After a night like this

, when the two fools were fighting with the Deadpool group in Genji Heavy Industries

, Lu Mingfei was hijacked by the secret weapon of the snake family,

the cute Eriyi.

In the video, the morning light rises, and

the room where Eri is staying is clearly played.

The room where the painting is located is very distinctively decorated, with

a red gauze curtain, red wall lamp, a velvet round

bed, an Italianate bronze bathtub next to the bed,


a cast iron Venus carrying a silver bottle with a faucet.

Three sets of women's clothing hang on the wall,

nakedly revealing the truth about the hotel where she currently lives!

A transparent pink nightdress

, a high leather boot with a hip-wrapped skirt,


maid outfit with black dress and white stockings!

Coupled with the unique human reproduction action economy and culture of the island country,

people watching the video can instantly see it!


Minamoto Naruto:

"!!! My sister is still young! She doesn't understand anything!

"You beast! Lu Mingfei!

"How could you do anything to such a naïve, white paper-like girl?!"


"I misread you, Lu Mingfei!"

"Eili Yi is so cute, I didn't expect to suffer this kind of thing when you kidnapped it!"


"I didn't look! Didn't look!

"As a decrepit boy, you actually took such a beautiful wife first!"

Birds don't king:

"Well done!" Ugly boy!

"I thought that you, a weak boy, would have to break your feet when you saw such a beautiful girl!"

"Hurry up and win and chase!"

Lower Body God of War - Morty:

"Holy shit! To hell with it! I can't stand it! "

Grandpa Rick, I can't stand it! Come and see! The boy in the video can win such a cute girl!

"Rick! I'm going to a planet full of fruit girls!


Morty, don't tell me you forgot about that Superman girl on planet not long ago!"

"The matter of the people you killed is not over yet!"

"I've had to go and erase all their memories recently!"


Dragon World.

What was once a cold town is now bustling!

The sounds of people

chattering on the streets and

talking to each other add to the life of the town.

And the protagonist who caused the controversy among the aunts, Lu Mingfei,

is curled up on the roof of his aunt's house at the moment!

"Uncle, how does it feel to smoke?"

Because of the sudden appearance of the inventory video,

Lu Mingfei became the focus of the whole world.

And the weak and incompetent boy

can't stand everyone's questioning eyes.

The recent days

have really frightened him!

Lu Mingfei's uncle Lu Gucheng smoked silently

, as an ordinary social bottom Loser,

where did he deal with such an earth-shattering event!

At that time, he thought that the old Lu family was going to develop because of this!

Who would have thought that Lu Mingfei's performance

in the video was simply not comparable to the big people in the previous videos!


, the previous generations of the old Lu family were vigorous bullish figures,


this generation should also produce a Loser like him.

Lu Gucheng took a deep breath

of the cigarette, feeling the warmth that went straight to his heart,


he handed the remaining butt of the cigarette to Lu Mingfei.

"Ming Fei, take a bite?"

"Although I only have a cigarette butt, for a beginner like you, the effect is good!"

Lu Mingfei "sighed" slightly

, staring at his uncle Lu Gucheng,

he suddenly felt a little relieved.

His own uncles are all such decrepits,

then he must be too.


Hearing this, Lu Gucheng was stunned,

"Eh! This cigarette butt is the result of my hard work for half a day! The most powerful part of the whole cigarette is here!

"Give it a try! Make sure all your worries are gone now!

After that,

Lu Gucheng raised his hand to hook Lu Mingfei's shoulder, and

laboriously handed over the cigarette butt with the hand that hooked Lu Mingfei.

"Quick! While there is still fire! "

But before Lugucheng's plan was successful,

he was scolded by his aunt who didn't know when to go upstairs!

"Lugu City! I see you're itchy! What are you doing with the butt of a cigarette at Lu Mingfei's mouth?! "


What followed was the aunt's half-hour reprimand.

And standing on the balcony,

the two are just like two elementary school students playing with their fingers.

"Okay! That's it this time! If only I saw that there would be a next time, Lu Gucheng, Lu Mingfei! You two know the consequences! Just

like that,

the aunt slammed the door and left!

And the decrepit boys who remained on the balcony looked

at each other and smiled at this moment!

Because what is the death of a group of people who don't know at all now?!

Laughing to death,

this pain

is simply not as painful as being scolded by an aunt!


In the video

, Lu Mingfei began to explain the room that was filled with an ulterior atmosphere just now

, and in the conversation of the three fools of Casel,

people believed that the room

full of ambiguous atmosphere was really "kidnapped" Lu Mingfei by the underworld princess herself!


, the three people who finished the discussion guessed the identity of Ei

Liyi, and due to her humanoid dragon-like strength,

they still decided to continue to fool Ei Liyi.

The rich two fools gave money

, and the moneyless Lu Mingfei accidentally got the favor of the princess, and

naturally could only take on the task of protecting the princess!

When the soldiers were divided into two ways

, Chu Zihang, a senior brother with a paralyzed face, threw out 700,000 cash

, and he also intimately instructed:

"There is always a place to spend money with a girl,

try to make her happy."

Our god Sakura was doing this for the first time:

"This feels like the rhythm of picking up a girl!"

What is ridiculous is

that I didn't expect that Lu Mingfei learned the flower way in his short cowherd career, and

he was about to get the opportunity to show his strength under such a coincidence situation


And just like that,

Operation Puff Girl officially began!

However, the misunderstanding of abducting Liyi just now was lifted, and

the slandered Lu Mingfei picked up the "keyboard" at this moment,


turned into the "key emperor" to open the world as an enemy!


Lu Mingfei:

"Look! See! I said I couldn't do such a thing!

"I don't have the guts to do this! Come on! Not to mention that Eiliyi is so beautiful, just this kind of force behind her brother!

"There's no way I could touch her!"

"I didn't even dare to confess my crush on Chen Wenwen! How to Ei Li Yi may A go up! "


In a burst of self-explosion,

Lu Mingfei's suppressed mood became more and more comfortable!

But he didn't notice at all that

his uncle Lu Gucheng, who was squatting on the balcony with him,

silently pulled up the quilt and prepared to flee at this moment.

Lose face!

Ming Fei, you actually did something even more unforgivable!

You did lick the dog!


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