The game scene, which was still full of people in the last second, was

already empty after

the video transition


All that remained on the ground were

the bloody corpse of Da Fei, and

the lonely Da Bao Yi Chicken.


"My mind is traumatized... Why did the Pheasant King kill Da Fei!!

Lu Mingfei:

"It's too miserable! I'm still an ignorant teenager, let me see this?

"My world would have been pessimistic enough! Now that Xiaofei is the same as me, what will it do in the future!


"What a pity! If that chicken were in my world, maybe I could get Grandpa Rick to help him revive! Big


"King Ben can too!" But our world is different, Xiaofei is really pitiful!

"The same age as Little Ash, but without mom and dad!" Xiaofei doesn't cry! Uncle Gray hug! Pleasant


"Yes. Chief Slow Sheep has recently invented some new technologies, if we are in a world, we may be able to help Xiaofei!

"Poor Xiaofei, Dabao! You must take care of Xiaofei! "


In the virtual screen,

Da Bao under the pouring rain silently picked up Da Fei's sunglasses.

"Da Fei, you won this game!"

Dabao, who had a gloomy face, put on sunglasses, took a

long breath of relief,

and turned to leave.

"It's just that the world is unreasonable!"

The picture turned

, and Da Bao's figure looked so lonely in the setting sun

, it was standing in front of Xiaofei,

and it seemed to be about to tell Da Fei the fact of leaving.

But in the face of the round Xiaofei,

Da Bao has not yet made up his mind.

"I want to think about what to say."

"Don't hurt the young hearts of children! Say with a smile. Touching

his head and hesitating for a moment,

Daibao spoke.

"Xiaofei, your father is dead!"

Hearing this, Xiaofei cried!

But the childlike and lively of the little ones,

where do you know the concept of death ?!

Daibao casually snorted Xiaofei, who was crying, and

he put away his tears.

What is death?

Xiaofei only knew that Dafa Dafei left temporarily.


Everyone who watched "The Bully of the Chicken"

, seeing the innocent and cute Xiaofei like this,


even more uncomfortable!

When the screen turned, I

saw that Dabao,

who was Q bombarded, also submitted the registration form for the cockfighting competition!

Those who manage the cockfighting competition are all confused by Dabao's actions!

"Isn't this dead stupid chicken here to send death?!"

"It is!"

"This chicken brain has a problem!"


Along with those mocks,

the characters in the anime world are also a little puzzled!


"Daiho! Why did you go to the competition! You are no match for the Mountain Rooster King! Naruto


"Daiho, don't participate! If something happens to you! What about Xiaofei?


"That's right! Dabao, don't make stupid things!

"Xiaofei is still waiting for you to take care of it!"

If something happens to you..."Ichigo Kurosaki:


If something happens to you, Dumbo won't be able to protect himself!" When the time comes, it will definitely be eaten by those people!

"Do you want it to be made into white-cut chicken?!"


Such questioning messages began to refresh, and

Dabao's actions were indeed a little strange!

The performance

of the mountain chicken king in the last video obviously shows the strength of surpassing the ordinary chicken!

Now Dabao

, whether it is strength or speed,

is completely crushed by the mountain chicken king!

And Dafei's orphan Xiaofei is still young!

If something happened to Dabao,

they didn't dare to imagine what Xiaofei would do to those people!

The white-cut chicken method

at the beginning of the video made them remember!

As soon as the screen turned,

the chicken Dabao and the mountain rooster king who had already participated in the competition were already standing at the

competition site!

"Today's game is a broiler chicken challenging the king of pheasants!"

"Due to the disparity in strength, our guess is: in the end, this broiler chicken will be killed in the first few minutes!"

Listening to the introduction that is obviously insulting the chicken,

but people in the anime world can't refute it!

Just looking at the chicken Dabao and the mountain chicken king standing together,

their figure and momentum are not at the same level!

Moreover, even Dabao himself admitted that

it did not have the kind of martial arts of Dafei,

so how should it

turn defeat into victory in the face of the mountain chicken king

whose strength is not a level!

Lu Mingfei:

"Don't dare to look!" Groove! Is the protagonist of this world so miserable?

"I was actually suppressed and beaten by the villain!"

The environmental protection sword is bright:

"It's okay, it's okay, I was also pressed and beaten by the villain."

"Although we are in the same situation, I still have to cheer for Dabao!"

"Come on! For the big fly! In order not to let Xiaofei turn into white-cut chicken! Come on! Bighorn


"Yes! Although sometimes evil suppresses justice! But Dabao, you must believe in yourself!

"I did the same in the battle with the Bat Demon, being chased by him 3 maps, but I never gave up!"

"Finally, with the help of my friends and Niu Dahan! Justice wins! The

environmental protection sword is bright:

"Come on, although I passed all the way and upgraded to the highest level, I was still killed by the Great Demon King in seconds!"

"But I firmly believe that evil still does not suppress righteousness in the world!"



The protagonist of justice was actually suppressed by his opposite!

Or a flash deal?!

Looking at the bright speech of the environmental protection sword,

people in all the world are blinded!

The protagonist was actually killed by the villain?!

And in this regard

, villains such as Lan Ran, Dior,

and Big Snake Pill shed tears of gratification!


Finally one day the finale is that they win!

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