg from his trench coat pocket.

However, after all, Wanzi is Wanzi

, and when he was performing a task alone

, looking at the powerful Painted Liyi in front of him,


Mingfei still had palpitations and felt afraid.

Fortunately, our Sopranos is natural, simple,

and ignorant of the world so that she is defenseless against men!

Another girl whose mental age is much younger than her appearance and is

as well-behaved as a cat.

In this way

, the eyes of the original Eri Liyi were very cold, but when he saw the little rubber duck,

the Eri Liyi

suddenly became lively.

When Lu Mingfei was worried,

Eiliyi scratched Lu Mingfei's head into a chicken nest.

Looking at the familiar chicken nest head in front of him

, a little crimson

appeared on that indifferent and beautiful



only then did a smile appear on

Eiliyi's face.


Lu Mingfei understood that

when he was immersed in the seawater, his

hair was scattered!

And Eri did this

in order to restore her hair to its state in the water,

so that she could recognize herself.

Lu Mingfei knew that

in this case,

his public face was really bad enough.

But what scared

him even more was the painted pear clothes in front of him.

This is a humanoid dragon with

extremely powerful strength!

You can even easily destroy a city!

Lu Zeming, who watched the video, called the good guy!

"Brother, you are the biggest monster in this world! Compared to you, Eili is simply unjust! Facing

a monster of this level,

Lu Mingfei was also afraid of the painting in front of him like everyone else.

However, Eili Yi does not know the world and

does not care about it.

While taking the rubber duck from Lu Mingfei's hand and

putting it on his head.

Because Eili now has nothing left on her whole body except

a large bath towel!


Lu Mingfei saw the body of Ei Liyi!

However, is the body of the painted pear clothes visible to the viewers?

Therefore, in this picture that is not suitable for children,

it is all briefly narrated by words.

Then the two talked briefly, and the

atmosphere became strange.

Because Ei has been at home since she was born


He has never gone out

, although it is said that Lu Ming did not come to kidnap himself

, but for Eiliyi,

it is simply like a blessing from heaven.

Eili Yi took Lu Mingfei and

came to

his room as expected, took out a set of witch clothes and put it on his body

, but because he had never left the room,

Ei Liyi did not think that there was anything wrong

with changing clothes in person However, this kind of scene was too exciting

for Lu Mingfei, so that Lu Mingfei only dared to look down at the floor and did not dare to raise his head,

for fear that the nosebleed would burst out!

However, every time the viewer turns this kind of fragrant picture,

he can always only listen to those few simple words.

After getting dressed,

Eili Yi turned against the customer.

It was clear that Lu Mingfei came to kidnap Erie, but

it seemed that Eili Yi forcefully asked Lu Mingfei to take him to a place further outside.

Painted Liyi took a small book and wrote on it, and

held it up in front of Lu Mingfei.

"Go out and play while your brother is away!"

Lu Mingfei suddenly understood that it

turned out that Liyi wanted to leave the family.

For Erie,

the world is divided into two pieces.

One piece is his own home,

which is where Eri has always been locked up.

And the other part is the outside.

Just go outside and

everything is good!


At this moment,

inside the Japanese headquarters of the

Dragon World.

Gennaku was angry while watching!

"My sister was tricked away by this guy like this?!!!

Thinking that his sister, who he has loved for more than ten years

, was actually abducted by a person who is currently looking at decline,


Zhisheng can't wait to go through the future to slap his future self!

"The cabbage that has been raised for more than ten years was actually abducted by Lu Mingfei like this under your protection?!"

"What kind of protection law are you?!"

"Ei Liyi, I'm afraid I will fall down when I hold it!! Oh my pear coat! Arched by a pig!

Lu Mingfei:

"Hey, ha, hey!"



Big night writes, writes about dizziness.

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