Perhaps in the eyes of others

, Eili Yi has great power

, has a prominent family lineage

, can stand at the top of the world,

see the scenery that others cannot see,

then girls like this must be difficult to contact

Whoever stands in front of Eri Yi has to be careful!

But even if it is said, it

is impossible for anyone to understand that

Eiliyi is just a lonely house

girl, extremely lacking in love and care

, a girl in a high position and has nothing,


from the moment she meets Lu Mingfei

Ei Liyi can't resist the kind of love like a burning fire

, just the first time they met

, Eriyi has already been dyed with the color of Lu Mingfei,

the color of love like cherry blossoms!

After only meeting twice

, Ei Liyi followed Lu Mingfei out of the house with a dead heart, which is not something anyone can do

, only Lu Mingfei

, this,

a fool who wants to hug Ei Liyi

in the deep sea.

Whether it is Lu Mingfei or Eriyi

, the fate of the two people attracts

each other at the moment

of meeting because of each other's specialness

, perhaps this is the sympathy between two little monsters

, because of the malice of the world,

and have to huddle to warm up.


As Lu Mingfei gradually woke up,

the wedding dream that should have been perfect was shattered in an instant.


Harano: "Go back to sleep!" Big brother! I haven't seen enough of the bride's sister Eiliyi

~""Hehe(º『º), sister Eiliyi is so beautiful in a wedding dress

~" "Miss Eiliyi, please don't be obsessed with me~

" Zhang Chulan:


Alas, the tissues are ready to put on the bedside, just ready to wipe her tears."

"Why did you tell me it was a dream?"

Sakata Gintoki (nose picking state):

"Yes, the relationship has been brewed here, and everyone is about to bless your marriage."

"It's rare for everyone to unify their thoughts about you sleeping again."


The picture is a little sad

, the heavy rain outside the window, the

frightened Eri looks like a fried kitten,

looking at Lu Mingfei alertly.

Lu Mingfei knew that he had to say something to reassure her

, but he had just had such a strange dream,


he still had concerns in his heart.

After hesitating for a moment, Lu Mingfei spoke dryly:

"Don't be afraid, it's just the two of us here... I'm not going to hurt you...... If someone is going to hurt you... I will protect you, don't be afraid. He

didn't know how to comfort Eri because

he was still afraid of her.

The hideous figure of the night before was still flashing in his mind.

In the end, he picked up the little yellow duck on the edge of the bathtub,

put it in the water and gently pushed it towards Eili.

Both people's eyes followed the little yellow duck

, and finally met in the middle of the bathtub

, and Ei looked at him blankly,

as if he had just woken up from a nightmare and

gradually recognized the person in reality.

Just like the time when she was 700 meters below the sea

, there was only a little light source in the darkness, and

as the murderous intent in her eyes gradually disappeared,


suddenly laughed.

She slowly approached the edge of the bathtub and

slowly wrapped her arms around Lu Mingfei's neck.

She was as tall and slender as Lu Mingfei's favorite senior sister, but

she was curled up as a very small lump.

Lu Mingfei hugged her gently,

whether it was a naked girl or a dangerous monster.

They hugged across the edge of the bathtub,

like hard sculptures in the dark.

Under the rain outside the window, the Tokyo Sky Tree suddenly

lights up, and the tall tower that stands in the middle of the earth is

lit up with pink lights,


gradually restore warmth.

It was as if God was looking

down from heaven, taking pity on these two terrified children, and

lighting a light to illuminate their eyes.

Lu Mingfei gently touched Liyi's hair.

At the end of the TV episode "Digga

Ultraman", Ultraman throws the blue-purple monster into the sky in a stupid

and cute pose,

then raises his forearm and sends out his special move "ゼペリォン Light" in his signature pose.

The monster struggled a few times and exploded.

"We are all little monsters who will one day be killed by the righteous Ultraman."

Eri Yi said in a very small and small voice in Lu Mingfei's ear,

as if telling him the biggest secret in the world.

Lu Mingfei was stunned, for the

first time he really recognized the little monster that was still afraid of a tiger yesterday.

How many people in the world have seen Digga Ultraman,

maybe a billion?

Among them, only Eri is watching this stupid drama from the perspective of those monsters killed by Ultraman,

so she never laughs when she watches this drama


And it was not only Lu Mingfei who was stunned, but also

the people watching the video.

In their world,

Ultraman's series of films and

television is also popular all over the world.

And Ultraman, who has been on the side of justice from the beginning, has

always defeated enemies who are bad guys.

Few people choose

to be bad people and want to be dark emperors like


They did not expect that Eriyi, a seemingly innocent girl,

put herself on the side of the monster

from the beginning and

accepted the fate of being eliminated by Ultraman from the beginning.


"We are all little monsters who will one day be killed by the righteous Ultraman."

Of course

, they know that Eili, who is the ultimate weapon,

has only been able to watch those tokusatsu dramas at home since she was born.

Especially the plot of Ultraman and Little Monster has seen a lot

, which is her daily pastime

, but unlike others

, she is always very sad when she sees Little Monster in the play,

because she is just like these little monsters

With great power, she is as feared as a little monster

, and will one day be killed by the righteous Ultraman,


she has no way to choose her life from the moment she is born.

Be a feared, high-ranking weapon,

but can only play an indifferent role in its own disguise.

Who ever cared that her heart was just a girl who longed for love and care, and her

heart also longed for a life like everyone else

, when Lu Mingfei, a guy who was not perfect in the eyes of others, appeared

, but for the first time,

Eiliyi had the right to choose.

In the dark

, what I am most afraid of is not eternal darkness

, but a light

, Lu Mingfei is that priceless light

, although dazzling and warm

, but it is not hers,

Eiliyi chose Lu Mingfei

At that moment, the countdown to life has begun....

She embraced that light,

even if it shattered...

Even if that light couldn't take her out of this dark place...

She didn't hesitate to look back.

As a hybrid with one of the highest alarms, she looks like a girl, but she has dragon-like strength and ability

, but what she can feel is more than the benefits that power can bring.

It's a fragile body, a lonely environment, and a mind that's hard to talk to.


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