Ultraman's killing of the little monster leaves a faint sadness, and

it seems that the whole world has lost its bright light.


that is left is tidal sadness....

The virtual screen gradually dimmed,

as if announcing that the encounter between Lu Mingfei and Eiliyi was

destined to only fade

into dull...

A new video begins to play slowly:

Tokyo is rainy today, and

the dark clouds in the sky are depressing.

With his gaze extreme,

the sky-swallowing behemoth surging on the sea level in the distance surged towards the


In a city full of steel,

everyone is fleeing!

Eri is no exception,

the only difference is that

girls in high positions are taken to the capital airport to prepare for immigration to South Korea.

However, the vehicle in the shot is deflected

, and in fact

, Ei will be taken to the Red Well by Herzog,

who is disguised as a driver.

And the decrepit boy who noticed this change hesitated


He wondered if he could make up his mind

and give a quarter of his life for Eri.

At this time, Lu Ming could not save Eiliyi,

but he only had half his life left.

Two trading opportunities

, after two transactions,

he will lose his life to Lu Mingze.

The first time I traded with Lu Mingze was for Nono, and

there was nothing to regret.

Although the hero's saving of beauty is recorded in Caesar's name

, Lu Mingfei just can't watch Nono's death,

even if she is someone else's girlfriend or even someone else's


Some people are like this to you

, as long as she is good, it doesn't matter if she is yours or not

, as long as she is there,

it is better than anything.

The second transaction was for Chu Zihang.

Senior brother is handsome and good in martial arts

, and he is still so bold and righteous,


is the kind of killing embryo who can spare his life to accompany you to rob the bride.

People can spare their lives

for you, you don't give up a quarter of your life for others, and

you feel that you

have no face to stand in the rivers and


Lu Mingfei thought

, besides Nuo Nuo and Chu Zihang,

who else in this world is worth spending a quarter of his life to save?

Lu Mingfei knew that Eiliyi liked him,

but that liking was nothing more than a mirror in his eyes.

Why does Ei like him?

Eri doesn't even know his real name

, let alone his past,

and the little secrets in his heart that can't be told.

She knows nothing about him

except that his pseudonym is "Sakura"....

Isn't it the era when martial arts novels took place

, and lonely men and widows got along for a week,


they had to be emotional?

Ei just "thought" that she liked him

, and that was because she was young and naïve and had never met a man

, while Caesar provided the funds Lu Mingze provided the service,

packaging Lu Mingfei as a shining Prince Charming.

When Eili grows up

and sees such and such a boy, she will not like Lu Mingfei,


she will wake up to the

fact that the original Prince Charming is just a decrepit boy riding a donkey.

He thought: Aren't all girls like this?

When she was a child, she would share candy with you,

but one day she would get to know Gao Fushuai and

never come to eat the candy you bought for her again.

So if one day she suddenly dresses up and goes out,

don't wait for her to come back with candy.

In this way

, Lu Mingfei sat in the store dumbfounded,

giving up his last chance to save Eiliyi.

After all,

he's just a feat...


The picture flashes and

everything is fast-forwarded.

On the stage, which had been prepared for a long time,

Eri died.

Her body was parasitized by the White King Holy Remains, and the

god of the entire Sheqi Eight Family, who had kept secrets for thousands of years,


And the little monster died very painfully

, was forcibly exchanged by Herzog, the

girl struggled hard

, but in the end,

she was drained of the blood in her body and died....

And the boy in the dream was

once again belated.

When the neon was about to be destroyed, the girl's

first thought was that it was a boy.

Eili called him on Line

, but Lu Mingfei was talking to her badly,

he felt that the noble girl like the princess of the underworld should

have escaped in a private jet a long time ago.

And you should hide in the depths of the wine cellar, anesthetize yourself with alcohol, and

finally die in the water or in the mouth of a monster.


Looking at the video, Yuan Zhisheng is handsome with a slightly feminine face,

and he is viciously distorted at the moment!

He had bruised arms!

"So in the end, Eri is looking forward to that decrepit boy coming to save him! But she died alone!

"Damn it!"

"Didn't you promise that if Ultraman was going to hurt Eri, would you help him kill Ultraman?!!

"Why are you hesitating! You chose to hesitate!

After that,

he slumped on the board,


the former emperor now exhaled weakly.

A moment later

, a piece of paper appeared in front of him:


what's wrong?" Yuan

Zhisheng was stunned for a while, and after a moment,

the corners of his mouth unconsciously rose slightly.

"I forgot that it was the future, and you are still with me, Ei Liyi."

Then he gently raised his hand and stroked Liyi's head.

"Don't run around in the future, Ei Liyi."

"Especially when you meet a person named sakura, you must hide away, otherwise your brother will not be able to chop him."

"Well, Ei will listen to her brother! And

Lu Mingfei, who was far away in the small city, chuckled

in his heart at the moment.

Without Wanzi's knowledge,

the eldest brother Yuan Zhisheng had already sharpened the knife for him...

And Lu Mingfei in the video

, under the arrangement of the little devil,

can only quietly watch the stage and watch the scene of Eiliyi's death.

On the stage

, there was a girl sobbing softly, listening

carefully to the crying with a name:



At this moment, Lu Mingfei knelt in place,

like a dog that pumped his spine.

He regretted it,

he regretted his hesitation!

At this moment,

he finally understood that he was the biggest hero in Eili's life!

But he had already hesitated!

That's the price!

Lu Mingze's tone was slightly pitying:

"So brother, you are late!"

And Lu Mingfei dragged heavy steps forward.

From that layer of cocoons,

dried painted pear clothes were dug up....

Lu Mingfei hugged Eiliyi tightly for a long, long time, crying


And Lu Mingze, who was standing beside him, had already recovered his indifferent complexion,

making it impossible to see what he was thinking at the moment.

"Although I still want your soul brother, I can't change what has happened."

"All my transactions are only valid for the future, so regret it!"

"You're late!"

The little devil completely shattered Lu Mingfei's last hope!

Everyone is responsible for their own decisions

, and Eili died powerlessly,

which is the price of Lu Mingfei's hesitation...

There was a girl who loved him deeply, but

he didn't choose to respond to that love....


Speaking of something, I've been thinking about the "Enoki Mushroom Project",

it seems that corn can also be replaced.

It seems that the corn can't digest much after eating, and

there is still that husk when pulled out....

Is it, Project Corn?!!

(Manual funny (゚皿゚)).

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