That's it, the

video ends like that.

There is nothing left behind, and the boy is about to rush to the crown and turn red.

The scene of giving up a quarter of his life and

desperately fighting to kill the murderer who hurt Eriyi...

It seems that

in the eyes of the creators,

it doesn't matter which one more....


, the little devil has already said it, and

he can't change the



On the virtual screen that gradually fell into darkness

, the final ending of the story

was announced only in the form

of words:

[In the end, Lu Mingfei gave up a quarter of his life as a price,]

["Something for nothing,

100% fusion... 12x gain!

[Under the embrace of the little devil, he transformed into a lonely monster. [

In the end, Herzog

, the murderer of Eri, [was killed by his teaming up with space-based kinetic weapons......]

The people watching the video were silent, and

the dark screen was blank.

It seems that

they also feel that there is no need to speak.

Perhaps because

Eiliyi's revenge was revenge,

the hesitation

of the

decrepit should also be offset.


, since Eriyi's death,

there has been no more perfect ending...



an unexpected ending appeared!

Just as everyone sighed,

fragments of color began to emerge!


I don't know decades later....

A new Internet café has opened on the corner, and the

owner is a middle-aged man, a little decayed,


always worries about rent.

And the hostess is a Japanese woman

, very beautiful, over forty years old,

but still like a twenty-year-old girl.

It's a pity that he is a dumb who can't speak, and can

only communicate with others with pen and

paper forever.

She is shy by nature and always

hides behind

her boss, nestling with her boss in the small world of the host,

watching all kinds of anime together.

She sometimes quietly watches her boss play interstellar and

writes big cheers in a water-based pen notebook.

Occasionally, there will

be a cold man who comes here with a lovely woman

, the man's eyes are like a knife that makes people dare not look directly,

carrying a long box and feeling that inside,

it should be some kind of controlled weapon and so on!

I don't know how I brought it here?

The lovely woman was very lively

, the years had not left any marks on

her, and there was a warm fragrance on her body like a flower wet by rain, and


man's eyes looked at her like a summer angel.

The boss seems to respect the man

and always calls him senior brother!

When they are drunk, the man will always become very gossipy

, yelling about something like bursting the axle to ridicule

the boss, and the woman on the side laughs at the drunk two with a coke,


jokes with the boss lady.


I heard that the name of the store manager is Lu Mingfei, and the

hostess is called Eiliyi.

And the pair of bi people, Chu Zihang and Xia Mi,

usually visit all kinds of playgrounds.

And the aquarium is a must-visit every weekend

, and the lively woman often grimaced at the white dolphin on her stomach on the glass,


bought two burgers to eat slowly.

Women will take advantage of this time to gossip all kinds of ...

And the cold-faced handsome guy always smiled spoiled.

There were also blonde foreign men who came once or twice

, quite handsome, with two beautiful pectorals,


looked like they were rich and free!

I heard that she looks like an Italian playboy with a

beautiful royal sister with

red hair!

Like a red-haired witch but wayward

, the royal sister will call the

boss Ricardo.

When I first met her, everyone thought she was quite similar to the hostess.

Everyone began to not understand how the boss could know rich foreigners, until

the boss called the red-haired girl senior sister and

the blonde man boss of the bun, everyone

suddenly realized!

Every time the Italian man came,

he always brought a few bottles of good wine to drink with the boss.

By the way, the boss's small Internet café is chartered

, and the boss's senior sister always ridicules the boss when the boss is drunk, and

also plays games with the boss's wife,


the picture is very beautiful.

It was probably last spring, and

the cold man came to the boss with the box and the Italian man who was messy.

I heard that a German who was a thief who Chinese said came halfway

through, and he seized the boss's computer and was writing a novel,


the words of the dragon slasher in his mouth.

He also asked the boss to buy him water, they

didn't know what was discussed.

The next day, the owner temporarily closed the Internet café,

saying that he was taking the hostess on a trip.

The neighbors were a little puzzled, and

the boss also generously told the curious neighbors:

they will go to Japan tomorrow to see the performance of Master Kazama Ruri,


then go to France to

see his uncle!

The eldest brother opened a sunscreen oil shop and

the business was very good.

Finally, let's go back to their alma mater to

see their presidents and professors....

And the cold noodle brother

, every evening or back to the community where Xia Mi lives

, will lie side by side on the cot,

listen to the children's laughter after school,

listen to the grandma next door loudly complaining about the

rising price of dishes...

Until you fall asleep.

Xia Mi sometimes makes silver ear soup

, put a lot of sugar osmanthus flowers,

sweet dead people don't pay for their lives!

Caesar broke away from the Gattuso family

, and Nonno still didn't want others to mention the name

Chen Mopu, they were like two small children,

running all over the world!

According to rumors,

that big chest man Caesar bought

wedding dresses from various countries to complete their global wedding!

Only Fingal, the Dragon Slasher of Flame

, this defeated dog is the 113th confession failure,


Zero is as cold as ever.

It's a pity that

he met Fingal, a cheeky F-class, how

could he give up easily!


Lu Chuan in the main world was stunned,

why did the video suddenly get out of control?

Who added this latter paragraph indiscriminately.

Damn it!

Whose general is this,

who was actually able to cross the dimensional wall and hit the system with his hands!

Lu Chuan:

"The video of the dead suddenly attacked me! Terrible!

"I didn't add this video at all! The system was actually hacked?! "


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