"Ah, it's over, this video feels so long."

"I really like the final ending of Ei Liyi and Lu Mingfei!"

"That said, is this the end of this last article? It seems that the reward has not yet been released. Bucky


"Reward! I really want it!

"But they shouldn't need any rewards, right?" The final ending is so good, the reward is better to give to Uncle Ben!


"Stop thinking about rewards!"

"They all said that the video is their future, so there must be no reward!"

Sakata Gintoki:

"After all, the video reveals Lu Mingfei's future!"

"They shouldn't need any rewards, because those sad things in the future can be changed in the future!"


"This way!"

"It seems that I can't see the video recently, and the last time it was stopped for a few days."



on the streets of the city of Z.

Saitama wore an ordinary vest

, stepped on the old man's slippers,

and walked slowly on the street carrying two bags of greens and Genos.

The video is over and

it's time for him to go home and cook.

And Genos, who had been following closely, gradually couldn't resist the question in his heart:


Lu Mingze who appeared in the dragon world is very strong, right!"

"No doubt! The power he displayed is stronger than many S-class heroes!

"He still has a lot of strange means that the superpowers of the trembling tornado can't do!"

"Are you sure of defeating him?"

Saitama's expression was dull, his eyes were blank, and

he didn't seem to have the slightest fluctuation because of Genos's inquiry.

He said in a nonchalant tone

, "I don't know,

but I really want to compete with him."

After that,

he took the lead and walked in the direction of home.

Ever since he underwent "hellish training" to become bald, the

passions of his past life have left him.

He doesn't feel the slightest bit of human fear,

nor the sense of accomplishment he gets in solving problems.

After beating the little monster

, the discounted dishes in the supermarket are the only thing he cares about.

What's more, before the inventory video appeared,

his only interest was to be a hero.

Genos looked a little regretful.

Every time he fought Saitama, he became more and more suspicious of his strength,


even felt that he would never reach Saitama's


"Teacher, it's a pity that you can't meet an opponent who can make you serious!"

"It's a pity that in the inventory video that has appeared so far, there are many powerful figures!"

"But you don't have a chance to fight them!"

Saitama tugged on his slippers and

walked like an old man walking on the street, full

of frustration.

"yes! Whitebeard, six Payne!

"I really want to have a blood-boiling battle with them!"

After speaking,

Saitama sighed again.

Genos wanted to say something more

, but just then,

he stumbled upon a virtual screen in the sky!

[NO.6, One Punch Man, Justice Execution! ] The

strongest man in the world! A hero out of interest! The

cover of the video instantly appeared in the sky of the punch world!

Genos was struck by lightning and exclaimed on the spot:

"Teacher! Saitama-sensei! The

picture that appeared in the video

was now overwhelmed by a blurry red fist shadow, and

Saitama's serious face was

revealed behind him!

Just looking at this cover,

Genos felt a sense of oppression that suffocated his soul!


feeling is the feeling

of death that was once punched by the teacher in the side of the valley!

He recalled the scene when Saitama's punch stopped in front of him, and

every pore began to tremble involuntarily.

Genos has witnessed his teacher Saitama strike more than once, and

each time he crushes the enemy without accident!

But only by facing that kind of attack head-on will you

know best how powerful Saitama is!

Therefore, although he had been with Saitama for so long

, how powerful Saitama was,

Genos could not imagine at all.

Now the inventory video has also given the teacher the "world's strongest name"!

Does that not rush Su mean that


has the strength to crush all the heroes in this world?!

Genos couldn't help

but mutter, "I never doubted it! The teacher is the strongest! King can't surpass the teacher either! Saitama

, who was slapped, was a little embarrassed

, after all,

he never seemed to win King.

I still remember when he was defeated by the two fingers of King, the strongest man in the world!

That man

is really incredibly strong!


Immediately after the beginning of the picture.

A beady bald head first appears in the shot.

As the camera slowly pushes down

, Saitama,

wearing a tights and white cape, appears in the video.

Perverted tights

, dumbfounded face

, well,

a bit of a trick feeling ....

At this time, Saitama was standing in the supermarket to check out, and

the lamp on the ceiling shone on his bald head,

reflecting a bright reflection.

The current Saitama does

not have a single outstanding place except

for the bald head.

However, Nagato,

who knows the style of the strong, dripped a drop of cold sweat at this moment.

"This man, the painting style is above me! I am not his opponent! While

Nagato was in a daze,

the video progress had come to Saitama ready to pay for the bill.

Suddenly, the lights of the supermarket flickered, and the

entire ground began to tremble violently!

"Boom! Boom! Boom! The

next moment,

an indistinguishable behemoth fell

against the wall behind Saitama.

It then went upwards out of view,

leaving the ruins of the building where the supermarket originally housed to be.


Saitama turned to look at

the familiar cityscape of the past, and the street scene of the

city was gone.

Saturday discount supermarket,


He slowly walks to the edge of the disappearing wall

, and the camera rises instantly,

showing a bird's eye view of a bustling city.

In this steel city,

huge footprints spanning several blocks have appeared!



"Lustful fairy, look! That's human footprints!!

"That footprint is covered with Konoha Village!!"

Shinnosuke Nohara:

"Woooo Woohoo! How scary!

"Big brother Saitama's world is so terrible! There are actually big monsters! Conan


"It's numb, it's already numb..."

"From the moment the first video appeared, the three views of my life have been completely overturned."

"With such a big footprint, I already know how outrageous the world is..."

︵; ')):

"The ghosts in this world are still only the size of people!"

"Midouko, let's not think about going to other worlds!"

"It seems that the world is also quite good, and I feel safe now!"


PS: The dragon chapter is over

, but in fact, there are still many things to be written, such as Chu Zihang and Xia Mi, Caesar and Nono, Caesar and the Japanese girl, Lu Mingfei and Chu Zihang Odin's part,

the old Tang part.

It's a lot of regret to write this part, but it's time to finish.

If I have the opportunity, I will add a little later.

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