In this way

, unknowingly, the fate of Lu Mingfei and Eiliyi

was arranged by the little devil.

However, the seven-day life span of Eiliyi is

destined to be painful at the end of this encounter!


In the video

, the rare morning light



Lu Mingfei sits in a beauty shop.

He was waiting for Eri to cut his hair.

The reason was impulsive last night, and

he agreed to take Eri out to play.

But this is also the reason he planted himself

, if Lu Mingfei hadn't tried his best to describe how beautiful the outside world was in a small book,


naïve painting would not have been easily abducted by him.

In this way

, in dyeing his hair, shopping, and Disney set,

he was already exhausted and half dead.

But the relationship

between monsters and monsters is the most complicated!


The camera began to change at high speed

, and the new narration began to slowly speak:

"Because the little monsters' romance has not progressed for a long time, Lu Mingze, the black hand behind the scenes,

sent Lu Mingfei's uncle's family."

"In his words: if the two are happy, maybe meeting the family can settle things."

In this way,

a group of extras who came from thousands of miles to join in the excitement met with Lu Mingfei.


In the luxurious high-end restaurant,

the painted pear clothes are particularly outstanding after being carefully dressed.

A beautiful skirt with a blue-purple coat of black tulle, Roman shoes with

high heels,

and a white headband to tie up long hair.

It is not an exaggeration to say that she is a stunning beauty.

But the girl, who should have been the focus of the audience,

was sitting silently at the moment.

Next to him was Lu Mingfei, who was a little cramped, and

the aunt's family on the side had also become dispensable decorations.

While his aunt's family was chatting about homely things

, Lu Mingfei was about to continue talking nonsense,


he suddenly felt Eri Yi poke his leg with his finger under the table.

The small book was quietly handed to his nose:

"Are you going to entertain everyone well tonight?"

Lu Mingfei wrote "Yes" below for Eiliyi to see

, Eiliyi nodded,


wrote: "I will be obedient." The

girl then sat quietly at the table

, letting the manager pour her wine,

cut the bones and spread the napkins.

Eri's face was not half uncomfortable

, on the contrary, her face was like frost, and there was a majesty at the corner of her eyebrows,


was the majesty of being the head of the Uesugi family!

The aunt's family was obviously very stunned,

but Lu Mingfei was not as shocked as his aunt's family.

Painted pear, who was like a cat just now,

turned into a real princess in front of a small farce.


Family dinners are a good time to exchange feelings, but

they are not always complete in this special period.

In particular, Gennaku, who was coming, did not want to see this situation the most, and

he was rushing to the restaurant at full speed with anger.

He was angry, just because those three neurotics actually came up with such a trick for beautiful men.

And Eili actually didn't inform herself of this brother!

Someone's status in Eiliyi's heart actually surpassed Genji in a few days.

It's all ridiculous....

Shouldn't they have sent Caesar or Chu Zihang to perform the seduction?!


After a short leisure time,

Lu Mingfei took away the wanted Eri Yi...


During the escape,

a loud roar sounded in the streets.

Lu Mingfei looked at the group of cars in front of him and wanted to pull Eili Yi away

, it was obvious that the other party was not good,

but the girl who was usually very obedient stopped.

Her eyes were daunting in a burning crimson-gold color.

Ei Liyi crossed Lu Mingfei and walked to the opposite side, a

trace of anger appeared in the girl's eyes,


then a clear voice resounded on the street!

Unclear language spat out of the girl's mouth,

but the young man in the video apparently understood.

It is like the language of primeval existence, which means: "Death! Then

the girl waved her hand gently

, leaving five parallel arcs in the air with her five



everything was torn apart where the end of the fingers passed.

Everyone who was close to her fell apart in an instant with a wave of their hands.

They felt a sharp pain in their chest or neck

, but they didn't understand what was going

on, and in an instant they cracked along the scar, and

a huge amount of plasma burst out,

as if huge blood-colored flowers were blooming around the girl.

Then the figure of Eiliyi jumped up slightly

, and after crossing Lu Mingfei to the opposite sports body

, this humanoid monster used his hands slightly,


a super sports car was grabbed alive!

Raised high above the top, it is thrown towards the riders who are getting closer.

The vehicle tumbled and burned in midair

, and the fire illuminated the defiant figure of Ei Liyi

, she was as mighty as a king and as fierce as a ghost

, and she said the ancient word

again, and the voice like metal sounded again,


This order was given to everyone on the street,

except Lu Mingfei and herself.

Vehicles tumbled and disintegrated, sharp

debris stained with fuel and

burned wildly

, and these bright,

arrow-like debris swept the streets like a horizontal rainstorm


Dozens of motorcycles, along with their riders

, were affected by this storm of steel and flames, and

dense explosions resounded through the streets,


burning motorcycle was a huge spark.

These sparks lined up along the long street

, and Lu Mingfei watched the riders wriggle in pain in the flames

, the lucky ones died a few seconds later by the explosion of the fuel tank

, and the unfortunate ones struggled and rolled in the flames,

as if tortured by hell.

In the midst of blood and fire

, the hideous human figure walked towards Lu Mingfei,


cutting those who were dying and not dying.

Her skirt flew upside down, and

the slender calves that had made everyone lose their minds

were now covered with pale scales.

The muscles slowly rose and fell under the scales, and

the girl walked towards Lu Mingfei like a monster at this time....

On this day, it rained heavily in the sky....

The other party is a monster, why

not the boy himself?

The wounds on Lu Mingfei's body were healing at a high speed

, and the scales on the girl's body that were close to her body were clasped one by one

, making a crisp sound, and the raindrops fell on these two hot bodies,


and turning into white fog and

dispersing with the wind.

The two were so close...

The girl was still wearing

, the beautiful skirt with a blue-purple covered with black gauze,

under the

rain, the boy could still smell the faint fragrance coming from the other party.

In the golden eyes

, Lu Mingfei's figure was reflected,


his eyes were full of love for Lu Mingfei.

But in the boy's eyes,

it was a monster-like existence....

At this moment

, in the streets full of corpses,

only two lonely monsters survived.

The funny thing is that

one monster falls in love

with the other,

while the other monster

is left with only fear!


I hereby announce:

the "Enoki Mushroom Project" failed!

There are already experiments in the comment section! Failed after 3 times!

(manual funny).

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